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  1. Many years ago, a local guy sold Zeros. When they had a price increase, he quit selling them and almost everyone around here switched to PD. They’re just as accurate, and until the pandemic, we never had a problem with availability. Many thanks to you for posting when bullets are available!
  2. RH45

    X5 competition load

    3.1 of VV320, behind 147 grain, coated bullets Probably going to switch it over to Sport Pistol which seems just as clean, and soft at half the cost
  3. Ordered 4K of 124 JHP on Tuesday, and received them today. Thanks Again!
  4. RH45

    38SC LOADS

    I was around 8 grains of 4756, behind a Zero 125 grain jhp, when VV N350 wasn't available. just about as soft. FYI: I don't think you can possibly put too much 4756 in a 38sc case. I believe around 8 rrains, it was a compressed load. I tried downloading, for 3-gun. Don't remember exactly what the charge weight was, but didn't like it.
  5. A friend says his 365, with 10 round magazines, and pinky extensions fit in the BUG box, but going by what I have for guns that I KNOW fit, I find it unlikely. Has anyone tried it? How about trying to cram a 365XL in the CCP box?
  6. I think that the OPs question was, will it make weight
  7. I also still have some left. I get a few duds per K.
  8. If you’re using lead, or a coated bullet, that should put you in the low 130s. If jacketed, it should be less. Every barrel is different. The only way to know for sure is to chrono
  9. You don't say what bullets you're using, or OAL
  10. RH45

    Mixing SEAR springs

    I already had 2, P320 Xfives, with Bruce Gray competition trigger kits, when the Legions came out. They have no overtravel, but, when I'm shooting slow, I notice a lot of creep on the first shot, but, if I ride the sear until it just resets the trigger, there's no creep. I don't remember the exact weight. Somewhere between 2.25-2.75# I replaced one of the grip frames with the Legion, tungsten infused grip, but, don't think I'm going to spend $200 to put one on my back-up gun.
  11. RH45

    P365 For CCW

    The 365s seem to all shoot just below point of aim. I'm a little color blind, and in to the tri-focal stage of my life so I was having problems seeing the front sight with my street glasses. I replaced the front sight with a Dawsen, that's a night sight, with a white ring around it, but, is same height as stock. I think I'm eventually replace the front sight again, with a Trijiicon HD, in yellow. I have them on other carry guns, and don't have any issues seeing them. I researched LIMA365s, because I wanted to also put a green laser on my pistol, but, there were too many negative reviews. One of the issues stated was that the LIMA rubbed against your finger, making it uncomfortable to shoot. I have Crimson Trace Laserguards on two other carry guns, and have the same issue with them, so I bought a TR27 Armalaser, which has a 5 year warranty. The first one I got wouldn't hold zero. They replaced it, and so far I'm liking it better than the Laserguards.
  12. With an Apex barrel, you should be able to get pretty close to 1” groups @ 25 yards. I don’t remember if Precision Delta, Zeros, or Hornady 124 grain jhps did the best in my pistol.
  13. How clean is the gas system on your MPX, using Sport Pistol? I’ve been running nothing but VVN320 and don’t know if I could even get it apart if I go much past 500 rounds without cleaning
  14. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    I bought the tungsten grip module, and put it on one of my Xfives. I transferred my original weight, and tungsten guide rod. I ran some drills, to compare the two guns, and I’m not any faster with one over the other.
  15. That doesn’t work for my eyes. If I don’t put tape on my left lens(shooting right handed) all I see is like looking down the left side of the gun.
  16. For people that shoot the same hand, as their dominant eye, with a rifle/carbine, it really shouldn’t matter, but for those of us that put tape on the lens, of their glasses, because of cross dominance, and HAVE to look through the optic, bigger is better!
  17. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    He’s a really nice guy, but, almost impossible to get in touch with
  18. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    What are you running for a recoil spring?
  19. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    It doesn’t seem that long ago, that they would pick them up at your house, but, the last one I sent in, I also had to take a 45 minute ride
  20. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    I was going to call bulls#!t, when I read that before, but, just to be scientific, I loaded 11 dummy rounds, and fired (obviously they didn’t actually fire) them. As before, after pulling the trigger, with the striker at rest, the laser dot was perfectly below my red dot, but, whenever the striker was cocked, ready to fire, the laser dot had moved to the left. Obviously, there’s must be a little slop, between the slide & frame, even though I cannot wiggle it at all. Approximate round count on pistol is maybe 2k.
  21. RH45

    P320 X5 Thread

    Ok, so I put a Legion grip, on one of my xfives, and shot one IDPA match with it. Today, I butchered a holster, so I could fit an Xfive, with a green, Crimson Trace, railmaster in it. I don't see as many advantages of a laser on a pistol, compared to a PCC, but, I thought I'd try it, just for kicks. Imagine my surprise, when I turned it on, after installing it on the rail, and seeing the green dot, just below the red dot, at 10-15 yards. Then, I decided to dry fire a little, and found AFTER I pull the trigger, the green dot is just below the red dot, but, when the pistol is cocked, the green dot is to the left of the red dot. I can't FEEL any movement between the slide, and frame, but, apparently, there is.
  22. I was running a C-more on one MPX, and an OKO on the other. Neither are nearly as bright as the Romeo 1s, with the 6 MOA dot. Outside, they were always cranked all the way up, but, I had to wear my red glasses to see the dot unless it was really overcast.
  23. I had a Romeo 3, and liked the size of the viewing area, but, like the original, Romeo 1, with 3 MOA dot, they weren’t bright enough for me to see, in the bright sunlight. I put Romeo 1s, with the 6 MOA dot, on both of my Xfives, and I don’t have any problems seeing them, even with clear glasses, and bright sunlight
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