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  1. My anodized 9mm hundo (non-match) is tighter than my EGW case gauge.
  2. How grippy is it as compared to using grip tape?
  3. Why do folks get hung up on the ejection pattern? If it ejects reliably and runs with a low recoil impulse...good enough.
  4. Bumping this thread... Anyone have any experience with the Citadel Boss 25?
  5. For the JP Short Stroke bolt system, which JP captured spring should I order? They offer 3 different ones in the kit.
  6. Does anybody know if a JP PCC stripped upper is undersized like BCM uppers are?
  7. fedupflyer

    X5 Legion accuracy

    Where are you seeing non-legion X-five slides on their website? I see x-series slides but not X-five.
  8. Are there any discount codes for Hiperfire?
  9. I haven't bought from them in a while but they used to discount for orders over 1k. I was surprised that buying 2k is twice the price of 1k. Still bought 'em though. Couple of weeks ago they sold out while I was trying to complete my order. That was a bummer.
  10. fedupflyer

    Sig P320 AXG

    Guess what just went on my Christmas list. or at least the frame when it is released separately.
  11. I think it depends on what you are buying and I believe it only applies to complete firearms. I paid $811 for a shipped legion.
  12. I was up at the Sig Academy a few weeks ago and bought a 320 Legion at the student price. I am not sure if you can call up the Sig Pro Shop and buy one but if you really want it, it may be worth a shot.
  13. I am currently using a Colt pattern lower (QC10) and yes, the 32+ rnds are a pain to reload quickly, even with the magwell funnel. I think it may be costing me the difference between being a B to an M. I just ordered a 20 rnd mag and hopefully that will help. So far, I have had zero problems with the Metalform mags. Other that if they hit the ground at the right angle they will puke up rnds. I am on my third iteration of this PCC and it all started out as being a range toy. If I get to shoot more, I may try the Glock pattern lower or maybe just a MPX....who knows
  14. Personally, I cannot stand the JP handguards. I find them to thick and uncomfortable. I have not purchased a JP but I will probably build a new AR-9 over the winter with JP parts and Colt mags.
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