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  1. Well solution for now. Rather than thinking #5 plastic part will not break without finding anything that will cause this I am switching it to a metal pin. The hole size in the adapter bar is .148 that is basically the minor side for a 10-24 cutting tap. Hand tapped the hole with no drilling. The powder cast aluminum cut easy and left perfect threads. I intentionally did not go all the way through this way the screw bottoms out on the bar and does not put pressure on the moving powder bar. The OD of the screw fits nicely through the top hole in the powder measure. Putting a
  2. After yrs of no issues suddenly my small primer D1050 w/ an AmmoBot drive is breaking the little white plastic pin that holds the small powder die adaptor in place. When it breaks the adaptor is in the open position so the powder hopper dumps its entire contents of powder down the back of the press. Huge mess and a PITA. 1. First one broke, choked it up as odd, pulled a back up I have from a tool head set up with the large powder drop. Cleaned up and checked my adjustments and nothing was excessive. Continued loading. 2. Second one broke, pulled one from a tool hea
  3. Its unfortunate that Ammobots are no longer able to be purchased since Dillon bought their assets. By them being off the market the only option I have for my next machine is Mark7. At that point I just buy the whole Mark7 vrs. an D1100 running a Mark7 drive. Was not planning on switching from Dillon but I really want the automation, and Mark7 is the only show in town with no information from Dillon as to if/when Ammobot will be back available.
  4. Agreed. Obama taught me to stock primers and .22LR.
  5. Never try a 1050 with a bullet feeder and AmmoBot auto drive then.....
  6. No, I dump on a dry towel, use the towel to dump into food drier trays to dry. Any chips stuck to the water on the case fall to the base of the drier, talking maybe 12 chips total each batch. I have a 800GPH pump coming I am going to set up to have a hard blast of water spraying at the base of the hopper at the feed table. With the pump recirculating the water from the catch basin it should help cut running each batch though 2x down to one time. I actually looked at the "Feeder Bowls" used to sort hardware, they are what some of the large commercial loa
  7. That's how I clean my range pickups first, just soap and water. I then fully process the brass deprime/undersize/roll form and it then goes back in the wash with chips/soap/citric acid for the final cleaning. I just got tired of extracting the stainless chips manually.
  8. USPS is subsidizing a considerable different industry's by undercutting UPS and FedEx on weight. We have hardware (nuts and bolts) vendors offering free shipping with USPS flat rate. Industry that makes steel brackets used for fabrication, uses custom made double wall liners for the weak USPS flat rate boxes to support “Free shipping on orders over X”. However USPS is the only options they use. MidWay, Grafs and Mid South are the only vendors I have received bullets from that shipped W/O using USPS. Grated most those orders were large, last Grafs order came on a pallet. 100% of the
  9. Got tied shaking a Franklin tumbler tub over a 5 gallon bucket. I run two tumblers at a time and it just gets old and killing my back. Looked for a better way. Soybean shaker table. Yup food processing gear, its stainless and ment to work hard. Found this China made one on eBay, typical doz or so different sellers all selling the same thing. Prices range from $400 used to $480 new shipped. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Soybean-Corn-Screener-Deck-Sifter-Shaker-Screener-Machine-Vibration-Motor-110V/264257359655?_trkparms=aid%3D1110012%26algo%3DSPLICE.SOIPOST%26ao%3D1%26
  10. Out of the box or did the Evolution take a bunch of tweaking to get it running as you have it now? The price on the Evolution is attractive over the Revolution, however I sure like the auto priming system the Revolution has. The Evolution primer tubes, can I use my Dillon primer tube filler to drop primers into the Evolution system on the press?
  11. The lack of communication to sell the product actually has me concerned as to how its supported. Looks like the board here has the Evolution product figured out that may be the better way to go.
  12. That is always the trade off for new, that is for sure.
  13. My two 1050s with AmmoBots with the Imortalbot sensors work. I like the added stations of the Titan. At $12,500 for the Titan with the main sensors needed it seems like the right direction. I am interested in the Titan since its not directly comparable to what I have now. No need for an AmmoLoad system. This was triggered by realizing that a dedicated case processing machine would help and speed up my reloading. The CP1100 on an Ammobot would work, but no Ammobots available since May and no indication as to when if ever they will be. SO I look what else is out there.
  14. Anyone know of any updates on the new Mark 7 Titan presses? They are still taking $1500 deposits but I can not see or find any updates as to the actual ship dates. I have tried calling Mark 7 a few times and always goes to voicemail. I called Lymen this morning and was directed to a unnamed voicemail box that just had a number. I left my message so will see if I get a call back. I am empathetic to the current state of supply and work environments. Their website continues to say "Shipping early of Q2". We are in Q3 now so, either they have shipped a bunch already or they
  15. I am thinking the bb's may have been moved to a different point of release. I find it helpful if the bullet drops with the full weight of the others (the bullets in the drop tube behind the one being loaded) on top of it to the flared case. It kind of tamps it in. When the bbs are set to just gently leave the bullet on top of the case as the tool head is starting to go back up, the bullets fall over for me. edit. Would loan my wife to my buddy before one of my Mr. Bullet feeders You're a good friend.
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