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  1. I am thinking about buying another slide over the winter to use in Carry Optics on my X5 Legion grip. (Shooting my last match next week until January/February due to work.) I am having trouble finding info on the Pro Cut slide. Is there much difference in weight vs the Nitron or Legion slides? Or is it one of those tacticool looking things?
  2. 4.0 g SP 125g Zero JHP. OAL 1.085 Nordic 16' barrel 25 yds and 10 shots. Can use a quarter to cover the holes. Need to chrono for the Nordic and X-Five Legion
  3. I am kinda leaning toward the TTI stuff but I was unsure if they would make the 17 rnd mag too long. Yeah, wanna pick up a couple when they are on-sale (my fav word next to free).
  4. New Legion owner here... Which mags and or basepad combos meet the 140 mm requirement?
  5. I just picked up a Legion on my last trip to the Sig Academy. Esp after I was hitting targets 4/5 shots at 50 yds one-handed. I want to put the extended mag release on it from Springer Precision. I am assuming it will fit the X-Five/Legion frame and do I need to get the OEM stop and spring assembly also?
  6. I keep saying I am going to chrono the difference between small pistol, small rifle and small pistol primer. So far I haven't. I have a range buddy that did and says the only difference he has observed is the small magnum adds about 50fps. I look at it this way, if you handgun will shoot reliably with small rifle primers, that is one less thing to keep in inventory.
  7. I have the EDT3 in my PCC and have around 5k rounds through it and no problems. Its a little heavy pull for gaming. Looking for a lighter trigger.
  8. Are you using a dust cover? Those load cells are very sensitive. They will pick up the flow from your A/C and even your breathing. Had to look up which scale that is. I personally would not us a scale that does not allow the pan to fit onto the weighing surface with using a cover. I have a RCBS Charge master and I if I do not use the dust cover I can watch the weight fluctuate.
  9. I cant believe I just picked up some Federal Match grade rifle primers (small and large) for $27at a retail store. And regular Federal small rifle for $23. Those small rifle work just fine in a PCC. Hopefully they get a shipment in a few days. Sadly no small pistol.
  10. I am actually surprised I got this many responses in under 24 hrs.
  11. With my PCC and 115g and 124g, I have been getting about one inch groups with 10 shots at 25 yds. I am trying to replicate that with 147s. No I will not be using 147s in the PCC but in an XDM and a Sig 320. In the past I have used plated and coated 147s but like I said I was not happy with the results. It looked more like a shotgun pattern. The end result is trying to get the most accurate ammo possible so that I know it is my screw up and not the gun or the ammo. I am moving away from Titegroup because it is so damn dirty and doubly so in a blowback carbine. I
  12. Well that was not the question. I do have several powders available right now such as N320, Sport Pistol and Bullseye. In addition, one of the shops I frequent has quite a few powders on hand, so selection is not the issue. I am trying to find what powder(s) works best for 147g so that I can narrow my inventory. I have been working with 147g in the past but I have not achieved the results that I am looking for. I don't know if it the bullet, the powder or my technique that is causing me to not achieve my goal. Before I switch to Nosler 147 JHP, I am trying to eliminate powder as
  13. With the current bullet shortage I have run out of 115 and 124 Precision Delta bullets. I have about 1000 PD 147 FP lying around that I haven't really messed with. What is the communities favorite powder for the 147s (and not Titegroup).
  14. Wow....wished I found that site sometime back.
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