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  1. In theory doing PRS, so a variety of positions. In reality just getting in to it so bench while I build skills and loads.
  2. Hey all, I'm new to precision rifle and need some advice. This is my first scoped rifle and my first adjustable stock. Don't laugh at the hardware, but I have a Savage Axis 223 lefty, Millett TRS-1, a 20 MOA base, and a Boyd's AT-ONE adjustable stock. Rifle looks great and shoots way better than me. The issue I'm having is getting my front cheek bone to weld to the stock and still be able to see through the scope, without shadow. The stock's cheek piece is fully up and tops out higher than the centerline of the bore, the scope only has about a quarter inch in front to the barrel. Other people seem to use lower cheek pieces. I'm assuming there's some "operator error" here. My goal is a consistent cheek weld without muscle strain. Pointers on how to achieve that?
  3. It's nice to have a wife who does macro photography. Here's the headstamp. The single primer hole seems to be smaller than normal.
  4. Looked down the spout and it seems to be one hole. Date night tonight, so will have to wait till tomorrow to cut one open and see. Wife is getting a macro picture of it for me though.
  5. I have some 223 range brass and one certain set keeps breaking my decapping pin. The head stamp top looks like an upside down question mark sitting in a "U", the bottom says ".223", and there are lines from the top to the bottom. The primers seem to have a red residue around the edge. Inside the case it's a single hole. Maybe just smaller? Tried to take a picture of the headstamp but my phone camera can't get a good focus.
  6. That's part of the plan. However, I have to pass a test to shoot past 200 yards. Shouldn't be difficult, but I'm still a newbie. Trying to eliminate as many variables as I can.
  7. Yep, reloading is fun, it lets me shoot more for the same dollar, and I can eventually tailor my load to my rifle. How do I find the right bullet length/weight for a 1:9' twist? Lighter seems better, but they also have a lower BC, right? Addendum: If I understand correctly, lighter bullets work better with the twist but not with the ranges I'm looking at. Locals go up to ~800 yards, so that's my goal.
  8. Just starting to reload 223 and happy to use range brass as I build my rifle skills. I know fire-forming brass to my bolt action will occur, just wondering if brass that has been dented during ejection is too risky to reload. My loads aren't going to start hot but will work there as I go for longer ranges and higher FPS. How much imperfection is still safe?
  9. With newbie skills and limited resources I'm going Savage Axis in 223. I cna use my 223 store of components while I build basic rifle skills and move from pistol reloading to precision rifle reloading. There are local F-Class matches I can use to push my skills a bit more.
  10. Sometimes I get ahead of myself; this was one of those times. The intent was to use a friend's AR in 223 to start in PRS but the gun really isn't set up for precision. So now I have reloading components for 223 and no gun, with a recommendation to go to 6.5 Creedmore if I'm gong to buy a bolt gun. Drat.
  11. Yes, but there's a plan. :) Range report from yesterday was "Needs a lot of work!" I've never really used a scope before, never calculated shots past a hundred yards or so, never <long list of things>. PRS is how I define what I'd like to do. Several years ago I was at a military rifle shoot with a loaner FAL. I hadn't ever fired one but love the looks of it. Between the time I sighted it in and my time on the line someone else used it and adjusted the sights. The match was eight rail road ties plates at 100 yards or so; a minute to knock them over,. Unlimited shots and the tricked up AR crew were using all their time and bullets and still not making it. One shot from the FAL to realize the sights were changed and the spotter gave me a measurement and direction I was off. Guesstimate adjustment worked, eight more shots and all eight plates fell. The AR folks were still plinking away. I enjoyed the rifle and the shooting, though we only did prone. I have a loaner AR; 5.56 with a 16" barrel and a Millet TRS on top. I have a basic precision class next weekend and Dan says I'll leave with the skills to hit targets reliably at 600 yards. My goal for the rest of this year is to build the absolute basics; different firing positions, precision reloading, using the AR platform, etc. In December 2018 decide if I'm ready to compete and if so focus on the 600-1000 yard range band and the Tactical (Light and Heavy supposedly went away this year) class. Spend 2019 just showing up and moving lead. "Compete" does not imply "win". By the end of 2019 I should have more detail on my goals and clarity if I want to (and can afford to) push past 1000 yards. At this point I barely know what questions to ask. I don't know that this is "the" sport for me but it seems closest of the ones I know. I'm not out to beat anyone but myself; to have fun honing my craft.
  12. 38superman, thanks! I needed that extra info, will study it tonight.
  13. Or something else entirely? Loading for an 18" AR barrel, 1:8 twist. Have IMR 8208 ready to go but no local shops seem to have match level .224" bullets in stock. I'm just starting in PRS style shooting and trying to work up a load for the rifle. Appreciate the help!
  14. I appreciate that comment. A friend loaned me an AR to start PRS, I was worried about the shorter barrel since it was a 3Gun machine. Since I can't yet hit 900 I'll not worry about the barrel just yet.
  15. Sounds about like mine. Took a long time to get "the note" and then blindingly fast turn-around.
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