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New CZ stuff for SHOT


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haha...I am such a CZ geek. I thought the 75Shadow was a cool addition (see this thread http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=111581 )and still my favorite. but these are pretty neat and will be at SHOT.

CZ 92 in .25 auto.

I know its only .25 auto, but supposedly there is some thinking of doing a .32 and a .380. time will tell

These are prototypes that CZ Custom is building in the US.

A standard model


Pro-Tek version


CZ 75 Shadow longslide. A 75SA frame with a TS topend. looks cool.


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Stu, does the 92 grow when you water it?

haha...that would be great..add a little water..*poof* it's a .380, add a little more, it's a 9mm.

The long slide looks sweet a$$! :devil: Is that a SOA or Double/Single?

As pictured..it's single action only and in 9mm

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That 92 in .380 would be pretty cool!

I think I'd have to pass on Limited or L-10 Minor for the longslide...would make a killer steel gun though. R,

Put a DA trigger in (at the factory) and take that magwell off of it, it'd be a sweet production gun!

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