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  1. Even with the Forster die, I take out the expander ball and use a 21ST Century mandrel for neck expansion and a get better results
  2. My testing looked more like a shotgun pattern than a group @ 25 yds, using CFE. With that being said, I have also discovered that loading longer with pistol bullets can have negative effects. With the PD 147s, I started at 1.12 and had much better results at 1.085 and that was using VV N320. When I have some free time here in the near future I plane to re-run the CFE test with a shorter length. From a pure accuracy standpoint, I have had better results with 124g JHP.
  3. Unless I am just trying to get the primer pocket clean (and I don't do that for pistol rounds) I skip using the SS pins altogether. IMHO, it works just as well as long as you don't overload the tumbler. Not to mention that I don't have to handle the cases again as I put them into the dehydrator.
  4. Is Springfield still doing the hand fit barrel in the custom shop? I don’t see it listed but I would like to have it done.
  5. I second this. My Harris stud mounted bipod like to work itself loose.
  6. I tried the Cmore Railway and absolutely hated it. Returned it two days later. I may by another Eotech XPS for my PCC as it currently wears a Holosun that is not bad but way better than the Cmore.
  7. 115g PDs that I have tried. CFE Pistol and Power Pistol, both play well except that Power Pistol is smokey. Next up for 115g is TG and it will probably work well. 124 PDs I have done TG, N320, Power Pistol, Bullseye. Not surprising, TG did the best, followed closely by N320 then Bullseye. Just tried 147 PDs with CFE and it did not mix well.
  8. I finally got one and it only took 9 months to get it. Now to find the time to break it in. Glad it came with two mags and a 3rd one once I register it with the manufacture.
  9. Bought the Nerd pouch for Colt pattern. Works good, last long time.
  10. I believe Thunderbeast did a test and they now use a 30 cal aperture on their muzzle brake for the 6.5 suppressor line.
  11. Looking for some input on what to expect from a 3 Gun Nation Long Range shoot. VIR is hosting a training class coupled with a match and I am thinking about going. Is it setup toward gas guns and/or will bolt guns be left sucking wind? I have a bolt 308 that should work, maybe a little to much magnification, I also have a 16" gas gun with a fixed power scope that I can cobble together for the event. The class is only about 3 week away so buying or building another rifle and equipment is mostly out due to time constraints. Just trying to get an idea of what to use and expect.
  12. Thanks for all those that helped in this thread but I think I have discovered the problem. It appears that I may have gotten a bad batch of 125g RN Blue Bullets. I bought another pack and this lot will easily pass the plunk and spin test at 1.12 The BBs and my barrels did not like being seated at 1.08. The resulting poa/poi looked more like a shotgun pattern.
  13. I cannot recommend the Faxon barrel. It has a shorter throat than the PSA barrel and both are shorter than XDM barrels.
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