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  1. I just got it Saturday from a guy on Facebook by the name of Karl Bibb. I already loaded up about 500 rounds of 223. He has been making them for a while now.
  2. I am up in nc. It might make it down there. Lol.
  3. I was thinking about one for a while, but the price like you said. They I purchased a 3D printed one. A little tweaking on it being printed. But otherwise it’s great. I got the 233,308,9mm and 40 cal for a lot less then the Mr. Bulletfeeder
  4. My buddy has the 50 cal. I may start helping him to reload for it. The 20mm I have the barrel , brass and some projectiles. Need to get the tax stamp before I can start building it.
  5. Was bored at work so I made a little depriming set of for the 50cal and the 20mm brass that I have.
  6. not really looking for legal advice. Just checking with all the upgrades that have been done if anyone has heard from them.
  7. yes i do get it. Once I make one I will show what I did. I NEVER said I would advertise it on here or sell it on here. I said I will have them on eBay. what if someone messages me ? Is that ok?
  8. I will post it on here once I am done and have it on eBay for anyone to buy. I read and understand the classified rules.
  9. when I say make it different I mean literally machine a new part and add my modification to it. Which they do not offer. Already called and they don’t make it. I know it’s tough not really knowing what I am wanting to do, without sharing that information here. But I don’t want it copied.
  10. Take a dillon part and make it a little different then sell it.
  11. I have a 650 and I want to modify a part on it and sell it. Is there any legal repercussions fir doing that. I know there are so many modification for it. Has anyone ever heard from dillon about that.
  12. I have shot my uncles gun that is built up that's why I went with this gun. I will look up EGW and infinity. What don't you like about STI
  13. I just switched up to Varmint powder for my competition gun cheap and works good I am using bulk 55gr and 24grs of Varmint powder
  14. I just purchased a canadian made p16-40, it came with one factory mag with an extension and 2 mec gar mags with regular bases. I want to make the gun into a competition gun. I was thinking STI internals and don't know what is a good grip safety or ambi safety. Also I don't know what sights i want to put on it(no red dots or scope) i was thinking fiber optic. Pros? cons? Next thing is the mags what is a good mag well and base extensions that would work on the Canadian Para?
  15. and that's why i love dillion i sent you guys an email the other day and got a confirmation saying they shipped out today. What i found out was the primer seating punch was stuck up about .080 of an inch. I took that apart well the spring off the back and blew some air in it, i believe there was some powder in it causing it to stick up. Played with that for a few minutes and put back together and it works great now. I can still reload on the press missing the indexer, it's like running a 550 now instead of a 650.
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