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  1. Yesterday I Installed two AmmoBots on my 1050s, both are up and running. Probably only took me about 30 min to set up the second one right after the first. First was probably 1.5hr due to fabbing a bracket to put the motor drive box on the side of my bench. The 3d Printed round drop chutes I bought off eBay claimed "easy to find" 2" hose not included. Well its not easy to find. Hardware stores, Home Dept etc. all do not carry 2" hose. Going to have to go to an industrial hose supply to get them. So using the bins for now, until I can get some 2" hose. Prob just order it on line. I have the case extractor and primer sensor system coming I ordered those after the two AmmoBots. My main question for those using the AmmoBot system are you using the Bullet Orientation or Case sensors? Just curious if your finding these working for you much and if the set up each time for them is worth the function. Also is there any other sensors to consider for this system? So far loving these things, I ran 1500 rounds of 9mm about an hour after getting the first AmmoBot installed.
  2. I too learned on a RCBS Rock Chucker II. Did a TON of 9mm on it back in the day. I moved to a 550 and it worked great for me for years. With the 550 you just get into the rhythm and advancing the plate is not that hard. I loaded quite a bit on my 550 that way. I still have it and use it for hand weighed precision rifle loads once I got the 1050 (then a second one) As long as the budget is there, it will do the work and if you ever need to sell it, they hold their value. So the actual cost of ownership is low as long as the cash can be tied up in it. Guys nailed it, the tool heads add up. As for the powder system, its the same as the other presses if your leaving 100% set up tool heads. In the beginning, get two, one you leave set up for your most common. The 2nd reset your dies as needed. Over time pick up some more tool heads as the budget recovers. BTW: With the 1100 being released keep an eye out for guys selling off their 1050's. I would not but there are always "gota have the latest" people out there. Higher chance of a few more than normal used ones to pop up. For me I love to reload but my time is limited to do so. I have set my equipment up to allow maximum output in a limited amount of time. Two 1050's and both soon to be automated.
  3. I just ordered two Endoscopes yesterday that arrive tomorrow to do the same thing! I did order a new Android tablet and car holder for the screen. I have a pair of AmmoBots coming for my 1050's and planning on setting up the camera system when I get the automation on. Great tip on stabilizing the camera from motion. Loc-line is a great tool for that for sure. I went with this USB endoscope for $19.95 each. The Android tablet was about $100, but its a 10" screen. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06WRNGYXY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. I placed an order for 2 AB before their sale. 4 days later they do the sale and AB contacts me to say its now on sale and refunded me the full 20% on both without me asking for it. Wow. Still waiting for them to ship but counting it down.
  5. Great feedback everyone. I am thinking 21k bulk order will do just fine.
  6. Agreed, however they look like the RMR. So a visible swaged copper jacket with an exposed lead center at the base. Plated will always have a fully encapsulated projectile, so no exposed base. These are definitely not plated.
  7. Starting new thread to not go off topic on that persons thread. @superdude in another thread suggested a bullet I have not seen or used. Anyone have experience with RMR? They look like some bagged Armscore 115’s I tested awhile back that had really soft jackets. The Armscore bullets deformed easy when being pressed in. Just wondering if others have experienced this with RMR and if they have experienced them having a soft jacket. (Not assuming they are the same as Armscore just they look like them) https://www.rmrbullets.com/shop/bullets/pistol/9mm-355/9mm-124-gr-rmr-full-metal-jacket-round-nose/
  8. I received a “free” 500 cases with an order from Extreme. They loaded 115gr no problem but would not pass the check gage with the taller projectiles. It’s funny its the 165’s I bought that yield the cases the will not work with them. Just like @TrackCage I too just put brass like that into the dont bother picking up loads. @NETim1187 I am the same way with range brass. I will check the popular pits for gold in the gravel, then play range chicken pecking at the ground. Last year after a big cop training shoot mid week I hit the jackpot with over 15K of Speer Lawman brass. I loaded my bags that afternoon until I could not crawl around anymore. Then came back the next AM just to get more. Insane amount of brass, just looked like a gold carpet.
  9. Same here. I load allot of 165gr 9mm for subs and CBC’s are some of the worst for bulging the case due to how thick the walls taper is. Firearm will not go into battery and takes effort to remove it. I have I think 200+ CBC, S&B and R-P loads marked for disassembly from a few yrs ago when I learned this the hard way, cracking out the first 165 sub loads all with the same issue. I have to head stamp and sort 100% of my brass for Sub loads with the longer projectiles.
  10. Newberg about 45 min SW of Portland, I shoot at Tri County Gun Club and Chehalem Valley Sportsman's Club. Most of my time is at CVSC. I would not say "vast reloading knowledge" I have learned a few things, done a few things but far from vast. Like allot of people once I find my load for my main guns I stick to it. Only thing I play with much is the bolt gun loads and Subs for the simi-autos. Always fun working up a load just under the speed limit but also accurate. (220gr 300BLK thumpers) One of the key reasons for joining this forum is the depth of knowledge it has for Dillon machines. I just ordered a pair of AmmoBots for my 1050's and look forward to learning from others how they run theirs. I see a number of them on this board. I recognize the board is mostly competitive pistol shooters. But it sure makes sense competitive shooters load and load allot! Its mostly SBR's that consume my pistol calibers. When I can get more time I would like to train and try competitive shooting.
  11. 30yrs ago I started on a single stage RCBS Rockchucker II, bolted to a chunk of plywood I C clamped to my dorm room desk. (Try that these days in a dorm!) I punched out a ton of 9mm at 18yrs old. I dreamed of a 550 and the girl next to it in the catalog... The 550B came shortly after first real job post college. This press did everything for the next 24 yrs. Minimal issues and just worked making great rounds, and still does. The first 1050 came on line about two yrs ago. With three teenage boys we shoot allot. The second 1050 came on line about a yr ago as a large primer system but mainly for processing military 5.56 into 300BLK, why the other 1050 was cranking out 300BLK. I have always kept my 550B. I now use it for all my precision bolt gun rifle loads and working up new pistol loads like suppressed rounds etc. @Intheshaw1 #1 thing is to make a local friend that reloads. Go see how the process is done. Single stage, multi, progressive whatever but just be part of the process. Ya cool if its someone rocking a 1050, I am in Oregon a ways from WI, but hey if you have the airline miles come on out. Then take it from there for what gear get!
  12. Exactly why I keep my 550 around. Faster to set up to knock out test loads. (This is where all the duplicated die sets end up too!) However I also use it for loading for my bench bolt guns. But small runs of 100 etc.
  13. Hello from Oregon! Avid reloader here and keep finding supporting threads on your board. I love the depth of knowledge that you have here. I have been reloading for 30yrs so not all that new to it. With three teenage boys shooting we load allot. I have a pair of Dillon 1050's for all the autos and a Dillon 550B used as a two stage precision press for the long range bolt guns. Always looking to learn more and hope in the coming years as kids move on to college and my business runs more w/o me I can do some competitive shooting for fun.
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