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  1. These hold the mags very well. They look great too. I have one mounted horizontally in the front and then one on my weak hand side vertical.
  2. www.lyttoncustomholsters.com makes some great ones. Form and function are the best I've seen.
  3. Yes. I think the QLS is a little more robust to mount a pistol to.
  4. https://www.lyttoncustomholsters.com/shop/sig-mpx-competionrange-mag-holder Works great. PM me for a discount code.
  5. www.lyttoncustomholsters.com did my RIA and making one now for my STI 2011. They do great work.
  6. www.lyttoncustomholsters.com made mine. It is a very high quality holster with great retention. Looks great too. Mine also has the Hayes HCG package done to it.
  7. Thinking of trying out open division next year. I'm looking for the speed loader assist ramp for a Browning A5. Does anyone make one for the A5 or am I looking at getting one for an M2/Versa/etc and trying to modify it to work? TIA
  8. kyojin

    P10-C for CO

    Do we know prices on these?
  9. Looks great. I went with Dawson Competition sights for mine. I'm not sure if I'll put a magwell on mine. They are pricey and the opening is decent. I am very happy with my Mecgar 17rd magazines with TTI basepads and CZC follower. 23 rounds reloadable. The mecgar magazines load easier and drop free better. Cost less too.
  10. kyojin

    Max capacity 140mm

    Just my experience. 18rd Factory CZ magazines with short CZC extension with spring and follower kit #10522 holds 22rds reloadable 17rd Mecgar with TTI +4 base pad is 21rds reloadable 17rd Mecgar with TTI +4 base pad with spring and follower kit #10522 is 23 rounds reloadable
  11. I did use the CGW adjustable sear. Those are Dawson Precision Competition sights. They seem rather small for a comp sight though. Makes me wonder if I got the right ones from them. My friend ordered some from them as well and they are exactly like mine.
  12. I just did this exact thing to mine. CZC Flat trigger and CGW hammer. Works great. Did this for 3 Gun competition as well.
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