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  1. Does anyone have any insight into when the new trimmer is coming out? It's really the last piece of getting this thing to where I want it to be. I know I could run an RT1500 or something in the meantime. I agree with the crowd that that the priming system is classically the weak point of the Mark7 presses. Even the Evo can be a little fussy from time to time in my experience.
  2. I have heard that this thing is hard to clear if something gets down the ramp that shouldn't... thoughts? Very interested in buying one for my Evo.
  3. My full-length 3D printed pressure plug insert is coming along nicely. You have to pop out your hammer to insert it, but the idea that I can be 100% sure that my bolt isn't going to separate (much) from the barrel seems quite appealing on a dedicated 22lr lower. ETA: made a cut so you don't gotta remove your hammer. Works really good.
  4. I regret to inform you that I use their CH insert, plug extractor, firing pin, and springs... and I still had brass in my charging handle. It was in the forward portion where they tell you not to put the insert. The CMMG dedicated 22lr CH is indeed superior; unfortunately, I had one break on me when my rifle fell off the rack on to the ground. Wasn't even that far, but it made me a little nervous. Need to buy another. One of these days when I have spare time, I am going to design a 3D printed full length plug insert that flat-out replaces the entire buffer assembly.
  5. I experimented more with mine at my kid's SASP practice last night. BDM 10rd stainless feed lip mags + Fed Champ bulk seemed to resolve my issues on my competition rifle. Still had one malf (brass stuck in CH), but otherwise relatively pleased. I think the black-non-BHO follower is the fix here, but I changed too many other variables to be certain (such as the extractor and adding a pressure plug). Not quite pulling a 10.06 on 5-to-Go (or the rough SASP equivalent, Exclamation), though. One thing I will say about the BDM nylon lip magazines: NEVER EVER LEAVE THEM LOADED. The only catastrophic magazine failures I've ever had were on BDM nylon feed lip mags opening up when I left them loaded too long. Just spewed rounds everywhere (in the ammo can, thankfully).
  6. I was you. Then my Loadmaster broke horribly, I bought a 650, and I realized how much of my life I had wasted on trying to make that Loadmaster work correctly, versus the 650 which just kept trucking with very little drama. (Now I have a Mark7 Evo, but that 650 still does quality work when I need it to.)
  7. Hot take as someone who's owned a CMMG 22lr SBR for a long, long time: if you can get it running reliably, it's a fantastic option. It swings fast, the core operating system principle is sound, and the parts compatibility is fantastic. I also own a parts build 22 with the Taccom ULW 16" barrel, which is light weight and handles like a dream. The problem, of course, is that whole "running reliably" thing, which tends to be the sticking point. Lots of magazine and tolerance stacking issues out there. Also had some experiences which suggested to me that it didn't tolerate getting dirty all that well. My experience was that my son's stock TCR-22 was a lot more reliable out of the box under a sustained firing schedule. This kills me, not just from the money perspective, but that I vastly prefer the AR platform's ergonomics. I am honestly thinking about going in a different direction and getting out of the AR-22 platform entirely as a result. The 10/22 platform isn't perfect by a long shot, either, but for something like Steel Challenge, it seems hard to beat. Maybe I'll tweak my way to victory, but it has been a LONG road.
  8. erwos

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I should have added that I need to restock on bullets, so switching to 124s isn't gonna be a big hit to me either. Just trying to plan ahead to make me more successful (or at least remove obstacles to my success!).
  9. erwos

    X5 Legion accuracy

    Bumping this back since 1) I'm now fully invested in the X5L platform for CO and 2) probably going to switch my 9mm loading setup to my Evolution sometime this year, so switching loads would be convenient at that point. I am not particularly happy with the accuracy of my P320X5s; trying to punch out a B8 at 25yds is harder than it should be, and I am getting spread that does not necessarily correlate to what my sights are telling me. I am running 147gr handloads, which it appears may be the issue. Is the current best bet still 124/125s at .356, driven fairly hot?
  10. I thought about exchanging my preorder, but it just didn't seem worth it.
  11. My impression is that the Apex is an attempt to fix many of those small problems.
  12. A few thousand through mine. No problems that weren't related to my reloads. Had a nice little case head separation that blew out an extractor once upon a time.
  13. $650 for existing Evos, since you need the new priming system. Still worth it if it works well, loading those stupid tubes is definitely not a thing I enjoy.
  14. I'll consider the 1100 an equivalent competitor when it has 10 stations and doesn't void my warranty with automation. It's a great press for most people, but there are things the Mark7 can do that it just does not do as well (or at all). "Cast CNC or 100% billet CNC" is not the only determinant of value with a reloading press, and given how well my other cast presses are holding up, seems like a distinction without a lot of practical application. The Apex really does have a couple design changes that should make it more reliable (or at least simpler) than the Evolution. Mark7 has also confirmed they're going to keep making the Evo+Autodrive for international markets, so I don't think Evo support down the line is going to be a problem.
  15. But... it's cast!!! OH NOES. I think it's gonna be a good side-grade at worst, and I think based on some of what I'm seeing, at least a good upgrade over old Evos.
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