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  1. I have a set of full checkered thin Lok's and imo they have more bite than the aluminum extremes.
  2. Will they also be at the NRA show in April ?
  3. Depends on caliber. My 10mm does not. I was told the 9mm does.
  4. My question to them was do you have a limited pro in 10mm. Answer was next month. I then asked if they had limited pro's in both large and small frames. Awnser was what I had in quotes in my previous post. I'm not sure about 45's, but the limited pro was previously available in 10mm. If the limited pro is now coming in both small and large frame as i was told, then more options are definitely a good thing imo.
  5. Here is some information I was given from IFG regarding frame size and caliber. " 9 and 40 will be available in both small and large. 38, 10, and 45 large only. "
  6. Out of curiosity was your trigger pin for the cz or did it specifically say canik? Mine didn't fit as tight as I thought they should and then found out I had the wrong ones for Tanfo's.
  7. That explains why the three I bought dont fit as tight as I thought they should. I went and looked and mine are the version for the CZ's.
  8. ^^^^^^^^^ You recall correctly...
  9. Wolff 20lb recoil spring Wolff 18lb hammer spring EGW Flat bottom firing pin stop Dawson fo sight I have also done 20lb on the hammer spring and 18lb on the recoil spring on a SA model (It won't effect trigger weight) But bad idea on a DA gun as the DA pull is way to heavy. And the only guide rod I have ever seen for the 6 inch guns is the factory piece. My gold match extreme has the same as the Hunter.
  10. Yes that is exactly why. And thank you. I have been thinking of getting the + 10% springs and now I definitely will. Any recommended technique to properly spread the mag lips?
  11. Mine is 2017 production. Looks more like the one on the right
  12. Stock II 10mm 2017 production around 400 rounds fired. Breech face has been chamfered and polished. Feed ramp has also been polished. Randomly throughout a mag a round will eject and the next round will not feed. A slight pull and release on on slide and it will chamber. This mainly happens with gold dots ,but has occurred with fmj's also. All factory ammo and it happens with multiple mags. Sometimes the round is not straight but slightly canted towards the ejection port (possibly caused by the slide stop ?) All mag springs are stock (possible weak springs?) it has a conefit guide rod, 20lb Wolff recoil spring, 18lb hammer spring and a EGW FBFPS. I have also trimmed the ejector. I have searched other threads to try to eliminate the most common issues.
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