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  1. Lots of folks have never had an issue with Federal primers in a 650. I am in that camp as are the replies above From what I have seen though folks that have had primers chain react and blow have typically said they were using Federals (softer). From that I will always make sure I have eye protection on when reloading and 'listen' to what the stroke is telling me. Don't force a primer in and keep the area clean ... but of course I do that with what ever primers I am using as that is just a good protocol to follow
  2. In looking at the black bullet round on the right to me it doesn't look like there is enough crimp but it could be the pic The main thing I want to say is that at times I have issues with my chamber checkers. For 9 mm I have a EGW 50 holer (bought used, no idea of age) and a EGW 7 holer. When I was loading the Precision 125 gr earlier this year for the first time I was going crazy as during set up I could not get the rounds to fit in the 50 holer. They would pass the plunk test on a couple of pistols. I pulled out my (older to me) 7 hole unit and no issues with seating.
  3. I have an original Accushadow and really like it... but, in the next few months when I finally breakdown and buy a Shadow 2 it will NOT be an ACCU, even though I can afford it. As mentioned in the thread, with slow fire the Accu shines, but when you speed it up I don't see the added accuracy as worth the price
  4. It is amazing for a spring to go to 35k before failure, but I am sure some folks have tempted fate and gone a LOT longer successfully with the sear spring. Having now had two used guns develop hammer fire soon after purchase just reinforces my regular changing of springs (not often, but pre-emptive maintenance). If you are into tweaking then a four finger is fun to play with. I probably have them in 6-8 different 1911's. If you are happy with what you had (and 35k rounds sounds like a lot happiness) then stay with a 3 finger. I have that in a lot of 1911's too
  5. What he said. I get it most from wet tumbled brass
  6. Yuo can also look for a used STI Troian. I have one that is unbelievable in how it shoots
  7. Blue Locktite or a wrap of teflon tape is an option
  8. bubbadoc

    Short funny jokes

    OK, one more classic... I saw my dog chasing a man on a bike this morning. I didn't even know that Fido owned a bike
  9. bubbadoc

    Short funny jokes

    What is the medical term for owning too many dogs? A roverdose
  10. If you are new to it as mentioned the #1 item to get is the case feeder. Get that, run for a while and then accesorize (which you will). Cuts the sting of the $$$ spent that way... plus you will understand what each change brings to the experince
  11. bubbadoc

    Shadow 2 Grips

    The LOK grips are great
  12. My suggested order (for what I have done)... casefeeder is an obvious, but for operational efficiency Address the live primer ski jump and the used primer system (several options on Ebay). Prevents messes LIGHTS Primer feed cut off switch Roller handle Bearings/ rollers instead of lubed contact surfaces
  13. I would also suggest going into preventive blowing mode if you are getting a lot of powder spillage or see metal shavings. (i.e. pull the primer slide back and hit it with air). Don't wait until you have mechanical issues as that can lead to downtime... seconds to days depending on if the bracket is damaged and if you have to wait for a new one. I also tended to do a quick hose down every time I added primers back when I was using walnut media as there is always some carryover in or on the cases
  14. bubbadoc


    If you are so inclined, go ahead and get one. I have a lot of 1911's but do really enjoy my 97B. Shoot it and enjoy.
  15. I have planned to load up some 147's tonight with Titegroup. I have never used it before. Good to know my planned load was spot on to what everyone is loading
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