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  1. I think you are correct. The HHF only goes one way... and that's up. We'll see if this one gets adjusted at some point.
  2. OK- I see Production HHF (100%) is: 8.9372ish Seems like it might be a low HHF. I shot an ok run, not blazing fast with a 7.67 a month ago but it didn't go in yet.
  3. Ok so here's an official result from USPSA this AM on 13-08 Production HF 7.0039 74.9673% So it look like 100% is about 9.34iish
  4. Ahhh so you have to know someone that shot it before the last update and got a %. I got it... jus don't know anyone. If that is the case it should be easy to post the 100% HF.
  5. Where are you seeing the % of HHF? classifiercalc doesn't have the new ones yet.
  6. Shot this today. 7.71s, 54pts. HF 7.003. Felt decent- maybe a tad slow but good hits... but if they base these off the other division's Nats it might be low...
  7. I ran this classifier in 3.34s with 34 points for a 95% run. I went far to near and hooked up good. I was A and this run helped get me to Master. I'm certainly not a rounded Master level shooter yet... but once in a while I can get it to come together on simple runs like this. No movement or reloads makes it easier. I was calm and relaxed for this run and that helped. Tension just slows me down. FWIW it's worth the last time I think I had a good time but missed a head shot- that will pull you down into the dumps quick!
  8. Intent is a difficult thing to understand. I shoot IDPA as well and determining INTENT is NOT an easy thing to do. I will agree that in this case I think most of us understand the way the stage is supposed to be shot. Regardless the WSBs need to be corrected.
  9. This one appears to be written the way you'd want it Sarge... http://www.uspsa.org/classifiers/03-03.pdf
  10. It must be an oversight in the WSB... but as it's written I guess you can't 'make' people stay in the box. Interesting. I wonder if more classifiers need the same clarification..
  11. Let it go Mike... let it go....
  12. Thats what I call it, stages with options... The haters call it gotcha stages.... There are gotcha stages. Those are not necessarily the same as from stages with options. Agree 100%!
  13. Here's the problem with these "gotcha/memory" stages. 5 minutes is the allowed time for a walk through. The issue I have is that sometimes with squads of 12 or more (locally I've seen squads of up to 20) you just don't have time. You end up having people tripping over each other trying to decide what to do. Inevitably one or two people think they own the range further worsening the situation. I'm with Carmoney on this. I usually get the range early when I can but if not, I'd prefer not to F up my match on 1 "gotcha" stage.
  14. I don't consider that challenging memory stage. A7 a few years back in Fulton had a stage called Rosie's BBQ or something maybe not even close to that. Lots of walls with openings, activators/movers all over the place, lots of memory. EDIT. LOL... I found the stage description. I was close. It was "A BBQ for Rosa"! A_BBQ_for_Rosa.pdf
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