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Short Term Goal: C to M, One Year. Production


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I figure I start a "online diary" for myself to kind of see my progress over the time frame. I'm not sure how religious I'll be in typing things up in here, but I figure it couldn't hurt, and maybe I'll learn something or 2 :). While I'm gonna use this for all the shooting disciplines I do, ie. 3gun, Tactical Rifle, High-power, Steel Challenge, and etc. I figured since USPSA has a ranking system, it will give me a general idea how i'm improving (or not). So I guess I'll get started by talking about yesterdays IPSC match.

Edit: Videos of the stages can be found on Cha-lee's Diary at His 407th Post

6 Stage setup. El Presdentate classifier, 3 box stages, 3 open movement stages, 2 stages with swinging/moving targets.

-Production, M&P pro.

Stage 1

-3 box setup movement, alot of no shoots blocking targets...

*What went good:

Made a plan, and followed the plan.

*What went bad:

Last shot, body was in a weird position, while taking the 3rd shot *3shots per target.* I felt the front of the pistol, drop a bit causing outside zone no-shoot hit.

*What to Improve on:

Practice weak-hand shooting to avoid the weird body position needed to make a 2-hand shot around a no-shoot.


Tough stage, a lot of our squad hit no shoots. Finished 6/18 Production.

Stage 2

-Free movement, Cleanest stage shot.

*What went good:

Basically everything, plan followed, good movement between position of soft stops.

*What went bad:

One Miss(A zone hit, black cover)

*what to Improve on:

Not changing my plan the last possible min. Got lucky on this one as it worked out.


Was first shooter, Made a plan during walk through, decided to change it just before I started to eliminate one soft stop. only 1 C hit, rest were A zone hits *minus the black A zone hit. 6/18

Stage 3

-Free movement, 1 bear trap, 1 swinger.

*What went good:

Plan was sorta followed.

*What went bad:

Brain farted during a movement/reload, that made me stop in my movement. Bear trap target was a 2"M".

*What to Improve on:

Instead of trying to shoot bear trap fast before no-shoot pops up, allow the no-shoot to pop up and just go for aim'd head shots. Brain fart was caused by looking through a Port and seeing unshot targets while I was suppose to be moving and reloading to opposite side to fire out of a another port.


Need to slow down, bear trap burned me. 2 "D", one on swinger. 15/18

Stage 4

-Free movement, 2 swingers.

*What went good:

...didn't break the 180.

*What went bad:

Everything, Plan was not followed, 2 extra shots on a swinger, FTE 1 paper target.

*What to improve on:

SLOW DOWN! Need to practice shooting at swingers, Follow plan.


First shooter of stage. Complicated stage, need to really follow the plan, and slow down. 2"D"'s, both on Swingers 3C's 2M's. 14/18

Stage 5, Classifer 99_11

-El presdente

*What went good:

Tansistion between targets felt good, kept prepping the trigger between each target.

*What went bad:

Dropped to many points, by trying to slap the second shot.

*What to Improve on:

Trigger control on second shots, balancing the front sight between the rear sight posts before pulling the trigger.


Last run of the day. Typical me, choking up on the classifier, I need to not worry about it and just shoot it clean. 4C's 2D's. 8/18

Stage 6, First stage start.

-Box start, no movement, Engage paper then reload engage steel.

*What went good:

1 shot on steel, great splits between transition of steel targets.

*What went bad:

Forgot to do the mandatory reload after engaging paper. drew 3 penalties.

*what to improve on:

Heh... Reload when its mandatory :)


After shooting the paper, my brain went into "steel challenge mode" and I started to engage the steel, only when my gun went to slide-lock, did I have the overwhelming feeling of "DOH!" Moment. Would have tooken 7th if I didn't draw 3"P"'s. 1D, 1C,... 3P's. 17/18

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Doc- when I saw the "C to M" in one year I was intrigued to read your thread as it would be a great accomplishment. How much time to you put into just hand gun? Kinds of practices? Of course you must have some short term goals as well... as that is a big jump. I'm curious and I wish you good luck.

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If you put forth a truly focused effort to always improve while at the same time leaving no stone unturned in perfecting your skills then meeting your goal should be realistically obtainable. The key is to always strive for the next level of performance in everything you do. If you settle on “X” as being the best you can do then your improvement stops there at an artificially limited level. Take away the artificially imposed limits and then you are only left with endless potential in improvement. Is obtaining your goal going to be “Easy”? Nope. But is it doable? Hell Yes!!!

If a fat ass like me can go from U to M in a year, then anyone can do it.

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That is ....ambitious , and I think it could be done if the shooter should not have been in C class to start with. as in= was classified into C with only a few matches shot.

I hear shooters say that want to be M class early on, but are not able to understand how much skill and information that needs to be accumulated to be a true Master. After 20 years of competitive shooting I still just barely think of my self as a M class shooter.

the Skills required to score well on a classifier are not that -Deep- Skills yes ...,

But I my thoughts don't really mean that much

I am on a quest to improve, building new skills, and to get closer to the edge of failure.

Stay thirsty my Friend


Cha-Lee posted while I was typing = "Well Said" Master Lee

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If a fat ass like me can go from U to M in a year, then anyone can do it.

Yeah- you might have been unclassified to start but clearly you had prior shooting skills/experience. Regardless- I'm sure it's doable... but I'd like to see the plan.

I've seen some 'C's and even 'D's that just got some crappy initial classifiers that are solid B level shooters.

Doc- how long have you been shooting?

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Lugnut> I don't want to derail DocMedic's thread, but I want to point out that I purchased my first pistol in July of 2008 and attended my first match in August. I got my first Limited gun in October of 2008, shot the Area 2 match (in November) as a "U" in Limited and came back the next year to the Area 2 classified as an "M". Before July of 2008 I think the last time I shot a pistol or any other firearm for that matter was in the early 90's as a kid screwing around out in the country. So I don't believe that I really had much of any "Prior shooting skills/experience" before my trek from U to M in a year.

There is nothing mystical or magical about getting better. All it takes is the willingness to change whatever is needed to do better. Most people don't want to change their ways so they stagnate in their skills. Case in point, I hate to dry fire and rarely do so my draw to first shot is slower than a turtle. That skill is NOT going to get better until I make the commitment to dry fire draws regularly. If I had a regular dry fire program it would allow me to burn in the proper skills and hand speed to greatly improve my draw/first shot time. But right now, all of that time and effort isn't worth it to me. Dry fire isn't fun, so I don't do it. Live fire practice is fun so I do that instead, but can only get out and do it maybe once a week. We all have things that we can do better and we usually know what we need to do in order to get better. It all comes down to finding the drive and motivation to do whatever is needed to champion our faults. Right now its just not worth it to me to dry fire regularly. When I start losing stages by the .2 - .3 sec I lose on a draw then I will worry about the speed of my draw. As it is, I am still losing seconds per stage against the GM's so there are obviously more important things for me to work on in my shooting/movement skills.

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Holy Moly, I didn't expect people to reply to this thread. Well let me start by answering some question and start a mini BIO.

I'm starting my 3rd year of competitive shooting, but other then that, the only pistol experience I had prior was a P85 Ruger that my old man own, and my M9 that I've humped around for 6 years, which I've always qual'd as expert (Army qualification course isn't exactly hard =P) But I've always been very competitive when it came to anything shooting and I "always" had to be the top dog. First year of shooting I picked up a XD9-Tactical, and probably put easily about 3000+ rounds through it in that year in competition alone. In the second year, I dropped the XD for STI Edge, and shot several USPSA matches that year. I kinda lost motivation to shoot USPSA matches due to the combination of ammo availability (I wasn't reloading yet), and cost of driving all around the state. So I let my USPSA membership run out, and for that year I've shot Pretty much nothing but Steel challenge (For my Pistol). I was suppose to shoot several big steel matches last year, but since I'm still in the military, I got bit in the butt on those dates. I also focus more on Rifle and 3gun matches that year. Technically I should be a "B" class shooter, every once a while I caught the IPSC bug again and I would go shoot a match, and go figure since I didn't care about rank in a sport I thought I wouldn't really shoot again I started to have great classifiers, but since I let my USPSA membership elapse none of those matches count =P. School has ended for the summer (I'm doing the Green to Gold program through the ARMY), so I decided to Grind and bare down and work on refinement of my skills before the next semester starts in late August.

I decided to go back to production for the honest fact that I had the most fun with it. LIMITED is fun, but I notice I was developing some bad habits because of it. So the STI for now is my "exclusive" Steel challenge gun and 3gun. So last month I decided to renewal my membership and turn it into a TY. As for time spent holding my gun, lol its sitting next to my computer with several IPSC targets hanging around the walls in my computer room haha. Locally we have a steel challenge match every Wednesday (4 stages), and since I live about 10mins from the range I'm usually there to help put it up, and take it down, which offers me plenty of opportunity to shoot the stages after I record my match results :). I've also started to reload religiously to cut down on cost. Major matches I will be shooting at the end of this month will include Rocky Mountain 300 at the end of this week then Rocky Mountain Regional/Area 2 Steel Challenge the week after (Which still spots available. hint hint.) Also planning to shoot Rocky Mountain 3gun Nationals in August. Also thinking of shooting the state USPSA match and the state Steel-challenge match.

I realize my short term goal of wanting to move from C to M in one year is pretty crazy. But you know what, Shoot big(no pun attended) or go home right? I started this Online diary to kind of remind myself that I need to bust my butt everyday if I want to achieve my goal. But practice is not enough, Perfect practice is needed. I guess I'm very lucky to have some great shooters in my area that have gave me some great coaching advice in passing such as, Eerw, RTR, Hoser, Cha-lee and many more. Will my short goal happen... Hell yea.

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I'm not classified at all in Production but from what I see others succeed/fail at in matches I'd say:

Points - you need all of them. Going outside the A-zone in Minor is not good. Learn to guesstimate your stage time and then figure out how much time every C-zone [down 2 points out of 5] is worth for you. It's double whatever you'd have lost at Major power factor.

Classifiers - print them out, make a notebook, and if possible set up dry-fire stages. A tape measure, rooms with sliding closet doors, rugs to mark off foot faults, a multi-level bookshelf especially if one shelf is at 4" - those are all good.

The only times I made jumps in classification are when I tried out many of the stages dry-fire and compared my times to the high-hit-factor times. Often I needed to cut my time in HALF and that's mainly a matter of gun-handling speed. Live fire & recoil don't add that much time to your performance if you are nailing stages with the correct dimensions in dry-fire.

Not so much knowing the stages in advance as it is knowing how fast is fast. The comparison between where you're at and the where the HHF is at - that can be a major eye-opener. It seems backwards but sometimes rushing thru a known par time many many times and seeing a little more each time, getting a little cleaner each time, and almost "doing" the whole stage fundamentally sound - eventually - can improve you.

I finally have some time to work on this & feel like my 2010 Ltd gun and 2010 Ltd fundamentals are going to let me get the last few % I need.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words, I guess I should start off with dry firing info. I worked on my draw, which has always been a weak-point of mine, and was pointed out during Saturdays Steel shoot practice.

20mins dry fire session. Draw and shoot. hands at surrender

-Using a random timer (3 to 4 secs) draw pistol and shoot target before next beep.

-USPSA paper target 7yards away.

GOAL: Monday, start (force) dry firing, test out new dry firing program on the iPod touch.

At first 2 mins I practice with the splits set at 1 sec. I find this being really unrealistic of what I could do in live fire and I found myself playing catch up with my offhand as I draw a bead on the "A" box and a lot of my "shots" were off time. So I dialed it back to 2 sec splits, felt a little slow but I didn't feel rushed to drive the pistol upwards looking for the front sight. So I spent the next 18mins after the buzzer, dropping both hands, offhand "chopping" the stomach, then pulling strait up, and sliding my pistol hand to offhand, then steady "push" out, sight picture and trigger squeeze. Several times I missed the mark, by late trigger squeeze, or not having a "balance" sight picture. But most of the time I was well ahead of the second buzzer and felt strong about my draw to aim movement, shots possibly breaking between 1.6 to 1.8 of seconds. Tomorrow I'll probably do about 5 to 10mins on draw at 2 secs and then dial it back to 1.8secs for about 10mins. I'll try to record some vids of the Dry fire so all can critique later.

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its all about developing the skill sets and being able to apply them.

seeing the sights well, calling shots, stage management, mental prep.

As Hoser said. you are doing well. practice hard, stay sharp.

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You guys are great. With that being said.


Steel Challenge Practice match


Smoke & Hope


Outer Limits


Pistol: M&P 9pro

-Smoke & Hope = 3.12

LastPR= 5.83

Fastest PR so far with a pistol. meh, its smoke & hope

-Outer Limits = 9.63


Need to work on box transitions, while already have my 3rd shot lined up, seems I do one then the other, and not both at the same time.

-Pendulum = 8.00

PR= 4.56

Biggest problem I had on this one was I wasn't preloading the trigger between transition of targets, cost me several extra seconds and a couple of re-shoots. Just got to slow down, went fast and got burned.

-Roundabout = 4.64

PR= 4.00

Try'd a different shoot plan and positioning in the box, need to work on being consistent with 1shot 1steel.

OPEN rimfire Rifle: M&P15/22 w/ EOtech

-Smoke & Hope = 2.40

LastPR= 2.76

-Outer Limits = 4.94

LastPR= 5.59

-Pendulum = 2.98

LastPR= 3.53

-Roundabout= 2.20

LastPR= 3.01

Well at least I'm getting alot faster with the rifle. though that M&P15/22 is a veeeeery sweet rifle :)


Only two more practice matches left, next week will cover the last 4 stages for the steel challenge regional match on the 28th-29th. Today weather sucked, it was low 50ish with 10mph cross wind (according to the watch). Next week I'll bring out both the M&P and the Edge, and see which one I'll do better with, with Rocky Mountain 300 on Friday I wanted to practice with the M&P. I was kinda dissapointed with my results with my pistol today, but in all honesty, I didn't focus on preloading the trigger which caused me not to keep my eyes focus where the front sight was when the shot broke, because I was essentially "slapping" the trigger each shot. Its funny how everything can lead into a chain of events. On the upside, My rifle shooting had gotten alot faster since last year, For a while I wasn't sure if switching from the GSG-5 w/ 5MOA dot to the M&P15/22 w/ EoTech, was doing any good for me. You can really lose that 1moa dot while swinging that rifle from one far end to the next, but it finally looks like I can use the 65moa Circle to my advantage. I'm not sure how many people signed up for the Rim-fire Rifle division,(Where are all the people with the highly accurate Ruger 10/22s at???) but I'm pretty competent I'll take it. Haha of course with my luck, it could end up how are local IPSC matches end up for our revolver shooter, He wins revolver division everytime :P

On a side note, I got to finally chrono my 9mm load... lol Average was 950 FPS, with a low 873, and a high of 975. Thats with a COL: 1.111 125gr lead, 5.1 SR-4756. Obivously it wont make minor PF o.0, luckly I bought some WWB 9mm just in case. I'm not gonna temp fate by trying to load some 9mm tonight, instead gonna use the backup ammo. Last thing I need is not make PF at RM300. I'll work on it when I get back on Sunday.

Heading up North tomorrow to help them set it up for RM300. (That way I get a extra ticket thrown into the gun drawings ^_^, also free lunch doesn't hurt) So I probably won't type anything in here till Sunday night.

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Been a while since I typed something on here so lets just get down to steel challenge practice



5 to go

Outer Limits (again <_< )


Originally I was gonna bring the STI edge and compare, but with the Regional Match only a week away I wanted to just keep things simple in a KISS kind of way, I didn't want to have to re-learn muscle memory this close to the match. So I only took the M&P9pro and the M&P15/22.

-Accelerator= 4.98

PR= 4.16

In all 3 strings I kept missing the 4th plate before picking up the stop plate (10inch plate in the rear) I find I try to hurry my vision to the next target (stop plate) a millisecond before I pull the trigger on the 4th plate. Which is basically bad shot calling, even though I was in perfect alignment. The more I think about it, feels more like my right eye drops focus while my left eye searches for the stop plate. Having neutral eye dominance or Cross-eye Dominance probably screws with me alot like this.

-5 to go = 5.17

PR= 4.92

My best run was my 3rd and last run, and ironicly I missed the 4th plate (closest to stop plate) twice. I really like this stage, it makes me focus in getting the slack out of the trigger while transitioning to the next plate, and about 80% of the time I can point shoot the stop plate using just sight picture only.

-Outer Limits = 7.17

PR= 6.80

This one is still tough for me to configure in my head. Do I shoot the small plate, and lean toward the next box as I break the shot? Will that really make me faster and fluid to line up for the small plate when I get there? etc etc. I didn't have to re-step back into the first box because of any "missed" lean shots, but trying to snap my attention to the next plate as I land in the next box while pushing the pistol back out to it isn't going very smooth as I like, the plus sign is (unless I really do and not notice) is I'm no longer looking down to see if I'm in the next boss. Hopefully we'll set this stage up next week so I can put a camera on and see if I'm really not looking.

-Showdown = 3.79

LastPR = 4.59

I don't know how else to put it, but I was just in the zone as I was pulling the trigger on each plate, I let myself drive the pistol to next target without the need of the audible ding. This of course ended on my 3rd and final string when I moved to the right box and shot the stage with 4 bullets loaded...


-Accelerator = 2.71

PR= 2.30

Felt that I've shot this stage pretty solid, but I still lost a half of second.

-5 to Go = 2.85

LastPR = 3.27

-Outer Limits = 4.50

LastPR = 4.94

Either I'm getting to cocky, or being really creative. When I start this stage, my body is in a postion to "Sprint in" to the next box. Basically. Buzzer draw from low ready "bing" and start moving to the next box and take the large plate on movement before my left foot hits outside the box. First two strings were interesting at the most, as it felt I more "jumped" out of the box rather then sprinting. and on my 3rd string as I was peeling out of the first box and trying to hit the far left plate, I missed, not once not twice but 3 shots. I can feel that every shot I missed, I had to extend my left leg out just a little further so it wouldn't hit the ground. After hitting the plate with the 4th shot, all I could hear was laughter in the background from the RO and other shooters as it probably looked like I was attempting a mid-air leg sprint while shooting. Sadly the RO wasn't close enough to me when I finished the string for the timer to pick it up. So I got a forth run, Which was the cleanest of the day.

-Showdown = 2.15

LastPR = 2.43

Just like the pistol, I felt in the zone. Maybe one day I'll break under 2sec

All in all a great practice, considering that the weather almost turn into complete Sh*t storm. Today biggest thing I wanted to work on was my draw, while I still need more practice on it, I notice I can hear the buzzer and get my hands on my pistol before the buzzer fades, where as before I would hear the buzzer, buzzer faded then I draw. While I'm not as quick as Glenn. (several times he would have the pistol to almost full draw before the buzzer faded.. damn thats fast.) I started to close my eyes on other peoples runs, and leave my mind blank, and just listen to the buzzer. That buzzer actually rings for a bit before it stops, I've never noticed it in the past as I would get "buzzer shock" when I hear it and always thought it was a instant buzz and off. Another thing I wanted to analyze but didn't was seeing if I was blinking when I pulled the trigger to see if i'm calling my shots correctly, but forgot too lol.

We got one more practice then its game time.

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Busy weekend for sure. Lets start of with Saturday.


Lake George 3gun match, this isn't your transitional 3gun match, as in everything is very close, a Xpower amount of magnification can actually slow you down here, and theres alot of sprinting involve, this is probably one of the funnest 3gun matches you'll run into that has a more casual atmosphere, but don't let that confuse you as there always several people who push it as hard as they can. The range itself is setup as SASS(?) with all the old western buildings and saloons and what not, but works pretty well for their 3 gun matches.

Here are the stage setups.

Since a highly match grade rifle wasn't needed for this match I took the opportunity to use my ACR giving my JP rifle a rest for this match. The ACR is pretty much all stock aside from the CompM4 Aimpoint that lays on its rails, no BUI on the rifle either. Pistol used was the M&P9pro /w 23 round mags, and the SLP shotgun.

Stage 5: Start with shotgun, engage steel targets one flip up clay. Transition to Pistol and engage 3 steel from 2 different position with 2 shots each, abandon pistol and grab rifle, shoot 3 steel targets that are 30 yards away with 2 shots each. Sprint across the firing area, 2 shots on 2 paper hidden behind a tree stomp, then 2 shots on steel standing from 50yards away, reload and do it kneeling. As you can see alot is going on in here. Great stage, the only problem I had is that all my AR-15's have muzzle breaks, and the ACR has a transitional A2 Birdcage, While the ACR doesn't have alot of recoil, it is noticeable compared to my other rifles, which caused me to miss 1 shot on steel as I was trying to "double tap" a target. This will be fix when the Surefire muzzle break gets in :P (and Can to follow after that :devil: )

Stage 1: Close in paper with rifle, CQB style and with two shots each with 3 targets using weak shoulder shooting, Abandon rifle, sprint about 40ish yards to another "building" grab shotgun, shoot 4 steel outside of the doorway with 2 shots each, go in the door way engage 2 more steel targets with 1 shot each, transition to pistol engage 5 steel targets with 2 shots, then step out of the building and engage same steel 2 shots each. Real fun stage, But I was trying to be "high speed" and shoot the paper targets on the move, costing me to hit 3 paper targets in the "D", which are misses lol. Hit the shotgun stage, I can get 9shells in with empty chamber at start so I only had to load one when I went into the door, which was a plus. then to the pistol. All I got to say, thank goodness for 23 round mags, NO RELOAD :)

Stage 2: didn't happen

Stage 3: pretty simple and fast. Start with shotgun shoot 5 steel targets, one target activates a moving (slow) steel target which is engage on the other side of the barrier with 5 shots. transition to pistol 2 shots on 4 steel targets in 3 positions. Simple yet fun, though I did screw up as this stage you could start with your shot gun having one shell in the chamber, so I decided to do 10 in the shotgun(8 in the tube, 1 on the lifter, 1 in the barrel) boy did that not work in my favor, after the first shell was fired it manage to get turn side ways in the chamber and failed to extract, and I had to physically removed it with my shooting hand to get back started, lost alot of time :)

Stage 4: My best run, Start with pistol shoot 4 paper targets, step into "alley" shoot 4 steel with 2 shots each, step into 2nd building engage same steel 2 shots each, making it a total of 24 shots of pistol, abandon pistol grab rifle, and shoot 30 yard plates with 2 shots each in same shooting positions as pistol, abandon rifle, SPRINT!!!! across the range (probably 40-50 yards away) to shotgun, engage 2 plates 2 shots each in 3 positions, 12 shots.

All in all very fun match, definitely will be shooting this one again next month, placed 4th overall out of 37 shooters and 3rd in tactical scope division, Not bad. I believe this is my first top 3 finish in tact-scope 3gun match with this many shooters (22 Tact-scope shooters) Its amazing how much this sport has grown, I remember shooting this match 2 years ago when they first started to host 3gun at this range, there was a total of 8 shooters.

Tactical Rifle.

This is a Local rifle event that we have at my local range every month. This is probably one of the best rifle matches I ever shot and WILL make Rocky Mountain 3gun alot easier on for me. 3 stages with one stage set as standards. First stage is the mid-to-long range stage, and stage 2 is consider the short-to-mid (can 300 yards be considered midrange?!? :wacko: ).

Stage 1: Normally stage one would have targets at 425 yards, but wind forecast were saying wind speeds could be as high as 20mph, so targets were brought in a bit, the furthest target was probably 350yards, but it didn't make things any easier, out of the 5 different shooting aeras, one was on a set of stairs with engaging all steel from the weak shoulder :surprise: Man I never heard so much Bitching in my life :devil:. I didn't do to bad on it till I was aiming at the last plate, normally if you miss that plate you can op to skip it and just take a 10 second penalty. I probably should had done that, as I probably took 6 shots at it before I hit, which probably was around 12-15 secs after the first shot, oh well pride before rationality :)

Stage 2: 5 different shooting areas, 5 steel targets ranging from 250 to 300 yards, and 5 paper targets about 40 to 50 yards. Paper was engaged through a small port which made seeing through a scope all but impossible, so you either had to cant your rifle till u could see or shoot from the side of the barrel. I really didn't have to much trouble at all, Nice thing about that TR-24 is that the Fiber is so bright I was able to have the scope covered by the barrier and use my left eye to align the "dot" to the target even though my right eye was totally blocked.

Stage 3: standards, I'm glad that I practice my Off-hand shooting, as I did really well for the first time on this damn stage. First string of off-hand was 3 out of 5 targets hit and second string was 4 out of 5 targets hit.

No results posted as of yet, but I'll edit this post when they come available.


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  • 1 month later...

Did I mention I'm bad about keeping online Diaries :wacko:

After blowing the last 3 classifiers, two of which I zero'd. Yesterdays match I decided to just shoot the dang thing like a stage and just get it out of my head that it was a classifier. Stage, Switch sides now#2, was the smoothest stage I've shot in a long time. I managed to call perfect hits in "A"s and went one for one on the steel netting me a 6.55HF and Stage win for Production, just a few % off of a A ranking performance, I did feel I could had gone alot faster, but I error on the side caution and making sure I got my hits.

The past couple of months I've been practicing alot with a rimfire pistol with Optics, and its actually amazing how its made me aware of what I'm doing when pulling the trigger on the gun, how the gun moves around in my hands after I pull the trigger, and where the dot settles after the shot. The optic has really helped me realize that I have bad habits when i pull the trigger. Best way to put it, the reddot has made my hands slower, and made my eye's see faster and became more aware of the small details.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Practice yesterday.

M2 Benelli Shoot one, load four, shoot one.

-Average reload for reloading 4, around 6.00 sec, Clearly needs alot of work, Goal: to load 8 in under 10.00 secs.

Plate rack .22pistol/optic

-Average first shot from low ready: Just under a 1.00 sec

-Transitions plate to plate: Avg .40 sec

State Steel Challenge match in 2 weeks Then RM3G right after. This next two weeks concentration on diet (cutting out the sweets and halving carbs from grain source.) and longer run and Mbike sessions, (RM3G has 8 miles between stage 1 and last stage.)

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If a fat ass like me can go from U to M in a year, then anyone can do it.

Doc, I applaud you in setting this goal and hope you make it. With that said, I must also add that the above can only be afforded to Charlie's modesty. Regardless of what Charlie is willing to admit, he is far above the realm of average.

Charlie's success can be identifed. First and foremost, his hand-eye coordination is second to none. Second, he as enough grip strength to crush a 2011 grip and pin a mag inside it while still pulling .10 splits. Third, he didn't have any preconceived notions about shooting when he started, so he had little to no bad habits to overcome. Fourth, he got very high level training at a very early start. He took at least three classes from three of the best USPSA shooters in that first year. Fifth, he has the time and financial accomidations to allow him to shoot a LOT. Last, he's willing to allow and accept criticism about his shooting from others.

There is a lot to learn from watching Charlie go from U to M in such a short amount of time. Now if I can just convince him to practice his draws and reloads to shave that .2 seconds on each... Guess I'll have Ron pester him about it. :ph34r:

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If a fat ass like me can go from U to M in a year, then anyone can do it.

Doc, I applaud you in setting this goal and hope you make it. With that said, I must also add that the above can only be afforded to Charlie's modesty. Regardless of what Charlie is willing to admit, he is far above the realm of average.

Charlie's success can be identifed. First and foremost, his hand-eye coordination is second to none. Second, he as enough grip strength to crush a 2011 grip and pin a mag inside it while still pulling .10 splits. Third, he didn't have any preconceived notions about shooting when he started, so he had little to no bad habits to overcome. Fourth, he got very high level training at a very early start. He took at least three classes from three of the best USPSA shooters in that first year. Fifth, he has the time and financial accomidations to allow him to shoot a LOT. Last, he's willing to allow and accept criticism about his shooting from others.

There is a lot to learn from watching Charlie go from U to M in such a short amount of time. Now if I can just convince him to practice his draws and reloads to shave that .2 seconds on each... Guess I'll have Ron pester him about it. :ph34r:

Charlie is a great example of being a student of the game, working hard and asking questions.

Curtis you can do this too, don't get bogged down in things.

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RM3G has 8 miles between stage 1 and last stage.

Yeah, but most people drive it. Actual stage distance is from about 30 to 100 yards of actual distance. Hope to see you there.

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RM3G has 8 miles between stage 1 and last stage.

Yeah, but most people drive it. Actual stage distance is from about 30 to 100 yards of actual distance. Hope to see you there.

Pity, I would think it be more fun to ruck it. :D

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