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  1. I am thinking the bb's may have been moved to a different point of release. I find it helpful if the bullet drops with the full weight of the others (the bullets in the drop tube behind the one being loaded) on top of it to the flared case. It kind of tamps it in. When the bbs are set to just gently leave the bullet on top of the case as the tool head is starting to go back up, the bullets fall over for me. edit. Would loan my wife to my buddy before one of my Mr. Bullet feeders You're a good friend.
  2. I have had the same issue with every DAA drop feeder I install into a new tool head for my 1050s. I have 5 different feeders and everyone required powering them on with some channel locks grabbing the knurling at the top of the Aluminum feeder. Jacks up the anodizing some but once threaded on, they adjust up and down just fine.
  3. Maybe someone with th RL1100 can post a photo of the left side of the press. @chevrofreak I saw that too on the AmmoBot website you have to call Dillon and order the parts to set up the 2nd primer pocket station. The few photos I have seen of the RL1100 it looks like the frame casting is same as the CP2000. Attached is the drawing from AmmoBot showing the parts you have to buy from Dillon. The plate part number #13064 looks like it goes on the two cast threaded points on the left side of the frame.
  4. 100% Ever since the last big shortage I learned the one thing I could not substitute (like powder) or make (like cast bullets) was primers. I have been laying them a way for several yrs. Go on sale, buy. Free hazmat, buy. On sale w/ free hazmat buy 4x etc. Also my local sporting goods store swing by the reloading supplies if bricks of primers were in stock, SMP, SMR and Mag SM R I buy what they have. This last yr I stepped up my stocking of all components, then first of Feb I upped a few key things that looked low to me. About March when the ammo shortages started I got the phone calls from my shooting buddies, finally wanting to take me up on showing them how to reload. "hay I am at the store what primers powder should I get"......"oh crap some dude just grabbed the last box of primers, ok where else can I get them??" They were the ones going to the known places on line and buying with no control fearing they will have no ammo in 2 months. Next came the calls "ok all I could get were large primers, can we make them work in the 9mm?", goes on.
  5. I really like how the CP2000 can have the swage station moved to the other side of the press. This would allow the swager to be in the normal spot but then put in the Immortobot Primer Pocket Probe at station 7 on the other side to confirm the primer pockets are in good shape. BUT if I am going to go to the cost to automate another press and install the sensors, for the $400 more, to just get the RL1100 so it can do double duty. Mainly for resale too, I doubt a case processor sells as fast as a reloading machine when the time comes to sell. For now I am running two 1050 with Ammobots and after 4 months on order I received the Immorto sensors I ordered. (for one machine) I like them so much I am going to order another set of sensors for the other 1050 and am kicking around getting enough to do a dedicated case prep machine since the first set took so long.
  6. Level 10 lock arrived quickly. Tore down my 1050 and removed the center shaft. Used a 1/6" drill bit to put a small pilot hole in the broken bolt before using the reverse drill bit. As soon at the 1/6" bit started a decent hole, the whole broken bolt spun down on the threads. Ok its loose. Popped in the reverse drill bit , it bit and spun the broken bolt out with no effort. Well the original Dillion factory installed bolt did not have any LocTite on it. No wonder it backed out and broke! (assembled on a Friday prob) Re-assembled with fresh grease and installed the Level 10 lock bolt easy. I ordered two of them so I can preemptively install on my other 1050. Well that one has the bolt LOCKED in. I am going to assume this one was a Tuesday assembly and got the factory thread lock. Any more pressure and I prob would have broken the allen wrench. Figured its in solid so will keep an eye on it and swap in the lock system if it starts to move. Rather spend time reloading than heating bolts that are working up to brake them free from the thread locker they have. Bolt fresh from shaft, no thread locker.
  7. Ya the beep is a mind eraser. Hmmm prob helps to train with the timer and beep.
  8. I know this is zombie thread.... But I do load my .308 bench on my old trusty 550B. I do case prep on my 1050, deprime trim, clean #2, then back in the 1050 for primers. Then old school tray up 50 cases and use an RCBS chargemaster for each powder load, station 2 insert case, station 3 hand set and press bullet, 4 very light crimp. They shoot better than I do.
  9. Little but looking for more info on how to train correctly with dry fire.
  10. Ah so if it gets loose it can break it. Rodger that. Ok Level 10 lock system ordered for both of my 1050s. Will take apart the press tonight and start the broken bolt extraction process. If this happens so much I wonder why such a small bolt was used. That shaft could support a 1/2"-20 bolt threaded into it easy. Might still get loose but would not snap off.
  11. Anyone else have this happen? I found a half a button head bolt on the bench on the left side of the press. Went looking for what was missing a bolt and discovered it was the main center cam cap locking bolt. The other half is stuck in the cam center. No event, pop or anything out of normal, just found it laying there. Maybe 18 months old press. Anyone have this happen? Success backing the broken nub out?
  12. Shooting a Glock 34. The round I ran dry on had a 20 shot stage. Yes running fast sounds good as I move into more matches, but for the first one I moved but not lightning speed. Key for me was watching that 180 and not sweeping my hand or feet reloading or holstering. Looking forward to the next match in two weeks.
  13. Yesterday I shot my first USPSA match in Albany Oregon at the Albany Rifle and Pistol club. Outstanding day and looking forward to the next local match in two weeks. #1 thing for me was just finishing and no DQ’s. Checked that box and finished clean. Take aways from a new guys eyes: #1 - I had no idea how different (and fun) each stage was going to be. I now see the sport gets really creative in setting up the stages so they are challenging but fun. This may seam obvious to those in the sport but from the outside I had no idea. #2 - Be forward if your by yourself. I was, no buddy there to tell me what’s up. So I would just walk up and introduce myself and say its my first day. Everyone I came in contact with was friendly and happy to help explain what was going on and answer my questions. Like “when on the clock and I step out of the shooters box, is it ok to step back in before I shoot?” Stuff like that. (Answer was yes) #3 - Get there early and ask if you can walk around and look at the stages. No one told me you could do this. But out of curiosity I started to nose around and discovered other shooters digesting the stages and walking/discussing how to shoot them. Met more people this way AND quickly learned allot of what others just assume everyone knows on how to shoot the stages. #4 - Use a proven known gun and ammo, and dont mess with it the night before the comp! A new shooter in my squad had all kinds of FTF issues with his gun and did lots of clearing drills on the clock. This shooter had made some adjustments the night before to his gun. Then a very experienced shooter with a race gun had all kinds of ammo issues, he changed his loads the night before. I was happy I had my old Glock that was cleaned 4 months ago 100% stock and my 50cal can of the same 115g loads I always make, these were made almost a yr ago. It all ran like a champ. I am way way off from needing any crazy mods etc. (NOTE: only thing I did the night before was to case gauge every round I would have with me for the comp. I read that on this forum.) #5 - I assumed shooting Production was the way to start. Fortunately I was coached by two different event organizers to shoot limited. So glad I did. From the outside production sounds the way to start, like in motor sports. But no. Not having to do allot of mag changes really allowed me to focus on being safe and finishing the stage. Yes mandatory mag changes in stages, but “monkey see monkey do” works as you see all the others shoot before you do a mag change in that Same spot, makes it easy for you to repeat. The ONE mag change due to running dry caught me off guard and was the ONE spot I almost DQ’ed myself, RO told afterword I came close to braking 180. (That target was about 170 so the degrees of operation for margin of error was small) I also learned to count the shots and in advance know where your mag change needs to be. #6 - Run SLOW - Slow is fast and slow is not DQ’ed. I intentionally went really slow. I am 48 and know 28yr old me would have showed up to “run and gun” only to probably go home early for something like finger on the trigger for a mag change. My 48yr old self said, slow, slow and finish. Glad I did, there is enough to keep track of just remembering how the stage is meant to be shot. For example a stage with “Shoot all targets 3x”. It was amazing the amount of guys before hand reminding everyone “remember this is 3 shots per target, its easy to forget”. Only for them to get up to go and they double tap all the targets, show clear and are told of the procedural on all the targets. Argh! Worst yet, the very NEXT guy does the same. Keep it simple as a new guy, those guys that got the procedural were experienced and still made mistakes! The KISS, (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle is so true applied here. Going into this match I did have an advantage as my local club CVSC in Dundee, has a new USPSA shooter chair person. That person (Nick, great guy) sent me a ordination packet online that also included a written test of the rules. Once read and completed I met Nick at the range and he had a mock stage already set up. I had one on one training how to shoot my first match, with safety of course being #1. This helped me considerably and I am very thankful for the volunteers that do this like Nick. Bottom line I can see this being very addictive and looking forward to more matches. Time to load more ammo!
  14. Sorry to resurrect the this older thread, but having the same issues with my AmmoBot driven D1050. Case jumps the stock shell plate, falls over = Jam + bent decapping pin. I almost went though my whole batch of Squarial Daddy pins for the Lee Universal. I was even bending them back to the point they finally broke. 200 cases to jam. Nuked like 7 pins. I am just processing brass, de-capping, sizing thats it. Running 1500 RPH. The case shuttle is just not putting the brass in the shell plate reliably. Will try the blue painters tape but what am I missing? I have to stand there with the STOP switch in my hand like I am playing Jeopardy and eyeballing that brass to tip. Look away for a second and wham there goes another one.
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