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  1. Wow! .223 at 600+. You guys are better than I am. At 500 I was really lobbing them out there and even my 75gr bullets were pushed badly if there were any gusts. Very impressed.
  2. Definitely want to check the map. Sedona is at least 2 hours from Rio. Rio puts on a good match but something in Flagstaff or around Sedona will save a lot of driving.
  3. They still offer a lifetime warranty on their guns but you better get wallet out to pay for all that ammo. My carry only has about 16k through it but the LW Champion I traded my neighbor is closing in on 65k without any appreciable frame wear. Even if they didn't warranty it the cost of a new frame is small compared to the cost of all that ammo.
  4. Over the last five years I've turned into a gym rat. The one thing I do get out of the gym often is motivation. Lots of folks in there just showing off, lifting with bad form, throwing weights, etc however you can spot the folks that know what they are doing and learn from them. Most have no issues giving tips, suggestions, or even working out with you. A good gym partner can help push you past plateaus and help with progress. I started off at home with an elliptical but ended up in the gym 4-5 days a week. Three years later I'm down 70 lbs of fat and up 18 lbs of muscle. I'll be 50 this month
  5. Good for you! Never to late to get started. Congrats and keep it up.
  6. Montana Gold all day, every day. You have to buy them by the full case to get the best price. They will eat you up 500 or 1000 at a time! I have to agree there. As mentioned, Berrys shoot well for me as does PD but MG shoot just a little better. Obviously I use them all depending on who's got the sale and what's in stock.
  7. I load mostly Berrys and they work very well for me for both 230g and 115/124gr RN. Accuracy is about the same as Raniers but, like d_striker, I get much better accuracy from both than X-treme. My crimp is the same as well.
  8. Not just you. I bought 10k Winchester primers last month and the day I brought them home a similar Winchester thread popped up on another forum.
  9. I like hearing "it was the wind" at the 10 yard line.
  10. Or perhaps some instruction on lubing. I'm SO tired of getting my case stuck and almost breaking off my pin.
  11. Hello All. Just an old guy that likes to shoot.

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