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  1. Erttactics

    tuning recoil DVC 40

    I use an 11 with a aluminum buff, no issues barely makes a mark in the aluminum shooting 172 PF
  2. Erttactics

    I saw it at the NRA show.....

    Love mine, over 10k rounds and no complaints. Added a mag release extension and lighter recoil spring good to go!
  3. Erttactics

    Who wants to race me to A class?

    Can you add me to this one please? A89245 limited Thanks
  4. Erttactics

    Blue bullets = blue fingers?

    That is common with blue bullets, if you get a hi-tech coated bullet they do not rub off on your hands.
  5. Erttactics

    Anyone using BE-86?

    Used it in 9mm, it's a great powder. Meters well and very little deviation. I have heard it is basically an improved version of bullseye.
  6. Erttactics

    Race to B Class

    Sorry Limited
  7. Erttactics

    Race to B Class

    Can you add me A89245
  8. Erttactics

    New DVC or Used LimCat for a Limited gun

    About 10 thousand rounds through my DVC, not one issue.
  9. Erttactics

    RCBS Customer Service

    Same here, no questions asked and no charge. Wish more companies followed their lead.
  10. Erttactics

    Prefered holster for limited

    Daa race master, no complaints at all
  11. Erttactics

    Holster and belt choice

    DAA, best i have used
  12. Erttactics

    STI edge springs

    11 recoil and 15 main in my DVC, with an aluminum buff
  13. Erttactics

    Hello from OH........IO

    Shooting it tomorrow
  14. Erttactics

    Hello from OH........IO

    Welcome from Northeast Ohio
  15. Erttactics

    40s&w oal

    1.185 for my DVC, my buddies Tanfo will shoot them if you load one at a time, anything more and his mag will not feed them. He loads fairly short to get reliability.I will try to find out what length and report back.