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  1. Shot my first match in a long time, today. You can rightly assume my stage skills were lousy and my energy level was drained by the end, but I didn't shoot myself or anyone else. It was good match. I focused on A zone hits and got the most Alphas and least Charlies of all 26 shooters. Of course, I tied for the most NSs too.
  2. Well, not seeing me shoot probably saves you the mental turmoil of "Ohh...he's awful!" Your 14 March comment on this thread is the key; I've not dry-fired enough to make the process subconscious. Because of that, trying to make conscious decisions at speed fails to provide success.
  3. I've looked at better dies, but really, I'm a D class shooter right now. Biggest things I need are practice and safety. And a 5 PF "fudge factor".
  4. RCBS carbide, range brass, and VV N320.
  5. Just checking in with the experts to make sure I'm playing it safe. Loaded a small number of rounds for velocity testing. The OAL varied by 0.010 (1.130 - 1.140), is that acceptable? With five shot strings, the velocity varied by about 50 FPS from minimum to maximum. Again, anything to be concerned about? I'm trying to get to a 130 PF so that I have a margin of error. Not really looking to get too hot.
  6. Hey Joe, I hear what you're saying. However, as a former NRA instructor and current USPSA RO, I can assure you that it's the trigger monkey. I did actually make C in Steel, but haven't shot that in a while. There are at least two core issues; "lack of practice" and "zero natural talent". Can't change the latter, but working on the former should compensate. In yesterday's practice I went past my speed capability. For example, in 03-18 I had 15 A, 7 C, and 2 D with times of 18.96 and 17.95. That was my first run of the day, and I wasn't really settled mentally. The Sig P320 fits my hand nicely, and most of those A hits were because of the fit. In the second setup (03-11) I tried to go faster and the No Shoot paid the price. Really, at less than 30 yards I should not have anything besides lower A hits if there's no time pressure. Mentally accepting that I'm physically not created to be an "operator" should let me shoot within my limits. Figuring out how to deal with the over-active conscious "stay on target, squeeze trigger, stay on target, squeeze trigger" loop will help.
  7. Some years ago I was an IDPA SO, and we had a new guy show up. Lots of enthusiasm for "run and gun", not much in the way of accuracy. He ran fast and may have hit once or twice, not sure. I took him to another bay and *walked* him through a stage. Emphasis on "walk".
  8. I've been in and out of shooting, and never really got past D. We ran a couple of classifier drills yesterday and my accuracy, formerly my best skill, was bad. Multiple Mikes and NSs. Found myself jerking the trigger and moving the gun SHO/WHO, even when focusing on an A zone sight picture. Am I correct in thinking that my training focus should be on slow A zone hits?
  9. I like Ben's new book. Steve's is also good, but "Practical Shooting Training" puts things into a "What should I be working on at my level?" perspective. I'd recommend PST and finish Level 1. Then dive into Level 2, and if you feel like you've plateaued after two months of that, get Steve's dry-fire book.
  10. Well, to be honest it never crossed my mind.
  11. I love the Glock ecosystem. For a long time I couldn't make one fit my hand; the finger grooves weren't made for someone who's broken finger healed crooked. We'll see if R.Elliott is correct. If the FCU can be broken down and put back together, with practice, I may lose my argument with myself.
  12. Cool, thanks! I have a match this weekend, and I'll try to break it down afterwards. That gives me some time to figure it out.
  13. Maybe I'm confused, it has happened before. On the fire control unit , are you talking about taking it *out*, or taking it completely apart down to the component springs, etc?
  14. Do you tear the FCU down to its components? If so, do you have a video I can learn from? Bruce Gray even said it was difficult, and I hear he's pretty good.
  15. Currently using a SIG P320, and I like to detail strip and clean fairly often. I really like the feel of the SIG in my hands, but hate that the fire control unit detail strip process is difficult for gunsmiths much better than I. Is there a Production gun that's as easy to detail-strip as the 1911?
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