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  1. They are superb primers. Handpicked in lots for bench rest shooters that are putting rounds out to 1000+. Go bang with my 15 pound mainspring no problem. You should be good
  2. I'm not sure what you're looking for as in better but if the 6 gr load allows you too track the dot well then your chasing something that is not going to be better on the timer. I use 8.5gr of VV N350 to make major with a 125gr jhp and then just use a 115 gr bullet for practice which makes minor but still keeps the gun flat. You can work up different loads based on what powder is available to you but for now you're fine.
  3. Most CO people making guns super heavy even though it's minor power factor. Canik is great for the money but you'll end up back with the shadow 2
  4. Cz custom will do multi optic for $204. Less than picking up tp9 and you can use your Sp01
  5. Pray for thunderstorms so this affliction may not manifest itself in a course of fire. Good luck though in all seriousness. Should be a fun break from the other divisions
  6. Why not just shoot in open without a comp but still a red dot? You could use a faster powder like CFE pistol or WST which would give you a little more muzzle snap but less felt recoil in the hand. Since you're not a competition shooter you don't have to worry about being competitive equity. Nighthawk makes a very nice 10mm double stack package you can get a red dot with. This idea comes from strictly a competition shooter that's a firearms enthusiast lol
  7. Minimal reduction at best unless you use a really fast powder
  8. If you got DQed than the match is still going on, so yes scores are deleted.
  9. Redding Competition seating die https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1018047052 You will never need another seating die. It's worth every dollar
  10. Probably auto comp. You can run a light spring with minor and get the dot moving minimally
  11. http://www.1911store.com/Bar-Sto-One-Piece-Barrell/Comp-with-TC2-Cuts.aspx http://www.1911store.com/Brazos-One-Piece-Barrell/Comp-with-TC2-Cuts-2.aspx
  12. 10.5 ounces with nothing in or on the slide. You will not lessen felt recoil lightening the slide. Rather, the sights will return faster as slide cycles with more speed. For less felt recoil switch to a heavier bullet with faster powder. Gun may be more snappy but you will feel less in the hand
  13. You need to cut your screws down to below flush. Even a thousandth will interfere with the slide
  14. Focus on attacking the stage more aggressively since you don't have to plan for reloads constantly. Should keep you mostly from reloading unnecessarily
  15. Brazos Custom sells one piece barrel and comp. One which he makes and another that Barsto makes. Both very good options
  16. No, the popple holes would not make the gun significantly flatter. Use a lighter recoil spring. I run a 7 pound spring and the dot tracks very well
  17. Rest peacefully buddy. We'll see you again someday
  18. Love my Brazos short block kit. The slide to frame and barrel to slide fit are superb. No play. He reamed the barrel for me to be able to load to long. All the holes machined in the frame are perfect and not crooked which is huge problem with some custom gunsmiths. Best bang for your buck to get into open division. If you have knowledge of fitting small parts and grip it's totally worth it
  19. A buddy might have one. What state you located in?
  20. Yes they are fine. Not necessarily hotter than regular primers just give your a longer burn with the compound in it
  21. Nightmare to get to run. My buddy has one and it took a year or so of tinkering and then finally a gunsmith giving it an overhaul to get it running consistently. Don't waste your money. Buy a Czechmate or 2011. Dan Wesson company does not compete in USPSA and thus made a gun that failed miserably. It's not longer in production
  22. I turn mine off after every stage. Same battery since Florida open in February now
  23. I've recycled the same brass 14-15 times before it cracked and had no issues with my Bullesteros. This was likely an out of battery ignition from where the case is ruptured.
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