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  1. Thanks, I’ll check it out.
  2. Yeah, thinking about it, if I can get a new CK Arms for around $3700 I might just go that route instead of dishing out another $1000+ to get it convert it to 9mm..
  3. Thinking about buying a 38 Super Open Gun from fellow local shooter, my question is how much would gunsmiths charge to convert from 38 super to 9mm.
  4. For me, the sweet spot is 174 pf..
  5. Hiroshi

    VV N350

    Anybody here ever load 9 major with VV N350. What did you like about it?, what didn’t you like about it?..
  6. Why does it take so much powder to make power factor, is it because of the short barrel?
  7. I think factory recommendations is .380
  8. I recently purchased a Dillion Square Deal B less than a month and now I’m having problems with the primers not feeding into the primer cup, if anybody here had similar issues please let me know how to fix this problem.. Thanks.
  9. I’ve seen people run 9.0 grains of HS6 making about 172 pf.
  10. Recoiled Spring is too lite in my opinion, try with 9 or 10lbs.
  11. Did you use 115gr or 124gr with this test?
  12. The only place I put grease on my 1911 is inside mag release and mainspring housing other than that oil the slide and little on the barrel and recoil spring.
  13. Hiroshi


    Thanks, I’ll give it a try, what weight do you recommend?
  14. Hiroshi


    Does anybody here in the forum know where I can purchase a “Extended Striker Firing Pin” or what ever it’s called, to be honest I don’t know if they even makes it, I’ve been searching and I can’t find it anywhere.
  15. I just ordered bunch of Process Brass from Everglades, does those brass still needs to be lube using dillion case lube?
  16. Sounds like your using military brass.
  17. I have a M&P open and I’m going to start reloading for the first time, and I have no idea what OAL I need to use, appreciated for some input. 1. Bullet: Montana Gold 9MM JHP 124g. 2. Powder: Hodgdon CFE Pistol. 3. Primer: Federal Small Pistol.
  18. Check and see if your trigger bow is binding on your new grip, you might be dealing with fit issues on the trigger bow.
  19. I think shorty has a 4.1 inch slide and mid has a 4.6 inch slide, and both run 5 inch recoil system, that’s my take.
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