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  1. If anyone ever won every stage at a Nationals, it was prior to 1989. Can't remember less than 3 people winning stages at any national match since then.
  2. So if I understand correctly, let's say the shooter rx is -4.0 both eyes. You say that the glasses would result in experiencing a net rx of -3.25 right and -4.25 left, yes? You would experience that if the lenses are MADE -3.25 right and -4.25 left. Result for shooting would be great if like me, you get the sharpest reading vision using a +1.0 set of reading glasses (which you can try at the drug store). The more Add power you need at reading distance, the more change from your shooting-eye distance vision number you'll need. I'd briefly mention that if you get an optometrist that will work with you and not just push buttons, click wheels, and say "better, or worse?", you can get some amazing results with whatever vision need you seek to gain from a particular pair of glasses (long version would go 5 paragraphs).
  3. Starting next week I'll be a VA pharmacist in our favorite city in the USA. For at least 6 years I've been engineering my job experience to land this gig and it paid off. Now I can watch the tourists & smile like a native. Grateful for all the opportunities I was denied because it all worked out perfectly, 21 job interviews later. Adding my service in the Navy, a full retirement is now 14 years away.
  4. I went from a vertical frame-mount C-More to a slide-mounted Docter sight, then back to a frame-mounted sight. I can definitely track the dot better with the frame mounts. Right now I have an RTS2 on a Cheely mount. Probably the best of both worlds. If I had to pick a 2nd option it would be a sideways frame-mounted big C-More but I have not owned one, just fired a mag or 2 through other people's guns.
  5. When the rules were changed in Limited division for 2013, I dreamed up what was at the time probably the wildest departure from the old rules. I wanted Matt Cheely to be the builder all along. I'd tracked his progress as an Engineering graduate and as an apprentice 1911 gunsmith so for me it was an easy choice who to throw my money at. Matt liked the Limited gun plan. He put his own spin on it. He gave me a small discount for creativity/craziness. There was a minor problem in the finished gun that neither of us anticipated. It took 2 tweaks on the design for Matt to bring it up to perfect. None of that cost me a dime. Then I had Matt re-blue my Open gun. He decided he didn't 100% love the color match. Didn't charge me for it. If that sounds like a guy you want to work with and a gun you're willing to wait for, just do it. No one is better.
  6. I've tried both VZ and DAA thick as well as Tyc-model thick aluminum (with tape) from CZ and several wood grips. In my opinion these beat all of them; put small strips of grip tape at the top and bottom, let your hands get used to them, and your good to go: http://www.shootingsportsinnovations.com/CZ-SCALES-BLACK-CZBLK001.htm PS: if anyone wants a Shark Fin (same company) for 2011, let me know. Great part but my hands are too big to make a good fit.
  7. Good job reviewing this gun and good job hitting the targets Patrick. I really can't justify having an X-cal but will likely buy one anyway.
  8. Small changes like overall length or crimp or going up 2 tenths in charge may alter the flame ball effect. If you swipe your comp chambers with oil it will for sure keep your comp more clean and might help expel the unburned powder which is the source of the fireballs. N105 is even louder, shot indoors it can induce heart attacks.
  9. It's a luck thing based on the number, shape, and location of your comp chambers and any porting holes. Another brand of bullet may travel down your barrel just enough differently to reduce or get rid of the flame balls. If you settle on another powder, you should have no problem selling your remaining 3n38 unless you live somewhere very remote. If you're in Central FL, I'll buy it. My favorite Open powders are my hoarded Vectan SP2, then 3n38, then HS6. The HS6 really shines with 115 grain bullets.
  10. His custom-made mag pouches placing the top round on top.
  11. If George built it, then someone will still be shooting it 25 years from now.
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