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  1. Christmas needs to hurry up and get here
  2. Yea we have, I shot last weekend with Brant and Blake in MS and made it into C class! All that money is paying off, at least thats what I tell myself ha
  3. Beginnersonly

    Which one?

    Cold coffee Bow hunting or fly fishing
  4. I heard that! I have 2 little rascals , I go maybe twice a month and Im fortunate enough that the matches are only an hour away.
  5. right on, what class/gun do you shoot?
  6. Thanks for all the info fellas. I'll just stick to practice reloads at home for now, especially since they are $$$. Ill save the money for ammo
  7. Guy sent me TWO "certified" checks USPS for $1,952 when the item for sale was $500. Called the FBI and they said its really common. Watch out
  8. Im new to USPSA(4 matches under my belt) and I ve been shooting limited with my G34 and 3 magazines. Im going to move into production and as Ive been researching gear ect, I noticed that some people are shooting in production with aftermarket base pads. Does it help with reloading and ejecting the magazine?
  9. Yea no joke haha A 1000 rnds goes quick! I picked up a Glock 34 and dropped in the TTI trigger kit with an ISMI guide rod and spring. Now Im looking to get a belt, Dawson sights, mag pouches and more ammo. Suggestions on deals for the Double Alpha belt and pouches? Thanks
  10. A friend kept asking me to come to a match for about a year. I would always say" yea man, sounds fun" but never follow up. Well I finally went in March and had a blast! Been to several sine then, no turning back now
  11. Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die
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