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  1. BillR1

    frankford arsenal wet tumbler?

    No pins for me either. I use lemishine and Cascade dishwasher liquid.
  2. BillR1

    Carry Optics

    Yes, I have four Romeo1s, including three of the newer 6 MOA dots. I think they're an amazing sight, and much tougher than the exaggerated stories on the interwebs would suggest. I tried an RMR and the window (IMO) was too small. The Romeo1 works well for me for both carry and competition use.
  3. BillR1

    Carry Optics

    The new 6 MOA Romeo1 is amazing!
  4. BillR1

    Swinger priority...

  5. BillR1

    Swinger priority...

    Link posted above...
  6. BillR1

    2018 IDPA Nationals

    Bob didn't shoot Nationals last year either.
  7. BillR1

    Swinger priority...

    Yep, good illustration of the situation I'm asking about... ;)
  8. BillR1

    Swinger priority...

    Rule question...the last shooting position in a stage has a fault line, and tactical priority is a moving swinger (previously activated) and two static paper targets. The swinger is moving behind a barrel for 1/2 of it's travel, but is fully exposed at rest.. If the shooter arrives at the fault line and the swinger is currently behind the barrel, are they free to move on to the other targets and come back to the swinger when it's visible, or do they need to wait for it to cycle and then engage it according to priority? Please state the rule.
  9. BillR1

    P320 X5

    With the X5 grip, you can leave the weight in and still be SSP-legal. IDPA sent out a press release on this.
  10. BillR1

    MSA Sordin battery drain issue (EarPro)

    I tried 3 different pairs of the pro ears. All of them felt like my head was in a vise, and the sound was "tinny". I also watched a buddy's set die at a rainy (major!) match, so I wanted something a bit more substantial. The Sordins are way more comfortable and sound much better also. I still have a set of Peltor Tac Pros that I use indoors occasionally, but they're a bit bulky to run around shooting and working as a MD.
  11. BillR1

    Mag Pouches

  12. BillR1

    MSA Sordin battery drain issue (EarPro)

    My Sordins (w/gel pads) have worked flawlessly indoors and out. I've never seen a need to double plug anywhere, and I'm around quite a few open shooters. As an MD and SO, I end up being next to a huge variety of shooters/guns, and the MSA Sordins just work. They're also far more comfortable on my wide melon than the pro ears I tried.
  13. BillR1

    How are you adapting to the new rules?

    It's the other way around for us. COs are welcome, but we're not recognizing PCCs. (yet?)
  14. BillR1

    How are you adapting to the new rules?

    It may be because both CO and PCC are still provisional divisions. They haven't yet been added to the regular rule book.
  15. BillR1

    How are you adapting to the new rules?

    Just...wow! Carry Optics IS a separate (provisional) division in IDPA, and has been for several months. I've competed in many local matches and even a sanctioned match in CO. Sorry you couldn't find the information you needed. It's right here: http://members.idpa.com/Content/Rules/a3nozfcz.rcs.pdf