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  1. Have you tried the lower weight striker springs that came with the HBI trigger kit? Springs first, polish all contact points in trigger bar,striker and disconnector Other than that you would need to start changing sear/striker geometry (not recommended) On a side note: G17 recoil springs go to coilbind .070" before full slide travel in my P-10F (just saying)
  2. Anybody know the weight of the wilson fs grip module with the armory craft tungsten weights installed. Also if this module is legal with a larger magwell opening, is the legion magwell legal now? Inquiring minds want to know.
  3. Cavy

    X5 Legion accuracy

    Would the fact that the Legion has a weaker firing pin spring account for the difference?
  4. Cavy

    X5 Legion accuracy

    Could someone please explain "pre tension" I am not sure what it is or what SIG may have changed?
  5. I had many light strikes with CCI BR4 Bench rest Small rifle primers. Come to find out they use a thicker cup. I have had no issues with other small pistol magnums or small rifle primers.
  6. In the owners manual under specs it says 1in 10. Mine likes 124/5's better than 147's also.
  7. I also have run a railway on several guns including my current PCC. Very reliable. No riser needed. I prefer an 8min dot. It is a good size for USPSA distances. 0-100 yds.
  8. Cavy

    320 Light Strikes

    Yeah, The primers I was having an issue with were CCI BR4 bench rest small rifle. Went back to standard Win. small pistol and problem went away. Thanks, Randy P.S. I found this spring at Midwest Gun Works. https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/1300979-R Doesn't specify (Legion only) so probably the stiffer spring.
  9. Cavy

    320 Light Strikes

    Thanks, I have heard the same thing about the striker spring. I have loaded up some more ammo with small pistol primers and will retest. Just to make sure there isn't something else going on. My trigger is right at 3lbs. and I don't want to change that if I don't have to.
  10. Cavy

    320 Light Strikes

    I found out yesterday my Legion will not reliably fire ammo loaded with CCI small rifle primers. No issues with Fed srp. ( I ran out of small pistol primers)
  11. Had that happen to my CMMG bolt, Go to the hardware store and get a replacement pin. The ones that some MFG use are really weak. Install the new pin and if it moves again drive a smaller pin inside the larger pin to increase tension. Be careful if you leave the weight out as you may beat the crap out of your buffer.
  12. Cavy

    X5 Legion accuracy

    You are not the first person that has said that. Any idea why that is? What is different?
  13. Cavy

    X5 Legion accuracy

    Just picked up a new P320 X5 Legion. Nice gun but I am not thrilled with the accuracy. It is O.K. but I really would have thought it would be better. Does anyone know what the twist rate is? I don't see it listed in the specs. I like to shoot 135 or 147 gr coated, not so much 125 or 115. Thanks
  14. I am in no hurry. I was just curious if there are any out there and what people think about them. The set up I have now is good, but I would like to try even more short stroke than I can get with it.
  15. Thinking about getting one of the new Taccom ESSB short stroke bolts. Was wondering if anyone has experience with one. I am currently using a JP SS bolt and the original JP two screw trigger. but like the idea of how Taccom has recut the ramp to help reset. Any info would be appreciated.
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