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  1. Kenj59

    Scope mount question

    Thanks for the advice!
  2. Kenj59

    Scope mount question

    I've ordered a Nikon FX1000 6x24. There's going to be a big learning curve for me on shooting long range, but there is a range near me that goes out to 600 yards and another within driving distance that has 1000 yards. I'm guessing for starting out I would be better off with a standard mount as I learn to stretch the distances out and develop my dope?
  3. Kenj59

    Scope mount question

    I just bought a 224 Vakryie and am new to precision rifle. I'm looking at scope mounts and trying to figure out what would be best to use, a standard or a 20 MOA mount. Could someone enlighten me on mounts and what the differences are. Thanks in advance!
  4. Wow, I would call that a bargain.
  5. Kenj59

    Introducing: Project Nemesis

    Oh, sure. Leave us hanging......
  6. Kenj59

    Greetings from MO

    Southeast corner of Kansas City.
  7. Kenj59

    Question on sight height math

    Finally, thirty years after college, I found a reason to use the math!
  8. Kenj59

    Question on sight height math

    That's what I was looking for. I want to understand the calculation if I need to do it, but I'm glad to know I can be lazy and use the Dawson calculator too!
  9. Kenj59

    Greetings from MO

    Welcome. Where in Missouri are you?
  10. Kenj59

    Question on sight height math

    Thanks for the help.
  11. Kenj59

    Question on sight height math

    Ive got an X5 and mine is shooting high, which seems to be opposite of most other owners. I've read in another thread about X5 front sight height someone was doing the math to determine the correct height needed based on distance to the target and how far the shot was off target. Can someone enlighten me on the formula used or a chart available to figure this out? Thanks!
  12. Kenj59

    Hello from Iowa!!

    Welcome from a former Iowan. I went to college at UNI, Cedar Falls is a nice town.
  13. Kenj59

    Carry Optics forum

    Another new guy that would like a CO forum. I bought a P320 X5 just to shoot Cary optics, I have no plans to shoot production.
  14. Kenj59

    Post your Dogs!

    Wife’s dog, Misty.
  15. Kenj59

    Post your Dogs!

    My Goldendoodle, Kai