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  1. I Drank the Kool-Aid and now shoot PCC
  2. Yea i will ha e to try the green reticle sinc e i have not taken out the red yet to see if i prefer the green.
  3. Yea hopefully i do not have to return mine to manufacturer also
  4. How is the holosun warranty compared to Vortex warranty?
  5. Yea i think i might do the same
  6. I am having some kydex wraps made. If that doesnt work i am going to use suppersor cover
  7. Interested on the update with the trigger. I wonder if the JP springs would make a huge difference
  8. Interested on the update... i have the RIA and also curious
  9. I am also a fan of the D60. It works for me
  10. I ended up buying the 510C (red) but to those with the green ... how do yall like it?
  11. I would give the advice but I usually twll people that they should be taping
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