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  1. Not on your list @apetrulis01 but I own a Rosco 13.7" that much to my annoyance is both one of the cheapest and most accurate barrels I have. Like .6-.7 five shot groups and very consistent hits on a 16" plate at 750 yards with a 6x scope.
  2. You could be right. I don't have IG but now that I think about it, most of the good stuff I've heard about them has been on YT from the reviewers that I don't really trust..
  3. No hands on experience with either of the barrels listed, but all of the BA barrels I've owned have been just okay, and generally overgassed. Weird to hear about Triarc having issues, they seem to have a good reputation. I also have a 14.5" Core, it's pretty great and worth how long I waited.
  4. Well we know what Froelich shot, now I wanna know what he did to get DQ'd?
  5. M2 will always have a longer track record, but the 1301 has a few years of amazing reliability under it's belt at this point. There aren't as many 1301's in the wild but I attribute that to the M2 being the only good choice during the heyday of 3 gun. By the time the 1301 showed up most people willing to spend good money on shotgun already had an M2 and 3 guns popularity was on the decline.
  6. Yeah I've never tried any of the improved Grendel variants. My 6mm and 6.5 both feed great.
  7. They have the same parent and use the same bolt face diameter, but the huge difference in body taper is significant enough to make them two very different cartridges.
  8. Yes. Clay sports clubs are terrifying places to be.
  9. I'm aware of that. Read the thread title though.
  10. No, not quite. The buffer tube on the 2.0 is open ended and the secondary spring is integral to the end cap. IIRC, Odin told me I'd have to buy their standard pistol buffer tube to convert my 2.0's back to 1st gens.
  11. The 2nd gens length of pull bottoms out at 12.9 inches, which is a half inch longer than I like. I asked Odin about and they said I can buy a few parts to basically convert it back to a gen 1, I just haven't done it yet. Having shot the gen 1 vs gen 2 side by side on the same rifle I would say the secondary spring is just a marketing gimmick.
  12. I've got 3 Zulu's, 1 first gen and 2 2.0. I greatly prefer the first gen, but have never had any functional issues with any of them regardless of spring or buffer combo. I agree 100% with @DesertTortoise the last place you want to go light is the rear of the gun. I had an MFT Minimalist for a while and it was the worst stock I've ever had because of its lightness. Also stay away from any stock that has a tiny butt pad, like the Strike Industries Viper or a lot of the other minimalist stocks, because focusing all the recoil energy on a smaller surface area increases the felt recoil.
  13. They're pretty new, so you can't have shot one for years yet.
  14. I'd like to try one but the reticles are straight garbage.
  15. Good buddy of mine had a Typhoon and VR80 at the same time. He sold the VR80 real quick like, and when I shot them side by side it was easy to understand why. The F12 shot was softer, trigger was better, fit and finish looked way better. IIRC it ran decent out of the box, and with some tuning it's now easily the most reliable open shotgun I've ever seen in action.
  16. Denglerbbi gets 7.5% off if I remember correctly.
  17. Not at any clubs I've been to. They hit the bar pretty hard before shooting around here.
  18. Depends on your matches. I've been to plenty where anything less than full and 1300's weren't going to knock over 35 yard steel. I've been to plenty where I ran spreader the whole match. My experience with my 21" barrel tells me I need to change chokes more than the 24" guys. On average in a 5 stage club match I probably change chokes 3 times, and would advise against your one choke for everything plan if your locals look anything like mine.
  19. Looking at my 21" and taking some rough measurements, I think a +3 would be close to flush.
  20. Not sure I've ever seen a 1301 with a +2 or +3 tube. +7 is pretty much the standard.
  21. Because I'm a rifle and rifle accessories whore and like to try as many different things as I can even though the main thing I've learned from my experimentation is that all this stuff makes way less difference than we like to think. Same reason why I have 223 AR's with 10.5, 12.5, 13, 13.7, 14, 14.5, 15, 16, 18, and 22 inch barrels even though a 14.5 or 16 would probably suffice for my needs.
  22. I keep thinking I need a 1-10x. Then I go to a match with 500 yard targets and only use 4-5x because 6x limits my fov too much and makes acquiring multiple targets spread out over a hillside too time consuming. I'll probably still end up with a 10x scope but I don't expect it to be game changing. I have multiple 2.5-10, 3-12, 3-9 and a 2-12x scope and I would never even consider using and of them in a time based sport.
  23. It's funny, I was already pretty sure it was BS as I clicked the links, but seeing what appeared to be a great deal on primers still got my heart rate up even though I knew better.
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