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  1. I do use a powder check, and have since the first squib happened. I'm not positive these rounds were not loaded before that though. My tool head uses all Lee dies, except for the seating die which is a Redding. Sport Pistol meters VERY well. It's a lot finer than Titegroup or Clays for sure. 3.2gr is about 1/2 of the case, maybe slightly less.
  2. I just did an experiment. With a primer-only cartridge loaded to the same OAL, the slide never even moved. I had a dummy round in the mag to see if it would load it. The sound was also obviously different, as I would expect. The bullet was in almost the same spot in the barrel though. So on my squibs, there was enough powder to cycle the slide and make a near-normal sound, but not enough to push the bullets very far. Interesting...
  3. I'll call them tomorrow...mine still says it's in process.
  4. All of the ejected brass had good primer hits...using CCI SPPs. The gun cycled, as it loaded the next round. Fortunately in both cases, the bullet was stuck close to the chamber and prevented the next round from seating. I didn't notices any unburned powder on the gun. The removed bullet was somewhat blackened on the sides, but that could've been from the barrel.(right?) I've assisted shooters with squibs many times, and my nylon rod usually removes the bullet easily from the barrel. This bullet was almost "welded" in there. It was seriously tough to pound out. I've always lubed by spreading the brass out on a towel and spraying them, then shaking them all together in the hanging towel. I'm using Brass Juice for lube. After lubing, the brass goes into a gallon ziplock bag for storage. They may not get loaded for several weeks as I rotate the brass. Heres another possible clue. Both of these incidents happened since June when I got my new 650. I've loaded close to 100K rounds with my old 550 using all types and calibers of bullets and never had a squib. But it's the same powder measure on both machines? Thanks for all of the help!!
  5. My load is a 147gr Blue Bullet with 3.2gr Alliant Sport Pistol at 1.135". I had a squib tonight, but I'm still not sure what happened. There was no discernible difference in the sound or recoil of the shot. This was confirmed by the SO that was timing me. My first indication of a problem is the slide was out of battery. The bullet was STUCK about an 1/8" forward of the chamber. My nylon squib rod wouldn't budge it. I had to use a solid brass rod and some good whacks with a hammer to drive it out of the barrel! This also happened a few weeks ago. The symptoms, location, and the tightness of the squib in the barrel were exactly the same. Any ideas? I wet-tumble and use a dryer before the case lube. Too much lube?
  6. Mine just showed back up a few minutes ago. It was exactly one week since I dropped it off at FedEx. The new barrel looks just like a standard X5 new-style (black) barrel. I'll find out how it shoots later this afternoon.
  7. Nope, they sent a return label. The only problem is that they won't allow the returned package to be held at the FedEx office to pick up, so I'll need to arrange someone to be there on Monday.
  8. I just got the FedEx notification that the gun is already on it's way back. It will be here on Monday. That will be exactly one week out of my hands...outstanding turnaround! I'll take some pics on Monday...
  9. Cat Crap is good stuff for water and fogging. It does make the residue from the LCI easier to wipe off, but it doesn't reduce it at all.
  10. Just spoke with Sig CS. They're sending me a return label to get a new barrel installed. They said that there would be a quick turnaround for my gun. They had a few questions about round count, when the issue started happening, ammo type, etc.
  11. I'll call them again tomorrow and see about swapping barrels.
  12. When did you hear this? I called a few weeks ago, and the CS guy said that Sig is no longer even making barrels with no LCI cut for the X5. So you have to send in the gun?
  13. I bought a Barsto from Springer, and it dropped right in and works great!
  14. The turnaround on mine was just over a week total. They had it in their shop only two days.
  15. Mine made it back from Leupold today. The invoice said they replaced the circuit board and cleaned/tested. Mine definitely has the larger sticker that completely covers the copper traces of the board. (like the bottom picture above) I'll try it out this weekend.
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