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  1. OK, so why do some (many!) guns shoot just fine with Blue Bullets sized at .355? Just curious...
  2. IDPA has previously ruled the P320 module as a frame and not a grip. That being said, you should be fine for CO since as that division uses the more lenient ESP rule set.
  3. Yep, that's exactly what I do! You can also use the paddle mount from a CompTac on the RHT holster.
  4. I use their standard competition holsters with the TeckLock-style mount. It works perfect for IDPA. I've passed equipment check at Nationals.
  5. Red Hill Tactical makes the best competition holsters for the X5!
  6. BillR1


    ?? What exactly are you "calling BS" on? "5.2.2 Examples of an FP (non-inclusive list): E. Shooting an entire array while faulting the line". As I stated, the offense in question calls for an FP. As I also stated, the SO is allowed some latitude in judging whether or not the shooter received more than a 3-second advantage for his action. On a 2-target array, I seriously doubt he/she gained more than 3 seconds. This is why I said I would give a single PE for the infraction instead of an FP. A 3-second PE penalty would cover it.
  7. BillR1


    If the SO stops him and there's no squib, he gets a reshoot. If there is a squib, there's no reshoot regardless if the SO stops him or if he stops himself. If the shooter stops himself there's no reshoot. 4.3 in the rulebook explains this clearly.
  8. BillR1


    1st question...down 5, no reshoot 2nd question...technically, shooting an entire array out of cover calls for an FP according to the rule book. However, I would give one PE unless he got more than a 3 second advantage to do it that way. I know...calls for subjectivity.
  9. BillR1

    PCC in IDPA

    That's unfortunate, but completely necessary if rifles will be allowed.
  10. BillR1

    PCC in IDPA

    As I'm sure you're aware, your theoretical scenario is not what IDPA is about. From the rulebook... "1.1 IDPA’s Fundamental Principles The Fundamental Principles are a guide to all members. A. Promote safe and proficient use of firearms and equipment suitable for concealed carry self-defense." also... "1.2 Principles of Shooting IDPA 1.2.1 Equipment Principles Allowed equipment will meet the following criteria: A. Concealable: All equipment (except flashlights) will be placed so that it is not visible while wearing a concealment garment, with your arms extended to your sides, parallel to the ground. B. Practical: All equipment must be practical for all day concealed carry self-defense, and worn in a manner that is appropriate for all day continuous wear." A rifle on a table in front of you is not concealed carry self defense, but you knew that. To answer your question, I'd take the rifle if the targets were 10 yards away and I had equal access to both a rifle and a pistol. But again, that would be a rare occurrence in real life.
  11. BillR1

    PCC in IDPA

    Not gonna lie...it does look like fun! However, in all honesty I would not want my PCC score to appear mixed in with the pistol shooters that didn't get all of the advantages that I did shooting the stages. I like competition and winning as much as anyone, but that would feel like "cheating" to me. Like you said earlier, you don't have to be a good shooter to finish on top with a PCC. I wouldn't feel like I earned the win, but that I bought it instead. No thanks. I want to win, but not like that.
  12. BillR1

    PCC in IDPA

    That could very well be their reasoning. In any case, it worked out well and is a good model for running rifles in IDPA.
  13. BillR1

    PCC in IDPA

    How can you even remotely say it's the "same match" when rifle shooters don't have to follow even close to the same stage procedures as any pistol shooter? You give someone a faster car AND give them a head start...and the scores should all be lumped together?? I think the people running this year's Worlds have the right idea...a separate match with separate scores. This just makes sense.
  14. BillR1

    PCC in IDPA

    But you're only competing against other PCCs...shouldn't the scores reflect that?
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