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  1. Leadpilot

    Czechmate Thumb Rest

  2. Leadpilot

    Czechmate Thumb Rest

    Sorry no pics, I sold the gun a few months ago. I think I posted a pic of it, I’ll see if I can find it. I did change the angle so it was a bit forward.
  3. Leadpilot

    Czechmate Thumb Rest

    I cut off the first hole of the ipsc Alex thumbrest then drilled and tapped a second hole straight to the optic mount. I only had to zero the gun once in two years.
  4. Wow, nice work! Digging the clear housing.
  5. Leadpilot


    There is a special place in heaven for those in the business of life saving.
  6. ^^^The priming system alone is worth the price.
  7. Leadpilot

    Reaming Shadow Barrel

    Bummer. The czechmate barrels are easy to cut but I couldn’t cut the shadow 2 barrels.
  8. Leadpilot

    cz 75 long slide

    https://cajungunworks.com/product/86053ts-fully-adjustable-sight-set-for-tactical-sport/ The front sight is listed also
  9. Leadpilot

    cz 75 long slide

    My father-in-law did the machining. When I get home, at the end of the month, I’ll weigh it for you.
  10. Leadpilot

    cz 75 long slide

    It’s bi-topped, just took material off the sides and left the top.
  11. Leadpilot

    cz 75 long slide

    I followed these directions and couldn’t be happier with the outcome.
  12. Leadpilot

    Is VV 3N38 worth the price for 9mm major

    Burn rate is the only common factor. I’ve found that the Lovex is cleaner and much softer in the hands. In the pic Lovex is on the left and aa#7 right.
  13. Leadpilot

    Prima sv for 9 major

    Way too fast for 9 major. The closest vectan powder (in the U.S) to make major is BA7.5, and it is still too fast for me.