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  1. Joe. If you do get out here you can use my para 40 cal. Just bring your rig. Richard
  2. Dates are confirmed. March 28 and 29. Registration opens nov 3 on PractiScore
  3. Unfortunately the rangemaster for Koko Head range has not set next years schedule yet. Something will be posred as soon as we get dates.
  4. on the major match page at uspsa.org the 2015 area 2 championship match is showing as being on march 4, 2015
  5. Hope the weather clears up before the weekend. Have fun guys.
  6. MPPL will be doing a nite match on the 12th and a rifle/pistol match on the 19th and 20th. the other uspsa affiliated club does not have anything scheduled in that time frame. as HI-50 said check out mppl.net for some helpful info on matches and also links to other uspsa club. Hawaii practical shooters as well as a link regardng state firearms laws. rabe
  7. "We kinda ran the numbers knowing that Missouri got 4, Ohio and either Kentucky or Tennessee each got 4 also. So ASSuming 4 per state...50 times 4 equals 200...and you just know that Hawaii and Alaska are not going to use up all four of their slots." for what its worth Hawaii only got 1 slot for the single stack nationals..not sure what that will to to your asumptions as to how the slots were being distributed Richard Abe Hawaii SC
  8. Alex re: loading shorter. Many 40S$W "limited" shooters are using a platform (pistol frame) that allows for overall length of up to 1.200. While most production shooters are limited to something in the 1.135 - 1.140 for the cartridge to fit in the magazine. Same powder charge in a shorter OAL normally means a higher pressure and more velocity.
  9. Alex Glad you had fun. You should have come out on Sunday, the stages were almost a confusing for some of the shooters. I would like to say thank you for helping with the set up. Hope to see you at our next match. to HLG We have a Genaro A. shoots open, not sure if thats the person you were asking about. Richard
  10. I know it sound odd but, 10 rounds of super in the the 10mm mag will seat in the gun a lot easier than 10 rounds of super in a 10 round super mag.
  11. I have 5 of the wilson mags and the feed lips do hold the cases on all of them, rounds are retained even when mags with rounds left in them hit ground and slide locks back when empty. The only issue I have had with them over the years is that when replacing springs, standard mag springs are too long front to back when compared to what comes in the mag from wilson. standard springs can bind in the follower.
  12. I have been having good results with Wilson 10mm 9 round mags. They hold 10 rounds of super, super comp or 9mm and since the indents on the side of the mag body is set for the 10mm size case, they allow the supers to be slightly staggered which helps for easy seating compared to the normal 38 super 10 round magazine.
  13. 3.8 grains WSF (winchester super field) with overall lenght of 1.85 gives me a power factor of 143 out of a 5 inch colt barrel. You could go lower but this charge has been accurate in my stock and nowlin barrels. rabe
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