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  1. Been loading 9mm for a few years mainly using N320 for light recoil moderate loads. Now trying my hand at 10mm and was wondering what powders would be for lack of a better description the equivalent to n320 in 9mm to use in 10mm. Only powder I have tried is Power Pistol because a friend gave me two containers of it. Loaded it with 155 gr at 1225fps and it seems to shoot well enough but wondering if powder wise there are options that would be better.
  2. Yes having the same regret...I reached out to a friend who just got a new 750 and asked him if he wanted split 12,000 of the 124 gr as well. Was just waiting for the rush to calm a little.
  3. Get the Tikka TAC it’s offered in LH and it’s ready to roll for PRS
  4. I have looked and searched but couldn’t find the solution to a minor issue on my 650. Been loading up some 9mm and about one out of every 7-10 rounds binds up the press and won’t fall off so I have to push it off...... Don’t remember having this issue last time I loaded which has been a while. I noticed If I go slow and steady which I constantly try to it may only happen every so often but if I get a little faster it happens more. I did remove the shell plate and clean since I last loaded wondering if I didn’t get some back the same.
  5. I knew I would feel like a dummy..... yep there was another blue tube in a different box. I bought it used but it had never been taken from original box and unwrapped or so it looked. Thanks for replies.
  6. Blue insert (tube feeder) is in machine but the actual tube is metal and there seems to be only the one metal tube that handles both sizes?
  7. I just got RF 100. Read directions loaded up small pistols primers. Tried to dump them in my 650 tube to load 9mm and they won’t go in...... what the heck. Looks like the the tube is letting them get crossways. Is there supposed to be a large and small tube with the RF100?
  8. I bent the rod and it works much better... that was the issue
  9. Bent it just a little not even 90 degrees and it works much better.
  10. I had thought about that as well as it’s seems that would fix the issue possibly but my thought was try a second powder setup and see if I got same results... I did. I still have two more to unbox maybe they will configure better with this rod but doubtful.
  11. The person that put his backward was probably having the same issue I am... I realize that if I rotate it would be straight but then it’s doesn’t work properly. If I rotate any further to the left the powder crank hangs badly on the way up and really bad on the way down almost to the point of binding up.
  12. I have the rod installed the way it shows in the instructions but maybe it would work better if I reversed it 180 and went from the other side?
  13. New 550 on the bench and to get the powder measure crank to function up and down halfway smoothly I have to set it so the failsafe rod is leaning what seems to me as too much to the right. Does this look correct? I loaded some 308 with it leaning like this with my first run with the press today. It was leaning just like this but seemed to work but still bothering me so I set up this additional powder hopper to run 6.5 Creedmoor just to see if it would be the same and it’s exactly the same. My 650 doesn’t lean like this but it also has some offset built into the rod.
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