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  1. My CO gun is a Canik. My Limited gun is a Para 16-40. My SS gun is a....1911. I had a SP01 for CO for a little while. Never could get used to the DA first shot. I suck equally with all of them.
  2. And yet somehow Lane won Limited last year with a glorified Sig 320, Coley was 3rd with a dressed up Glock, and Jonasson was 4th with a Canik shooting MINOR
  3. How well are the holosun dots holding up, particularly on CO guns?
  4. My 2 day shipping took 2 weeks to get here
  5. Everyone is correct on the rules. I will add: I have shot my carry gun/holster at a few matches, and started from concealment. I think everyone should do it every once in awhile. It's a real eye opener.
  6. After reading the previous comments I got to digging through my cleaning supplies. I had some hoppes and figured WTH, I'll try it. It cleaned up the tough spots easily.
  7. Thanks guys, I'll give those ideas a try!
  8. How do you guys keep the lense clean on a CMORE? I have a G17 with the SJC 5 port comp that smokes the lense pretty bad. I have tried eyeglass wipes and that helped a little. I've been using windex and q tips too, which is better but not great. Any ideas?
  9. That's what I was going to say. The lack of parts to fix it scares me.
  10. It was stupid, but it WAS the rule. https://nroi.org/ufaqs/can-i-use-a-magnet-in-production/
  11. But the cumulative age of all the CO shooters, and all the SS shooters are the same I might adjust my SS rig an inch forward on the mags and a inch or so on the holster.... I really dont see it changing anything. Also, before the rule change it was pretty easy for an RO to see of someone was out of compliance for a division, although I will miss bumping people to open for loading off a magnet at make ready
  12. Every time I've stuck a light on a gund and goofed around the house, the centering the target in the beam would get you charlie or better hits on a USPSA target at 5 or so yards. That being said, I really dont think it would be an advantage on 99.9% of the stages that we all shoot: outdoors in broad daylight.
  13. This seems like a whole bunch of hooplah to say: "Put your holster and mag pouches wherever you want. All the Timmies can have their light on their gun. No more moving people to Open for loading their gun with a mag they got off a magnet after Make Ready. Life is more simple now."
  14. If he can shoot it and get to the mag release I'd say go for it. I'd say go with limited minor first.
  15. It should just be a barrel swap to go to 9mm. I assume this is a double stack? If so, the Remington mags should work and they seem to be easier to find in 9MM than 40. I have had 3 Para 16-40s. The oldest one would not run STI mags, but the other two run them just fine. MBX also makes mags for Para.
  16. It was only outlawed in USPSA in 2019. Why was the change made so late? (Not trying to be a smartass... it just seems odd that after 40 years USPSA would decide to outlaw steel jacket ammo). I've seen a lot of it shot at matches, and never seen it cause more ricochets, frags, or blood than any other ammo. I HAVE seen mild steel targets that were dimpled from high velocity throw stuff back at the squad--thats not fun.
  17. https://youtu.be/F28NK5mhLos Go to about the 4 minute mark for the actual content.
  18. I would like to see pictures of all these targets that were destroyed by steel jacket ammo--especially pistol ammo.
  19. Nope. If the bullet has steel, the bullet will stick.
  20. Reshoot. By the number of incorrect votes, it's no wonder I always end up in some fight about rules at matches
  21. Not really.... Iron sights 8major/10 minor Keep the SS/Production holster rules. Keep the SS/Production box. It's that simple. Make everyone's highest classification for any of the current 3 divisions their classification for LoCap. Run all the classifiers at NHQ with combined divisions to set HHF.
  22. Are your PCC reloads insanely fast or your CO reloads really slow?
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