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  1. I used to have the small LPA sight, that is shown on the CGW site, the same size as the one on the Kadet. Then I found a later version: http://www.fusionfirearms.com/cz-75-85-for-models-w-dovetail-front-sights. Much better sight picture for run and gun. They have fiber versions, too.
  2. I broke the TRS on my SP01 after about year and a half (some live fire and a lot of dry fire). The replacement part is from CZC, and has been in for over a year. I keep the spring wet. But I have also had an intermittent problem (of what I believe is the trigger not resetting all the way forward?) after I lower the hammer on a live round. It just happened again yesterday. It's a big surprise when you're in a match, the timer goes off, and the trigger flaps freely on the first target engagement. I think I need to train myself to check the trigger resistance right after I lower the hammer from now on. Or is there something else that is going on with this problem?
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