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  1. Calm down. I was just pointing out that there are 2 models of the Bull.
  2. The Bull version based on the newer Shadow 2 platform is not in his price range.
  3. That would depend on setup. I have a powder check, so there would still be an index cycle between them. Seating/crimping is one stage for me, so I would have room.
  4. Interesting. I would not have thought that possible. Just flip the rod around 180?
  5. On my 650, station 2 is dedicated to not only seating primer, but also belling the case and dumping the powder in. Pretty sure the 750 is the same. You could use station 3 to lube the case, size the neck and bell it. You can back the belling off on station 2. I use RCBS dies, so your station 4 and 5 steps are combined into one station for me.
  6. Nice, thanks for the heads up. A little more expensive than the RMR bullets, but if you need them right away, this is a great option.
  7. If you compete and want to shoot production class, your price range would just about get you into a Shadow 2 Orange. The Orange in the S2 line adds hand fitted slide/barrel, a unique to the Orange slide, barrel bushing, polished barrel and some factory trigger work. I don't know that there is a better choice in the CZ lineup that is production legal. If you're just looking for a range gun and not competing, it opens up the choices to include guns like the Checkmate. But they are well above your price range.
  8. I have to force the barrel down a bit through the ejection port to get the barrel out of my Shadow 2 slide with the CGW installed CGW bushing. Thought it was wrong when I got it back, but the forums and CGW all say that's normal with the bushing.
  9. For the doubting Susan's: Zqi Brass-1.m4v
  10. Just wanted to clarify my clarification. As the recall applies to Herter's ammo, it's only on the 50 round boxes. At least that was the case the other day. I knew Win made the Herter's ammo for BassPro/Cabela's, but didn't realize they made it for Browning too. Interesting.
  11. All of the ones I had are in the trash and down the road. Why do I need to prove it? Again, why would I lie about it? This is just plain insulting.
  12. Thread starter here. FWIW, I've been happy with the Hundo. I think it might a little bit overly picky at times, but if it indicates it passes, it never fails in my S2O. I collect the "rejects" and shoot them up every now and then. Most still work fine, but there are usually 1 out of 10-15 or so that will not cycle.
  13. It's not clear in the recall, but this is only for 50 round boxes of Herter's. I called and confirmed that yesterday.
  14. I bought one of the Ghost holster linked above directly from Ghost products. Got it yesterday. Seems like a nice holster, and the ET slide stop/thumb rest on my S2O fits perfectly. I have a question though. Are holsters with standoffs like this legal for USPSA or IDPA production class?
  15. You bet? Why would I lie about it? It most definitely is ZQI brass. Maybe there is some ZQI that is not stepped, but this ZQI stuff is.
  16. The Hornady seat/crimp die is similar to the RCBS 9mm die I've been using for years.
  17. Sorry for the delay on posting a picture. Looks like I'm going to have to be more careful picking up range brass from now on.
  18. Eemann Tech thumb rest/slide stop is a nice add. You need to get a spare slide stop anyway. https://dot40.net/product/slide-stop-with-thumb-rest-for-cz-75-black/
  19. Yep, they're great. Owned an RCBS progressive for probably close to 30 years. I've not needed many parts for it over the years, but they were all free.
  20. I hear that. I'm paying $55 a 1000 for CCI SP at Bass Pro right now, and I think that is high. Glad I don't need them bad enough to pay more than that.
  21. I'll take some pictures next time I run across one. Trash day was yesterday though, so the ones I had are gone now.
  22. jejb

    CZ Custom optics cut

    I also have guns with both, and I have had properly torqued optics come loose on the open ones. But again, not running down CZC's work here. Just offering up a different opinion/viewpoint. I would for sure opt for their newer steel adapter plates, though.
  23. jejb

    CZ Custom optics cut

    Yeah, I know. But I've seen a lot more of that type come loose than when the optic is tight in a pocket.
  24. Ran into some really odd brass. It's ZQI brand and it has a stepped interior. The bottom near the primer pocket is quite thick, the middle is stepped down a little and the mouth is normal. My RCBS sizer die does not like them. I can pull them through with a lot of effort, but I've just been removing them and tossing them. No staked pockets, so they don't look like military stuff. Anybody else run into these?
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