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  1. For all our competition shooters out there, what recoil spring weight would you recommend using for a Tungsten Guide Rod in a Gen 5, Glock 17? Stock is 17lbs. I plan on shooting factory ammunition and utilizing this for L.E. carry purposes also. *** Thank You all in advance for your anticipated sage assistance.
  2. Bolt sheared off on mine too. I did drill it out with a small drill bit and went to my local hardware store and purchased a new bolt. Everything is all good now.
  3. Hey Kevin,


    Do you have a discount code for Rudy RX?  Thank You.


    Fraternally yours



  4. Gentlemen, I need your sage advice, I'm reloading with Winchester WST Gunpowder on a Dillon 1050 and I am noticing that the gunpowder is static sticking to the powder funnel and the brass powder dept gauge. This is throwing off all my powder checks. I have tried using Bounce static cling sheets to no avail. Anyone got any better tips or tricks for me. Thank You all in advance for your sage advice.
  5. Hey Evan,


    What do you make your 200 grn, Coated SWC, 45acp over all length?   Thank you for your sage assistance, I have been getting light striker hits and this is my carry gun.  I have the Apex Tact, FSS with Flat Faced Aluminum Trigger. 

  6. Hey Guys, I have a Dillon Super 1050 what are the best dies to use on this machine? Is there anything better than Dillon out that can be used on the Dillon machine? *** Thanks You for your sage advice.
  7. Gentlemen, Thank You all for your responses. Stay Safe!
  8. When I spoke with a Dillon Tech he specifically told me to stay away from Federal because ignite when you have a small primer pocket way too easliy. Thank You all for your advice.
  9. Hey Guys, I'm looking to make a large primer purchase. What in your sage opinion, is the best "Large Pistol Primers" to purchase for use in both striker fired and 1911's styled pistols. Also any leads on the best place to purchase these at a fair price, I will be going through a FFL Dealer. *** Thank You for your assistance.
  10. Sandbagger, How do you like the coated bullets? Any problems with your reloading machine? Thanks for your help.
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