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For the medical crowd...


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OK - for the medical crowd-

A guy goes to his woman dentist. She does an exam and says "That tooth has to come out." "I'll give you a couple of shots of Novacaine and come back in a few minutes." He says "NO! WAIT! I am deathly afraid of needles! Do something else!"

She: Okaaay, we'll do some Nitrous Oxide.

He: I have claustrophobia something terrible! I can't have anything covering my face!

She is thinking - what a wimp!, but says nothing in order to maintain a professional decorum.

He: Do you have any pills that would work? I can do pills.

She: I'll see what I can come up with. Goes in another room and digs through a drawer of pharma salesman's samples.

She: Take 2 of these.

He: Those look like Viagra!

She: They are.

He: Wow - I didn't know Viagra was an anesthetic too!

She: It isn't. That's just to give you something to hang on to while I pull that tooth!

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Guy and his friend are at a strip club. One guy is really impressed with the dancer. She is swinging and dancing using two poles, leaping and dancing, leaping and dancing. The one guy is so impressed that he just has to meet this woman.

Friend said, " don't do it !!!"

Guy said, "why not"

Friend, "she's crazy!!!"

Guy, "how would you know?"

Friend, "it's obvious.....she is bipolar."

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