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  1. Yep, the Springer R3Max plate works for the Alpha 3.
  2. I just picked up two new AG serial number units with that circuit board. Hopefully that's the fix...
  3. I looked online... "Our products are warranted against original defects in material and/or manufacturing for one year. This warranty is void if the unit has been abused, disassembled, or modified/tampered with in any way from it's original configuration.This warranty does not apply to defects caused by normal wear and tear, improper handling, incorrect installation, accidents, alterations/modifications to the original configuration, repairs made by unauthorized parties, aftermarket accessories, or abnormal use. Due to the fragile nature of glass, the lens is specifically excluded from warranty coverage.This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and is not transferable."
  4. Sorry for the misuse of the word. I meant no disrespect at all. I was trying to say that they have a VERY loyal following in most cases. That interests me since their written warranty is less than many other optic companies. It sounds like they go above and beyond their stated warranty terms. I'm just trying to find out if, in general, a "warranty" is a major selling point to most shooters or not..
  5. Maybe it has something to do with round count. The upper echelon shooters shoot so many rounds in a year that sometimes their guns themselves wear out, so replacing the optic at the same time is not a huge concern. A lowly B-class hack like me that only shoots 20K rounds in a year is more concerned about equipment lasting a while? I don't know...
  6. For open guns and even carry optics rigs, I see alot of recommendations for the Cmore RTS sight. They seem to have almost a cult following, even though their warranty is only one year and no coverage for the glass itself. That got me thinking...is a particular RDS's warranty not really a major consideration for a competition optic? Educate me...
  7. I just wanted to be clear on your warranty for the Alpha 3. It looks like there are no refunds regardless of the condition, packaging, seals, etc. The only option if returning a new unit is a store credit less 20%. Is this correct? My other question involves the glass. If the glass cracks for whatever reason, there is no warranty at all?
  8. Therein lies the issue... The Springer adapter plate is about .75 oz. The R3 Max is 1.5oz. That's well over an ounce heavier than a standard Romeo1 set-up. My gun weighs 44.7oz with the Romeo1 Pro (1 oz) without the steel shroud. I'm also using the Go Pedal and Springer base plates. The R3Max and adapter plate would work fine for USPSA since I would be removing the magwell. For IDPA with the magwell on, you may have to remove the weight in the grip or find some other spots to shave some weight.
  9. BillR1

    A poll of sorts

    The way it was explained to be by a rep from HQ is that you wouldn't ever consider adding weight to an existing carry gun. People can and do choose to carry guns of different weights (full-size 1911 vs G26) but "no one" adds weight to their EDC guns after the fact. The 43oz weight limit was to be more inclusive to heavy firearms and not designed as a license to make all guns that heavy.
  10. Interesting idea...that would probably help with keeping the dust off the optic also.
  11. Has anyone seen or heard of any kind of shirt guard for pistols? Using an aggressive grip texture on your handgun seems to really tear up a shooting jersey or any shirt for that matter. This is particularly prevalent in IDPA shooting with the holster positioned closer to the body. It seems like something could be made to fit either on the holster mount or clipped to the belt behind the holster. Surely someone has thought of this before...
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