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glockl 17 titegroup load


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I have been using Titegroup 4.5 grs for 124 Montana Gold HP Oal 1.112-it is reliable and has a soft feel. But I extrapolated to come up with this-as I cannot find many loads for 124 bullet.-- Hodgen manual has only two. What has been experience with 124 grain bullets and loads.?

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My results for G17 MG124JHP / WIN brass @1.135 OAL w/ 4.2gr TG was 133.5 PF: CCI and FED SPP. I've played around with the OAL from 1.115 = 134.7 PF to 1.155 = 130.9 PF.

I just switched to a G34 and stepped down to 4.0gr TG @1.135 OAL and came up w/ PF (ooops - can't find the load data for the G34 - i think it is right around 133)

.02 - your results may vary

edit: + data

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Montana Gold 124 gr. JHP

4.2 grains Hodgdon Titegroup.

Starline cases

CCI 500 primers

1.135" COAL

3" barrel (Springfield EMP) MV = 1017 FPS/126 PF

4" barrel (Glock G19) = 1121 FPS/139 PF

4 1/2" barrel (Springfield Xdm) = 1149 FPS/142 PF

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4.0gr Tite group

124gr Precision Delta bullets

CCI Primers

1.135" OAL

I chrono'd out of my G17 at about 1050fps for 130k PF.

At the Idaho IDPA State Championships they chrono'd them at 1150fps for 142k PF. Not sure what gun they were using.

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I was running 4 grains in my G34, and M&P Pro, but, if I was running the shorter barrel of a 17, I'd probably go with 4.2. :cheers:

Rookie here. Why are you running 4grns instead of 4.2 in your 34?

The longer barrel of the G34 develops 30-50 FPS more speed and that translates to more power factor than needed. I like to have about 132-135PF when shooting production. If you don't have a chrono to help tune loads it might be time to consider getting one.

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you wont notice an appreciable difference in your match scores shooting 125.000 pf ammo than 140-145 pf.

i know the rules say you only need 125 power factor, but if you have a heavy set steel and its shot with winchester white box out of a glock 34, 125 pf may not take it down and the 140+ powerfactor winchesters will do it nearly every time. this will result in a miss on steel.

in any event to answer the original question, 4.5 grains should make the minor power factor with 124/125 grain bullets, and if it seems to be reliable, load them up and go shooting. I would not stress too much about going lower..

147 grain bullets may be the answer for lower recoil without cutting the power levels down.

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