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  1. can someone give me the link to the Taran Video on modification of the glock mags for the +10 mags. I am having issues with feeding. Also where do you modify the follower? Thanks
  2. Interested in the .45 version. Anyone have any info. Everyone seems to have issues with .45 PCC...... wondering if the Guardian is reliable and how it runs
  3. At one time, paddle holsters made by Comp-tac THAT WERE LEGAL....... were no longer legal because of the distance offset rule. This distance rule later was modified once again and the illegal holsters became legal again depending on body style. The same holster that became illegal was still legal for females because of "different body style" and the same rational was used many rulebooks later to make them legal again dependent on body style.
  4. It's more of the same. After the early rulebook change.......all 5 of my Comp-tac Paddle holsters (one for each division) that were legal before the change became illegal after the change. ($60.00 a pop)..... lost $300.00 and had to buy another $400.00 in new :legal" holsters on that rule change........ Lucky I did not have a 5 inch revolver at the time or it would have been in the same boat.....legal then illegal......oh yea...those paddle Holsters.....after trying to change one to make it legal (total disaster) and selling all the others.... down the road with other rulebook changes....they became legal again Later..... all my Big Butt grips on my three revolvers (2 on my SSR and one on my ESR) that were legal for years suddenly became illegal ($80.00 a pop).....lost $240.00 on that rule change and payed another $300.00 in "legal" grips. Now, once again.... what was once legal is now illegal and costing IDPA Shooter's........ money, grief and irritation. Independent of change, IDPA will have shooters. Those that have been harmed will either stay and take it (like myself) or leave. To each their own but as others have stated...... make the rules and stick to them. Constant modification that motivates shooter's to invest in guns and equipment that is IDPA legal only to then arbitrarily change the rules to then make that investment "non-IDPA" legal is neither logical or productive to the IDPA sport. Garry Newton
  5. need you mailing address....you sure earned my ".357 and Up club" button. Wear it with pride <G> Garry Newton
  6. Years ago I started to give pins out for the ".357 and up club" for West Houston IDPA. Shoot a match with full load .357 or up and you got one of my pins. I have done it with .357 and full load .44 Mag but not at what you are shooting. My best was a Sanction IDPA match in North Texas last year shooting Revolver and did the whole match (180+ scored rounds) with full load .44 Mags. My hats off to you. Let me know when you do it and will send you one of my pins <G> Contact me via my private email: solari@prodigy.net Garry Newton
  7. Not that I know. Went and had great time. Was going to shoot the TX State match with it in few months and first date that they had....I was good to go. The current date..... I am judging Dog shows that weekend. Was fun to have the SO comment "what was that cannon"...."was that a .44 Mag? I thought you were shooting a 44".....and my favorite "tell me to double plug next time". I would like to shoot the 2016 LoneStar if no conflicts.
  8. solaritx


    If it feels like Sh#t, smells like Sh#t and tastes like Sh#t......It's probably.....Oh damn
  9. not sure about a OEM G31 BUT...... As a 6 gun IDPA Master that has won some.....I wanted to do something different. At the Oct 2015 Lone Star Championship, I shot a 4 inch Smith Revolver in Full Load .44 mag. for the entire match. ( I won the Chrono stage!!!!) I did it with a Suit Coat, IWB holster and formal cowboy hat. Has so much fun that I plan on doing more matches with it. Garry Newton
  10. I believe that IDPA is a great way to start, especially for those that have started to carry concealed. IDPA generally (note I said generally) focus on those aspects of conceal carry. Drawing from concealment, shooting on the move, use of cover, etc. It allows one to see what works and does not work with their carry gear. Many continue with IDPA in this mode, getting better and more proficient with their carry gear. Others move to the competition aspect of IDPA. IDPA is a game and should not be seen as anything other than a game. Those that take that path in IDPA tweek and twerk to maximize their performance. Both paths in IDPA have their place in the general shooting membership and neither is "better" than the other. IDPA is a game has rules. With rules, there comes conflict especially with the second group mentioned. With rules, there is also a learning curve. Go into the game, enjoy the game. If you go and ride a rollercoaster and expect to throw up.....you prob will throw up. If you go and ride a rollercoaster and expect to have fun....you prob will have fun. Garry N
  11. Old farts like me....we just pull the shirt down as low as we can get them..... then staple them in place. Works great till we have to take them off
  12. Am I the only one that wonders....why don't they use the Force to turn off the other guy's light saber? Then it would be a fight to see who can get it up and keep it up???? Garry N
  13. I believe that in an effort to make things better they often just complicated the issue. KISS principle could have helped a lot. Enhanced Service Pistol.....just that "enhanced". Weigh X amount with empty mag. Standard sights and must fit in box. Custom Service Pistol..... just that "Custom". Weigh X amount with empty mag. Standard sights and must fit in box Stock Service Pistol..... just that.....STOCK....no modifications allowed, weigh X amount with empty mag. Standard sights and must fit in box. Etc....etc....etc Rulebook awhile back wasn't that bad. Needed a few simple clarifications to make sure things were called equally across the USA and a few simplifications like above and it would have been really good.
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    Which one?

    plain lace nightgown or your dress shirt
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