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  1. Understood. I'm re-reading Brian's book and trying to eliminate unnecessary antagonistic muscle tension.
  2. I'm left handed and right eye dominant. I have to either cant the gun to the left, so the top of the back strap is on the thumb's knuckle instead of the webbing between the thumb and the pointer finger. Or I can bend my left hand backwards slightly, which seems odd. Is there a better way to deal with this?
  3. I found an issue using an Isosceles grip, I was canting the gun in my primary hand. Instead of holding it straight back into the webbing, the backstrap hit my thumb knuckle with every shot. It was painful. I need to work on this.
  4. Thanks everyone! I picked up some lube grooved bullets in a private sale, but wasn't sure if there was an issue. Going forward, I think no-groove is the future. Of course, my current skill level doesn't really see the difference. :)
  5. Just curious, since I don't think they need lube, do they? It would seem that "no lube groove" would mean a shorter bullet, and thus potentially more powder.
  6. Yeah, I can go up the road an hour, enjoy the sights, and pick them up for $3.60/100. I'll ask around and see what folks say.
  7. Just bought some Federal SPP, #100, and was charged $4.99 per box. Federal's site now marks the #100 as "match", but the box was the old version. Do they still sell the cheaper/non-match version? Edit: It may be a local issue.
  8. Absocold, thanks! My main reason for using Bullseye is that I have a bit of it and it's been sitting around for a while. Trying to clear the shelf for the training loads. With straight lead bullets, I'll be cleaning the gun pretty often anyway. :) Down the road, though, I want to move to a less smoky powder. For fast shots at multiple targets, some times I can't see the paper through the cloud!
  9. An excellent book! My copy is signed by my classmates when we took Lanny's course. Freedom Flight is pretty good to. Re-reading Brian's book. I picked up a copy of "Liberate Yourself: How to Think Like Bruce Lee". Haven't gotten deeply into it yet, but my guess is that a lot of it is similar to what Brian writes. If someone else wanted something broader in intent to read, I'd recommend that.
  10. I'm a D class shooter with an awesome wife, and need to give her some options for shooting related presents. I like books, and have Brian's, as well as Steve Anderson's first book. One of Saul K's is on the list, is there a Ben S book I should add? Anything else? Am already putting "a large order of bullets" there as well.
  11. Thanks! When I looked at the rules, the guide rod seemed okay, but I missed the bit on the trigger. Always good to have extra eyes on the question! Coryf, the hope is to do both. However, I'm in a class the first part of 16 Nov so will likely miss the PGC match, and my wife tutors on Mondays so we have to figure out how to get me there and then get her to the other person. I have an OWB mag holder that should work for now. Only one IWB.
  12. The grips on a few pistols fit perfectly, others are about as pleasant as a chat with my ex. For a D class shooter, is grip fit a key to success? I've been told "fit is king", and I've been beaten by lots of people using guns that don't fit my hand. I've found one that fits, narrowing down the options. Trying to decide if altering the budget is the right option.
  13. Technically, I'm not a newbie since I did IDPA a decade or so ago. Looking to get back in, and have some questions. 1. Standard SIG P320 (Post SIG Upgrade) in 9mm, with Grayguns Fat guide rod. SSP or ESP? 2. If I talk myself into the trigger upgrade (Carry, not Competition https://grayguns.com/product/practical-enhanced-leverage-p320-trigger-pelt2/) , SSP or ESP? 3. Black Dog K9 IWB holster legal? (https://blackdogconcealment.com/product/k9-iwb-tuckable-leather-and-kydex-holsters/) 4. Max number of magazines needed on the belt? Thanks!
  14. Thanks! Looks like I need to do some experimenting. :)
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