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  1. What is the name of the product from walmart?
  2. I use hanks belt foe CCW. They go on sale once in a while. The “gunner” belt kinda rigid.
  3. I did the same thing i switched to coated bullets instead of xtreme since a few cents tends to add up after a while.
  4. For me since i am a big guy i prefer the slim holster for my p365. I tried a few but l ended having custom kydex made(local friend does my holsters) we the feedback from things i like and dont like. Goodluck finding one that’s perfect for you
  5. End if the day its justa tool. I say shoot what you got.
  6. They sell some brass on ETSY. I havent purchased any but I know a lot of the guys I shoot with purchases it from there.
  7. I run the Holosun 510. I like the big window and not to heavy
  8. I also have the walker in ear but I do not have the bluetooth version. I do recommend the rechargeable version since changing batteries gets really old really fast.
  9. Yea I think Bmiller has one too. I thought I saw it on his instagram.
  10. I like the pro grip since my hands sweat a lot but on some other pistols i have an aggressive grip tape so I dont need it on those pistols
  11. I had to get mine custom kydex made since i wanted it to run a deeper pouch and fit on a teklok. I used my reg pouch and fell off at a match before
  12. I have used paypal and venmo on small items. I did ask someone to make an ad on gunbroker and I covered his fees just to play it safe.
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