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  1. You all can revel in your self righteousness. I, on the other hand, I know where the undercurrent fueling division in my country is coming from and where it leads. I will do me level best to crush anyone with those leanings any way I can. I have had enough.
  2. There are certain actions and speech that will provoke a severe counter-reaction. That one happens to be mine. Finger and 180 calls are all immediate, need no corroboration from anyone, and are not appealable. Good luck proving it wasn't legit.
  3. Take it up the match director per 5.3.1 If that doesn't work, a trigger finger or 180 DQ will.
  4. Yes. It's correlation without causation that gets repeated as gospel. Basically take the FPB out of a decocker gun and you can really tune up the trigger. Not that I advocate.
  5. I think you both should try to get away from prepping the trigger. If you have time to do it you're going way too slowly plus it's a good way to end up sending one when you didn't mean to. Personally prepping the trigger always made me anticipate and send shots low. What did you mean by identifying the reset? Are you guys pinning the trigger back through recoil then letting it out to reset? If so that's also something you should get away from. If you're gonna release only to reset do so during recoil. Some of my pistols have a pretty indistinct reset so I don't even try to find it. Just release all the way out and pull again.
  6. The decocker doesn't touch the sear, disconnector, or the trigger bar at all unless it's pressed down by you. It can't have any effect on trigger quality because it's disengaged from the entire fire control system during firing. The firing pin block is what has an effect and it's minimal other than not being able to get an ultra short reset in single action. In any case the Omega trigger system in the P-07 and P-09 is miles simpler than the traditional 75 lockwork found in the P-01 and SP-01. It's almost Glock simple.
  7. CZ does not make a pistol that meets all of your specifications. The P-07 comes close but does not come with the Optics Ready plate system. Why do you want a DA/SA pistol with no decocker? You do realize that the decocker has zero effect on trigger quality, right? The P-10C is probably the closest. Since it's striker fired it needs neither a safety nor a decocker and it can be bought with the Optics Ready slide which is the absolute best of all the plate systems (OEM or aftermarket) out there. And if finding a P-10C OR is difficult, Stonebridge Gunworks will mill a regular P-10 to accept the OEM plates: https://www.stonebridgegunworks.com/store/m7om3ie51jj6v5gz59lm2k1etbppya
  8. 17Ls are somewhat rare, I think you won't have trouble finding someone to sell or trade.
  9. Trigger control is all about everything that happens right up to the point that the pistol fires, so the action not moving is irrelevant. You have the greatest aid to trigger control dry fire right on top of your pistol: a red dot sight. Cock the pistol, aim at a blank wall, focus your eyes on the wall (the dot will still be in your field of view) and press the trigger. Notice everything the dot does as far as movement all the way to the point where the trigger breaks, and then notice what the dot does as the trigger breaks. PS, grip is a huge component of a correct trigger press PPS, did I mention your eyes to focus on the target, NOT on the dot? Yeah that's critically important. You really should pay for training from someone who really knows what he or she is doing or you're going to seriously retard your progress. Ask me how I know........ PPPS, yes the Glock 17L is not a legal handgun for USPSA, nor IDPA. At your monthly local match I doubt anyone is going to care since you're new, but out of respect for the rules of the sport you should buy a pistol that complies with them. If you like the 17L, the Glock 34 is probably the closest one that meet the rules. You could also replace the slide and barrel of your 17L with those of a Glock 34, that should be cheaper and is still kosher.
  10. The above is unacceptable. You're in control, don't allow it. You also don't have to RO every single time.
  11. The difference is that Trijicon doesn't market the SRO as a duty/self defense sight. This Grace company does. And the shroud's material is less important than its shape which has a bearing in where impact forces are directed. Trijicon's patented RMR shroud design directs impact forces away from the glass and it's a big reason why it's so durable.
  12. Your homework is to download the USPSA rulebook and read chapter 8 entirely and sections 10.3, 10.4, and 10.5. Then ask us questions about anything you don't understand about those sections. They contain about 95% of what a new shooter needs to know to be safe. If you go to your first match already familiar with all that, you'll be better prepared than probably 95% of the first time shooters I see.
  13. Production division is where to start if you have at least five magazines and at least four magazine pouches. You can't load more than 10 rounds in your magazines in Production division, and with most stages needing at least 28 to 32 shots, you'll need more than the two or three mags that most people have. If you only have two or three mags and pouches, sign up for Limited division if your pistol has iron sights or for Carry Optics division if your pistol had a red dot sight. You can fill your magazines up to capacity in either of those divisions. As far as ammo goes, just any cheap ammo loaded with full metal jacket bullets will be fine. Don't waste your money on "match" ammunition. It's absolutely not necessary for what we do. Take at least 150 rounds. 200 is better. It's easier to take the leftovers home than to beg for ammo or withdraw before finishing.
  14. My professional opinion.......it has everything to do with the surface roughness of the metal before it's painted.
  15. What you paid for them isn't what should set the price now. The cost to replace them is what sets the price.
  16. It's not. It's a fragile Chinese POS. Watch the Sage Dynamics video starting at 10:40
  17. Who is we? Do you have to hide what you do for fun?
  18. I must be lucky. My two SROs work perfectly. The oldest one has probably 5K rounds through it and has been dropped on gravel in a match. The new one racked up 1000 round in less than a month.
  19. At what distance did you zero the sight when you first installed it on the gun? Go back to that same distance and shoot the pistol at a well defined point of aim. Use a bench rest of some sort if you need to. If it the gun doesn't hit in the same spot as before, the sight is broken (lost zero). If it does, your marksmanship needs help.
  20. https://www.idpa.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/IDPA-Rulebook-2017.pdf
  21. Notice that there are no ifs, ands, or buts, when it comes to aftermarket parts in 21.6
  22. After owning DAA and Shooter's Connection, I prefer Shooter's Connection. But either one will work and neither is something you'll need to upgrade later.
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