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  1. I love my roller handle. Had the joys of making it myself.
  2. I got my primers in today from powder valley. Wahoo.
  3. He said about a month to get it. But his partner already had his FFL to sell guns.
  4. that I honestly don’t know. I think his partner was working on it before he got into it.
  5. I wish him the best of luck with it. I have another buddy that’s been doing it for a few years now. He is doing ok with it. But it’s not his main job.
  6. I like the 650 and make ammo just for me. I could not imagine pulling the handle all day on one to just sell it.
  7. him and his buddy already had the presses so the just got the ffl to do so. I would of opted and got the bigger press and less headache. Well arm ache
  8. yes. He said he didn’t want to get the 1050 or mark 7 yet. Basically he is doing that to test out the water, see if they can make any money doing it. So far they have a deal with a local indoor range to make them ammo. If working out good he said he will upgrade.
  9. I was thinking that myself. I told my buddy that. He and another guy are starting up manufacturing ammo. I told him just as easy to dump them in. And this in on a 650.
  10. I drove 20 minutes down the road to pick mine up. Plus had a buddy that is a manufacturer order me 4000 124gr 9mm last week should be here this week.
  11. My buddy asked me if there is such a thing as an automatic primer feeder that attaches to the press. I guess like a bullet feeder or case feeder. I know there is the Dillon primer feeder and double alpha. But can you hook them up to a press? Has anyone done it? Other options.
  12. Definitely going to be practicing that one. Great video
  13. awesome I can’t want to get it in my hands.
  14. I am going to have him build me a short block. Then have Jeff Abernathy finish it up for my since I am friends with him. I can’t wait to get started on it. I have a STI plastic grip and aluminum 80% that I was going to build but I came across Glen’s stuff and changed directions.
  15. Very nice looking guns there. Oh I can’t wait to get started on mine.
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