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Best Larger Matches for Newbies? (Northern Midwest to East Coast)


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So outside of the smaller local matches, if you could only pick one or two of the larger events for 2016 which are the best bets?

In terms of good experience for newbies, well-run organizations, good range, overall quality? I'd like to shoot but more than that see top level people in action.

And within a day's drive for me which would be from Tennessee to Michigan to Vermont or Virginia (but Ohio/PA would be better!)


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Area 8 in September is in PA, Battle in the Bluegrass in April in Kentucky, Buckeye Blast in May in Ohio.

Possibly Mid-Atlantic Sectional in June in PA at the same club that's hosting Area 8 match.

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Not necessarily, first USPSA match I ever shot was the Nationals in Dallas in 86. Didn't finish very high, 4th from last among the finishers. Some of it seemed a little mystifying but made it through OK.

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If Ohio is best, buckeye blast in May , right around the corner time wise and distance for u.

It big enough to gauge yourself against some better shooters, and small enough to be shot in one day if I remember correctly

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My favorite is a small, usually unmentioned, match during the summer

way out on Long Island. :bow: :bow:

Very friendly people - great range - real nice shoot altogether ...

And, I've shot Area 6, 7 & 8, plus the Nationals, and a dozen other

ranges as well.

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