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  1. Follow-up: talked to the man, gonna change to the red springs in my Hipertouch and see if that makes a difference. Very impressed with the level of customer service!
  2. Finally made it out to the range to give it all a try. FCG was a Hipertouch Competition trigger, barrel is a JP Supermatch. Cycling was indeed much faster, with what I think was significantly less sight bounce. Unfortunately, I also got some bursts followed by misfeeds, I think due to hammer follow. I am going to talk to @TRUBL and see if there's something I can do. Otherwise, gonna switch back to a traditional BCG+buffer system to isolate the source of the issues.
  3. Thanks! Still pretty impressed with the scope. If there weren't so many used Razors at the $900-$1000 level these days, I think the C3 would be much more popular.
  4. I bought a C-More C3. It's from the latest batch. It seems like a pretty great scope in my examination of it thus far, especially the reticle. Will be taking it out on Sunday for some range time to form better opinions. However, the illumination seems... weird? Two issues: 1. There is a LOT of illumination reflection in the tube and bleed out the front. More than I've seen on any other quality scope lately. It's not a big deal when you're using it and not overdriving it for the environmental light conditions, but it was surprising. Anyone else noticed this? 2. The only useful illumination settings are 6 to 11. 5 and below are basically impossible to see even in near total darkness. Again, is this normal? Max brightness isn't bad, it's like my Razor on 8 or 9. I changed the battery, so that's not the issue - these issues persist even with the new battery. Neither is a deal-breaker for competition use, but I'm reviewing the scope and don't want to ding it on these issues if they're just QC issues on my particular example. I emailed C-More, but I was curious if anyone here had seen the same things. Thanks!
  5. I put in my order for the ESSB+DBRS today. Looking forward to taking it for a spin once the 'rona lockdowns around here are lifted.
  6. Does anyone know how to reliably get in contact with MOA Precision electronically? I'm trying to solicit a quote for getting some work done on my M3K, but my form submission doesn't really seem to be getting a response.
  7. erwos

    Sig P320 X-Five Alpha

    I want them to reinvent the P250 FCU and give us a rocking DA/SA trigger pull that takes 250/320 grip modules/barrels/etc. THAT would be an amazing play for them. Probably won't happen, but a guy can dream.
  8. I was in the same situation as you, and just went with an RT-6 to hold me over until I raised the funds for a Razor. It is a pretty solid low-end scope, the only real gripe being the somewhat poor illumination. OTOH, where I shoot, we don't have up-close rifle targets, so the poor illumination tends to not be a big deal (I'm cranked up to 3 or 4x most of the time, depending on the target arrays). If you were skeptical of it due to price, I would not be. I have an SMRS 1-8.5x; it is a great optic for tactical stuff where you're dialing, but I would not recommend it for multi-gun. The illumination and reticle are not suited for it. At that sort of price point, you're better off with a Steiner p4xi or a Viper PST Gen2. If you're like me and also don't have up-close rifle targets to deal with both-eyes-open, a sub-$500 XTR II 1.5-8x might also be worth a look. Glass isn't as good as the XTR II 1-8x, but it is otherwise pretty solid, and has utterly excellent illumination. (Someone brought up a Viper with a JM-1 / BDC reticle, and I agree that would be my definition of a perfect mid-tier 3 gun scope. But it would probably eat into the Razor's marketshare too much for Vortex to consider doing it.)
  9. This is a fascinating thread, because it contradicts what I've been seeing around me. Locally here in the NoVA-DC-MD region, 3-gun actually got much more popular when the local range (AGC) finished up their action bays and started running matches. None of the shots are all that hard due to the length of the bays (max ~85yds), so it's much more newbie friendly, except when the MD is an a_-hole and puts up tiny pistol targets at 20yds. It's the Mid-Atlantic ruleset with a 2 gun option, but I'd say only about 10-15% of shooters go for 2 gun. I bought an M3K Freedom and an Invictus carrier and have not felt any limitations besides my terrible shooting skills. For reference, I just spent more money than that on a Sig P320 X5 Legion for USPSA CO, so not sure I buy into the "OMG shotguns are so expensive" complaints. I will also say that I'm surprised that no one seems to have offered the obvious fix for shotgun reload complaints: modify the Stealth division to allow for mag-fed shotguns with a mag limit of 8rds. That prevents dudes from rolling in with 20rd mags and just clearing stages without a reload, forces some degree of ammo management, and also doesn't put people who can reliably twin or quad load at a huge disadvantage on most stages.
  10. Yeah, compatibility is always a thing with AR-9s. I get that.
  11. It's upgrade time for my USPSA/SC PCC, so I want to make sure I get this right... if I buy the ESSB+DBRS combo for my DDLES Glock lower build, will I get all of the following? 1. Short stroke 2. Delayed blowback 3. Functioning LRBHO
  12. So what is the sales pitch on Romeo2 vs R1Pro? R1Pro is for USPSA/IDPA CO, and the R2 is for duty? It looks like a phenomenal optic.
  13. I wound up just buying a JP barrel. The PSA had so-so accuracy anyways.
  14. I was shooting my PSA barrel for the first time at a SC club match, and had a reload (1.1 OAL) have hard manual extraction at the end of the stage. The bullet got stuck in the rifling, and I had to finish the match with someone's else PCC because I couldn't find anyone with a rod to knock out the bullet. Apparently PSA barrels have tight throats! I have two options here: 1. Find someone to ream the barrel's throat out. 2. Buy a new barrel. I suspect #1 is going to be a lot cheaper than #2, but if there's someone who makes 9mm PCC barrels with good throats (preferably out to 1.16 COAL) that are ~$100, I'm game for that. Last resort is just spending the $200 on a 10.5" JP barrel, I guess. Unfortunately, I have no idea who to send the barrel to for reaming - recommendations?
  15. I bought an M3K "Freedom Series" last week and ran it at a 3GN match this past Sunday. No problems whatsoever with Winchester Super X 7.5 (1255fps?) and a few Centurion 2.75" slugs. Will probably send it in for MOA upgrades if I do more matches, but out of the box, it was pretty impressive. Didn't feel undergunned in the slightest, didn't have any complaints about the control sizes, and it pointed surprisingly well for how little time I had on it. Stock isn't my favorite, but that may be unfamiliarity.
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