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  1. Didn't know they let just about anyone on these forums @waterboy.
  2. Pretty similar. Maybe 40% of small locals canceled due to low turnout. The matches that are held have roughly 2/3rds the shooters that they had in 2020, which was less than 2019. Reduced round count hasn't seemed to have helped. Just shot Nordic (terribly) and turnout was lower but the talent pool was deep, it looked like the less dedicated shooters stayed home. An odd thing I noticed about Nordic was that on paper the round count was significantly reduced. This was done by limiting paper targets, but substituting them with smaller offhand steel. So most shooters had enough make up shots that they exceeded previous more paper heavy Nordic matches.
  3. A linear comp can only reduce noise at the shooter. By design it actually increases recoil.
  4. What performance are you looking for? Linear comps don't really offer any.
  5. Depends on what flavor your matches are. Locals and majors in my area make extensive use of pipes on stands for targets. 2-4" in diameter, maybe 8-12" tall and sometimes 5/16" wall thickness. Them suckers are heavy and any sadistic MD worth his salt will place them at 25 yards. EF is the answer, myself and everyone I know has been burned trying them with IM. The same stage will probably have multiple aerial clays just to make sure the EF choke hurts as much as it helps.
  6. That's not what's being discussed here.
  7. It's not quite as nice as the 24c. Break, reset, pre travel, any way you want to compare it's just not as good. But that's just when you're being snobby in the dry fire dojo, once you use it live fire on the clock it feels a lot closer to being a 24c.
  8. Only way to know is to test it on paper against the clock.
  9. Cut the 18" down to 16" if it's got plenty of life left in it.
  10. Ditto. I've tried some handicap scored shooting sports. Once.
  11. I had the rail milled off a handguard once. Cost like $20 at the machine shop down the road.
  12. One of my favorite parts about the Hide is all the newbies that show up trying to tell seasoned shooters how to convert inches into MOA to call corrections. The entertainment value is next level.
  13. You've already gone way deeper on the numbers than I ever have. I've done a lot of testing with various barrel lengths, gas system lengths, reciprocating weights and spring rates, but I've never put a lot of time into studying graphs or doing any math to understand exactly what's going on. The biggest takeaway from all my tinkering is that the shorter the gas system length the harsher the impulse will be. AGB's help tame a system in any given length, but longer will always end up more docile. Dwell time seems to have some effect on felt recoil. For instance, a carbine gas 16" barrel feels a little more violent (not taking muzzle blast into account) than a carbine gas 12.5" with all other components identical. Same gas system length, very different dwell times. But it doesn't work the other way. A 16" rifle gas may have similar dwell time to a 10.5" carbine gas but that in no way equals a similar recoil impulse.
  14. Apples to Oranges. 6 ARC is for max performance within AR15 mag limitations. 6CM is max performance with an AR10 mag. 6ARC will have longer barrel life, less powder used, lower recoil and fit in the smaller guns. 6CM is better ballistically but has all the drawbacks associated with ballistic performance.
  15. The lower they had pictured is not a standard glock mag receiver. So if the lower is proprietary, and the upper definitely is, there won't be any way to retrofit it into existing guns.
  16. McGowen and X-Caliber will do 7mm-08. I've got barrels from both companies, very pleased with them.
  17. Cool to see someone not too far from me on this site.
  18. The owner, @MarkCO used to be pretty active here. Still see him on some 3 gun FB groups on occasion.
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