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People Who Make Sure No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


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I sometimes sell people things over the internet (parts or small items) when I read in a forum somebody needs something I happen to have. The way I have always done it is simple: We agree on the price and I send them the item. If it works and is what they want, they send me a check. Done it many times, no problem.

Recently I sold somebody some bike parts for $50 and the guy never sent me a check. I mailed him a note (very polite) and eventually he did send me a check. No problem.

Until the check bounced....... and I got socked with a $25 return fee on my account (which I am trying to get reversed).

So I am screwed out of the $50 price, the $15 I spent on shipping and the $25 bounce fee.

The funny thing is, if the guy had plead poverty and been honest , I would have sent the parts for free. No need to be a crook. I called the guy after the check bounced and the guy said something like:

"I had money to cover the check, I'll call the bank and get back to you."

That was about 3 weeks ago.

I am not even mad about it, just surprised that there are people with such a complete lack of integrity they will sell their good name for $50. I guess he never read Shakespeare who said:

"He who steals my money steals trash, but he who takes my good name takes that which enriches him not but leaves me a poor man indeed."

There really are people who go through life not caring that the world knows they are thieving low life scumbags.

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It also surprises the heck out of me that people who commit integrity-losing crimes don't seem to mind the inevitability of spending very long periods of time in a prison cell. Do they LIKE it in there?? Do they even-for-a-moment think of "jail" before they do the reprehensible things they do? Jeez.

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I went through one of these situations once buying goods from a small time guy with a web site. Paid maybe $200 up front by check, but goods were never shipped. Multiple polite emails. No good shipped. I did a little internet detective work and determined seller's name, address, home phone #, wife's name, etc. I called during the day, used their first names, and had a very nice chat (not kidding) with his pleasant wife. At the end of the conversation I gave her my contact info, explained the situation, and told here that if I didn't receive my goods or money that I would be filing a mail fraud report with the Postal Inspectors at the USPS.

A few hours later I received an angry call from the seller. He was very upset that I was so brazen as to call his hime and speak with his wife. I inquired as to whether he would be sending me the goods, or at this point, preferably my money in return. He grumped more, didn't say anything relevant and hung up.

My goods arrived a few days layer - not in nice condition but serviceable for my purposes. I suspect he had been taking customer money and not delivering for some time, but the wife wasn't having any of that and neither was I.

This isn't so much a good deed story, but misbehavior could and should have consequence.

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I often get called too negative by some who know me but two things come to mind. Those of us who are honest and get worked up over being ripped off or wronged another way are losing far more sleep than those who did the ripping off. POS's lose no sleep over their actions.

Second, I have come to not expect much from most people. This way I am rarely disappointed. As a result I have very few true friends. But I don't often get screwed over so it's worth it to me .

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"Trust but verify" is a principle my dad imparted on me as a teen that has served me well so far. It's hard going through life expecting the worst from our fellow man. There really are a lot of decent, good people in this great country. Take this forum as an example. People taking time to pass on their knowledge & help their fellow shooters.

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