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  1. It’s jammed right now. I actually added weight to the rod thinking that was why it wasn’t picking up primers at all occasionally
  2. Yes they are jamming right as they go into primer seater. They are stopping the machine with the primer being crushed. This is about a third of the primers it’s crushed. That’s not counting the ones that are crooked in the brass half crushed.
  3. I started out with Rem 7 1/2’s then in desperation tried CCI no change. Lyman sent whole new primer system. Installed ...no change. I assume that the new entire system was tuned to work and once I installed it looked like it should work but it doesn’t. It’s have taken the primer system down so many times I have worn out the screws. Not sure which backup rod you are referring to?
  4. Installed new priming system on mine... no go. First two seated about flush then jammed.
  5. I also just got that same video texted to me from Tom at Mark 7 and yes Tom has been great and definitely knows his stuff but so far it’s been a frustrating few days of tinkering to no avail. Now to get motivated enough to pull everything apart again for the umpteenth time...praying for better results
  6. I am using N340 now. Used Power Pistol and it worked fine but always lean toward Vihtavuori for cleaner burning characteristics
  7. After spending another 3 sessions of about 2 hours each or more taking the primer system off and on while making adjustments to it and the problem going from just bad to now non functioning I pretty much have given up. I managed to lock the machine up three times and had to pull the tool head and plate to clean off debris that was binding the plate. First time it was powder from earlier loading when it dumped due to no primers. Last two were from pieces of crushed primers stuck under plate. After talking at length with Lyman rep I really thought I could remedy the problem but I obviously don’t have the skills. Calf Rope!
  8. My room is 12x30 and I do have some (2) closed Dor cabinets most of my stuff is on shelves of some sort. The advice about electrical outlets is a good one. I spent hours drawing different setups of my benches and put outlets low and bench height to accommodate most any arrangement. This is one end but it’s already old as there is another bench with the Apex10 on it on the right side.
  9. That’s what came on my Apex10 and so far it has worked fine and has some nice features. Wish I could say the same about the primer system. It sucks.
  10. So how did that get resolved? Design change ,new parts?
  11. I have been tinkering with my new Apex 10 for about 4 days off and on got a total of about 350 rounds loaded. I have had to dismantle the primer system once and it’s still not picking up primers about every 30-40 rounds. Gets old fast cleaning up ball powder all over the place. Talked to Mark 7 and they suggested same adjustments that LaLoader tried above. I can’t see how if it works most of the time making those adjustments would solve it? Not sure what to do?
  12. Thanks that’s what I needed to know.
  13. Since my dealer ordered 3 and this was the first to show up last week I would assume it’s pretty newly made? But on the brighter side the cover is really super nice heavy duty material if you want to get it out of your sight.
  14. Been playing with my Apex 10 and having same primer issues. Sideway primer locked up machine once but out of 250 rounds had about a dozen rounds with no primers... sure makes a mess.
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