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  1. So...what causes a particular powder to be more or less accurate with a certain bullet? I have two powders I'm trying out with my 9mm setup on a 650. The two powers have very similar burn rates and loft/case volume. They produce close to the same speeds and computed power factor with my bullet and crimp settings. One powder however is visibly more accurate with fewer flyers even at the same speed. What causes this? My thinking says the same bullet, OAL, and crimp pushed to the same speed should yield very close to the same accuracy. What am I missing? TIA!
  2. BillR1

    Romeo 1 Pro

    I like mine a lot! The red dot is pretty clear and really bright. No complaints at all here...
  3. 650...no question! It a long-proven performer.
  4. BillR1

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Mine showed up yesterday also. Does anyone have an opinion on running the R1Pro without the shroud? Good or bad idea?
  5. I know what you mean. I like both sports, but IDPA definitely fits my current skill set better. At my age, I'm a good bit more accurate than I am fast. Some USPSA matches seem almost like a track meet. IDPA stages have fewer shots and less movement possible. It's a better "old guy" game. :)
  6. Both sets of ProEars I tried felt like my head was in a vise. I have a pretty big melon though.
  7. I also have the Sordins with gel cups. They're fine outdoors while ROing or shooting, but I have a set of Tac Pros that I use indoors.
  8. BillR1

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Yep, according to the Sig store. The FDE is only available in 6MOA.
  9. BillR1

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Mine will be here on the 8th.
  10. BillR1

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Sig had the 6MOA FDE dot on their website earlier today.
  11. BillR1

    Romeo 1 Pro

    So I got to shoot the 3MOA R1Pro and my new 6MOA R1T yesterday side by side. The dots are remarkably similar. Both come with a steel shroud and the new-style cover and battery tool. Both dots are seriously bright! I was shooting into almost direct sunlight for a test. I could still see the dots easily even a couple of clicks down from max brightness. The only differences I could see in the two sights (besides the dot size) are the R1T has a slight bluish tint on the lens (invisible when shooting) and the R1Pro is a little longer to fit the Legion cut. That's it! I have the R1T on my original X5 and the Pro is on the Legion. I don't really have a preference at this point which size dot I like better. They both are easy to pick up at speed during draws and transitions. Even during group shooting, I didn't notice one dot moving around more than the other. The 3MOA Pro seems a little more precise at 20+ yards, but up close they're both great.
  12. Yep, I sent the mags back as requested.
  13. BillR1

    Romeo 1 Pro

    My R1 Pro showed up today in the mail. I got lucky and snagged one when they became available. I got the 3MOA, but this thing is REALLY bright. It's much brighter than the DPP 2.5MOA. I'll be sighting it in later this afternoon...
  14. FWIW, I just got my Legion case and coin yesterday.
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