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  1. mccurdy53

    Indoor USPSA matches

    What are these "battle walls" of which you speak? More info would be much appreciated.
  2. mccurdy53

    Rules Question

    Whenever a shooter is assessed a penalty he/she does not agree with, he/she should ask to be shown the rule that they violated.
  3. mccurdy53

    Good Ammo Prices

    Police up all the brass in one of the stages/ bays at every match you participate. Sort it at home and give away the brass you don't want or use.
  4. mccurdy53

    Good Ammo Prices

    There are certainly less expensive options out there. The Dillon 650 was my first choice and I built up my press gradually. I am very happy with it. I have broken parts and Dillon came through with warrantied parts in a couple of days. I will point out that the 550 must be indexed manually, the 650 indexes automatically, reducing the chances of double powder charging. I also like the 5 stations on the 650 toolhead vs. 4 stations on the 550. But that is fodder for another thread. This thread is about inexpensive ammo, and I get mine from my basement. You can also get yours from your basement/garage/spare room, and it will be cheaper than any you can buy. The tools you can use vary, but they all get the job done.
  5. mccurdy53

    Good Ammo Prices

    The break even point for me was about 2500 rounds. I shoot alot. Where I am, I can shoot a USPSA match every weekend and I often do. I reached the breakeven point in little more than 1/2 a season. YMMV
  6. mccurdy53

    Good Ammo Prices

    Ok, so not so little investment, minimum 830. I use a Dillon 650 w/case feeder. Setup for .45 ACP, Dillon 650 - 590. Case feeder - 240. Each additional caliber conversion: Dies - 70 Toolhead - 32 Stand - 23
  7. mccurdy53

    Good Ammo Prices

    It could be. It just takes a relatively small investment that will be paid back in short order.
  8. mccurdy53

    How do you find time to shoot?

    You will never "find" time to shoot, you must make the time to shoot. If you wait till you find time you will be too old to shoot. Ask me how I know.
  9. mccurdy53

    Good Ammo Prices

    230 RN .45 ACP @ 130.00/1000 from my basement.
  10. mccurdy53

    USPSA Classifier Updates

    Once you have achieved a classification, it will only go down if you petition HQ. Read the rulebook. If you don't understand something, read it again.
  11. mccurdy53

    1911 Single Stack Magazine Feed Lips

    I'd be willing to bet that the body of the mags have spread just enough to drag such that they will not drop. Measure the body of the offending mag(s) near the base with calipers, mine are .540 (Tripp 8-round .45s), then measure just below the feed lips. If the measurements differ, you have found the cause. You can easily fix the by taking the mag apart, then giving it a couple of firm wacks with a hammer until both measurements are the same. Be sure to adjust both sides of the mag body. Don't try to take all of the bulge out of one side.
  12. mccurdy53

    Floating 180?

    Also, at what point does the new median take over from the old median? Looking at the drawing, I can find places to DQ almost everyone. Bad stage design. Could be fixed by adding a charge line extending from point A.
  13. mccurdy53

    More permanent way to black SS. sights

    I use my daughter's black nail polish on my rear sights. Lasts longer than paint and helps keep the from rusting longer.
  14. mccurdy53

    USPSA Shooting in Vermont

    Spring in Vermont is a wonderful time for lots of reasons. Brass looks a lot like gold when it is just laying on the ground.