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  1. Thanks guys, I appreciate all of the great advice. It gives me a lot to work with heading into my first matches.
  2. Stoeger M3K. It was supposed to come with a modified and IC, I got two IC with it instead. I ordered a modified just to get in the middle per Blockader’s suggestion and will order am improved modified next.
  3. I’m shooting my first 3 gun match next weekend and I’d like to see what the preferred choke tube choices are. Thanks! ken
  4. I don’t have any equipment now and I realize with the current shortage due to Covid-19 it’ll be a while before it’s readily available. I figured this is the time to do the research and decide the best way to start.
  5. I watched Gavin Toobe’s comparison video, it was pretty impressive. He really took a scientific approach in comparing a lot of presses. I’m sure I’ll get a single stage press at some point, but I really like rishii’s idea of getting a Dillon 550 and loading one round at a time until I get used to it. That would get me into a a progressive press that I could work into. Thanks to everyone for your input.
  6. I want to get started reloading and the consensus seems to be to get a single stage press first and get a good grasp of the basics before moving to a progressive press. I primarily shoot pistol but recently bought a 6.5 Creedmore so I can still make good use of a single stage press after moving to a progressive. Does anyone have suggestions for a single stage press or kit and good or bad experiences? Thanks.
  7. From another newbie, thank you for taking the time and especially the money spent to do this review.
  8. I've ordered a Nikon FX1000 6x24. There's going to be a big learning curve for me on shooting long range, but there is a range near me that goes out to 600 yards and another within driving distance that has 1000 yards. I'm guessing for starting out I would be better off with a standard mount as I learn to stretch the distances out and develop my dope?
  9. I just bought a 224 Vakryie and am new to precision rifle. I'm looking at scope mounts and trying to figure out what would be best to use, a standard or a 20 MOA mount. Could someone enlighten me on mounts and what the differences are. Thanks in advance!
  10. Oh, sure. Leave us hanging......
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