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  1. I am in no hurry. I was just curious if there are any out there and what people think about them. The set up I have now is good, but I would like to try even more short stroke than I can get with it.
  2. Thinking about getting one of the new Taccom ESSB short stroke bolts. Was wondering if anyone has experience with one. I am currently using a JP SS bolt and the original JP two screw trigger. but like the idea of how Taccom has recut the ramp to help reset. Any info would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks, Sarge! Does anyone have first hand experience with xtreme 115 hpcb round nose in a PCC?
  4. I shot coated bullets (several different brands) in my PCC and found massive amounts of lead in the comp. Switched to JHP's and the comp stays nice and clean. Do plated bullets work the same as JHP's or does the plating strip/burn off as with coated bullets?
  5. This is the only sport where you are penalized for perfection.
  6. H5 carrier with 5 tungsten weighs 11.7 oz. JP SS enhanced bolt weighs 13.4 oz. Total reciprocating mass = 25.1 oz.
  7. I watched a video from Cain arms showing a +5 base for magpul. Maybe they could make a longer one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgl8bWC5o2Q Also I think ZEV makes an extension that fits between the bottom of the mag body and the baseplate.
  8. I would try a large frame glock lower (QC-10) and run 10mm barrel. should give you plenty of power for ranch defense and the cases are straight walled so no rim to jam up in mag. .45 was always the round of choice for bowling pins.
  9. I’m not fast but I am accurate I’m old so............accuracy is all I have. +1 on that
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. I learned something today.
  11. I have read many posts that state the use of anti-roll trigger/hammer pins. Could someone please educate me as to why this is important. I get the fact that you don't want the pins to be sloppy loose or able to fall out but why anti-roll?
  12. I am considering using a 7.5" barrel with their shroud with mid-barrel brake . I would machine a hole in the top of the hand guard to vent the gas. I am thinking the fire retardant aspect might be a good thing. Mostly interested if anybody used one of the G10 guards. Thx
  13. So I'm looking at Taccom's handguards for my AR9 PCC. Notice they offer two different matierials. G10 and carbon fiber. I know about carbon fiber but not G10. Anybody have experience with G10? Weight/strength differences if any? I kind of like the look of the G10 from the pictures. Any info appreciated. Thx. https://taccom3g.com/product/ultralight-handguard/
  14. My buddy had the same issue with his CMMG bolt. Some of the pins don't have much tension. Just go to your local hardware store and get a new roll pin. Knock out the old one and replace it with new. make sure the pin is centered and not sticking out. Should take care of the problem.
  15. The reason the ejector is loose is because the bolt that secures it is a little too long and it bottoms out in the hole before it pinches the ejector tightly. Take the bolt out and remove a little material from the tip until it secures the ejector. Then make sure the ejector does not drag against the bolt. It can be bent outward if needed. My QC-10 Glock lower works flawlessly, I would buy again if I needed one. Hope this helps.
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