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  1. Good job reviewing this gun and good job hitting the targets Patrick. I really can't justify having an X-cal but will likely buy one anyway.
  2. If George built it, then someone will still be shooting it 25 years from now.
  3. Not with the CZ (have two Shadows) and although I gave it a try, not with the STI guns either. Those tend to respond better to gripping the heck out of the bottom of the grip with strong hand pink/ring fingers, and gripping very hard, but neutral, into the left grip panel with the weak hand palm. The plastic guns it seemed like the frame flex got more noticeable, in a bad way, when I gripped them harder down near the magwell. The Vogel grip seemed to calm down the gun in a good way and a side benefit is the pressure from the entire thumb riding above the trigger area seemed to allow a much mo
  4. jroback - Thanks for the review with the direct comparison between a gun I have and a gun I might buy - very helpful. I've also had good results using a Vogel type grip on polymer-frame guns. Something to do with concentrating gripping forces up near the center of mass? Whatever the reason, it seems to help settle things down to where only the slide is moving, not the whole gun.
  5. Thanks for the videos KA. I'm waiting for Jared to offer the ultimate red dot optic then I'm building a new Open gun with his optic & comp both.
  6. Aliexpress.com. Grey over white Fellcross 2's. $38.90 w/free shipping. I will NOT be showing that website to my wife.
  7. That's a good-looking gun. If it fits your hand and points right there's probably no good reason to spend an extra thousand (or two) on a metal-gripped 2011 type Limited blaster.
  8. Thanks. Wish i had kept it for my wife, she wants to shoot now, that was a fun gun.
  9. You can reduce it down some. The Jentra was a gigantic chunk of metal that I reduced down to something like 2.5 ounces before selling this Open gun. It only had 2 set screws, if you over-tightened the dust cover would start to bend up and bind on the slide. Johnnie's design is much better for attaching to the dust cover. Painting it black sounds like a good idea. These days you can get a bigger, heavier, prettier magwell too.
  10. The Salomon Fellcross is flatter to the ground, less than half the heel drop compared to the SC3. I found a used pair (S-Labs) that were run in 2 trail races & only needed minor cleaning up. $80 on eBay. Comfort and stability are very good, your foot doesn't move within the shoe. Absent some distinct amount of mud or puddles, the 1/4" tread works pretty well. They're the latest and greatest in that regard - until they stop making them. Used to be it was the Nike Trigo and related - Nike stopped making those soles altogether. Then it was the Adidas Kanadia 3 - fast, super light, perfect f
  11. My 2 cents, quick/easy things to do to a Glock for USPSA in order of priority: 1. Get a better sight picture. Can be as simple as using razor and file to narrow the factory FS, widen the rear notch, and tone down the white dot and outline w/Sharpie pens (I liked green front sight, blue rear outline). 2. Hang as much grip tape or texturing on the gun as is legal for your division. 3. Try several people's match triggers and see if you do better with lighter, longer release/reset, or necessarily heavier, shorter release/reset. 4. Find a cheap way (there are many) to accomplish your choice on
  12. Need to photograph the underside of the triggerguard. It will say Tripp Research Int'l or Strayer-Tripp Int'l or STI or similar.
  13. What grips are on your gun? I've found that using any of the CZ aluminum grips, with the rear upper corner exposed, sets my trigger finger out further (which I don't need but you probably would): http://czcustom.com/cz_75-thin-grips-aggressive-checker.aspx The full-coverage grips (no exposed corner) tend to make the DA trigger feel further out (which I like but someone with short fingers, no so much): http://czcustom.com/vzgripstigerstripe.aspx My Shadow Target has the 85 Combat trigger, my standard Shadow back-up gun has the re-curve trigger. I don't notice much of a difference but someone
  14. My first & so far only Production classifier. 108 in 19.91 (which felt slow) and HF 5.4244. Borrowed XDm 5.25 with a beautiful 34-ounce trigger done by Scott Springer.
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