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Found 3 results

  1. https://photos.app.goo.gl/f6CSo61bNbfvNxGbA https://photos.app.goo.gl/SZ1sB7VHe28UeZVj7 Ok so I shot a local Steel match last weekend, pretty much Production div. using a gen 4 glock G19 with stock barrel. On 2 separate occasions, different stages, different mags, I got total lock-up of the gun. Bulged cases that won't fully enter the chamber. I drop the mag and bang on gun to get the slide open. Confirm, yep, bulged case. Now to my own fault I *thought* I case gauged every round for the match, didn't do it at home instead did it as I was loading the mags for each stage. Won't do that again, obviously 2 of these slipped by. So I'm like WTF, 1 bulged is going to happen, 2 is cause for concern. Go home, check out my sizing die and what do I find, but a 22LR case the was totally pierced by my decapping pin. It was preventing the empty case from seating completely into the sizing die, resulting in cases that are way too big. No idea how long its been on there. Must have been in with my 9mm brass getting tumbled and I didn't catch it when I placed the case in my press. Pulled it off, reset the die, cases are sized perfectly now. Also, since its steel challenge style rules, my 2 lockups were obviously my slowest runs on the 2 stages they happened during. Put it behind me and still pulled off a Division Win. ? Can't be the first time this has happened to someone, but I figured the pin would have broke rather than making it all the way through.
  2. usa259

    P320 OAL?

    In reading in the 40 S&W reloading section, some are loading out to a length of 1.180 or more. I was thinking the target OAL was 1.130. I'm finding that my loads over the 1.130, like the 1.135 are not passing the plunk test in the barrel. I don't know how to tell if the 1.135 are not passing because they are to long or the bell in the case mouth is not tapered ever so slightly causing it to fail... Thoughts?
  3. Hey People, I'm a newly retired oldie just getting back into handgunning and about to take the IPSC course here in Canada. I'm into some hunting, a little fishing and flying a Cherokee for Search and Rescue. I have a CZ 75 Shadow 9mm and am getting into handloading my own ammo. I'm told that there is a "standard" for IPSC ( I assume similar to USPC) loading and would like to hear about that in particular. Thanks for any information that I receive. Nick.
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