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  1. For those of us that don't do Instagram, can you post a link?
  2. Is the JP-5 lower proprietary or will any AR lower fit?
  3. My hundo (non-match)is tighter than my EGW gauge.
  4. Same here. I thought it would go for around $2300 at the max. I wanted to get one but at $3400 I might have to pass.
  5. Now that the Mark 7 presses have been out for a while, do those that went from a Dillion 1050 to a Mark 7 regret your move or would you do it again? Leaning toward getting a Mark 7 this fall 'cause I am tired of pulling the handle on the 650.
  6. Backorder from Criterion. I back ordered in Nov and got it last week.
  7. My anodized 9mm hundo (non-match) is tighter than my EGW case gauge.
  8. How grippy is it as compared to using grip tape?
  9. Why do folks get hung up on the ejection pattern? If it ejects reliably and runs with a low recoil impulse...good enough.
  10. Bumping this thread... Anyone have any experience with the Citadel Boss 25?
  11. For the JP Short Stroke bolt system, which JP captured spring should I order? They offer 3 different ones in the kit.
  12. Does anybody know if a JP PCC stripped upper is undersized like BCM uppers are?
  13. fedupflyer

    X5 Legion accuracy

    Where are you seeing non-legion X-five slides on their website? I see x-series slides but not X-five.
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