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Anyone know of bullets available anywhere?


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You could check with Target Barn. The website does not indicate what's in stock so I emailed (this was a month or so ago) and said I would take any jacketed or plated 147gr. bullet. I was told they were expecting a large order of zeros and already had a lot of back orders but he would put me on the list if I wanted. I said yes. A couple of weeks later he sent me a follow up email indicating he was working through the back orders and wanted to know if I still wanted the bullets. I said yes and week later I had them. I may have gotten lucky. Or maybe he is getting shipments like this in on a fairly regular basis.

Also, a couple of weeks ago powder valley got in a large order of berry's. Apparently they posted it on their facebook page and someone posted it here on Benos. I checked their webiste and a lot of the bullets were showing in stock. The next day they were sold out. Some people have also posted that even though the Montana Gold order page is down they will still accept email orders (back orders).

I think there are some bullets becoming available. I would suggest you either wait for something like the PV announcement to come again and be prepared to act fast or choose someone and get on a back order list.

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