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  1. That is a Vortex branded mount manufactured by Seekins Precision. Seekins just put them on their website this week: http://www.seekinsprecision.com/parts-and-accessories/scope-rings/mxm-scope-mount-2.html I have one, it is an outstanding mount. I like the design because there are no large nuts or throw levers protruding from the side to get hung on dump barrels, etc. Seekins is good to go, they have been making rings and bases for precision rifles for years.
  2. Update: I picked up a Razor HD 1-6 with the Mil reticle. Absolutely love this scope! Finally got to the range today and put some rounds on steel out to 400 yards. It was really easy to see the hits, I think the uncluttered reticle has something to do with that. I am truly impressed with the field of view, the clarity of the glass and the simplicity of the reticle. Illumination is really nice too. Thanks for all the input, folks!
  3. Can you provide a link? Spent some time searching youtube to no avail...
  4. I had a charging handle latch pin break during a stage once. Bothersome, but not ultimately not a huge deal. I've switched to Mega Slide Lock charging handles and havent had a problem since.
  5. 2 30 round PMags coupled with magpul coupler and MagPod base pads make for a rock steady monopod setup.
  6. Just a little background on me, I live in Texas and shoot mostly outlaw-type matches that have more intermediate and long range targets than close up hoser bay type stuff. I've been running a Burris XTR II 1-5 with the mil reticle, but want to upgrade to at least 6x on the top end. 8x would be even better, and I've been waiting on some reviews of the new XTR II 1-8 that just came out. To be honest, I really feel that Burris missed the mark by releasing the FFP option with another cheesy BDC reticle. The dot reticle in the SFP 1-8x actually looks like the better option of the two, but SFP in an 8x scope is a big disadvantage. I like the capped and uncapped options on the XTR, but feel like the SFP option would not work well because a lot of shooting would be done in the 4-6 power range because of field of view issues and loosing targets with too much magnification. SO, I'm considering 2 options within my budget: The gold standard Vortex HDII with mil reticle, or the Primary Arms 1-8x Platinum with mil reticle. Seeking some guidance here, but is the extra 2x going to be a help or a hinderance? Certainly, the wide field of view and the simplicity of the Vortex reticle is something to think about. The PA circle dot is bright and a good option on the low end, with clearly marked 2 mil increment drops and 1 mil windage markings on the high end. Reticle can also be used at any power without worry becasue it's FFP. A lot of you here shoot a lot more comps than I do, so I value any input you may provide.
  7. Check out the new Burris XTR II 1-5x24. Street price is around $700 with daylight visible illumination. Lots of good info here: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=194798
  8. Which vendor are you guys getting these from? Who has the best price?
  9. Can you tell me where you purchased a thinner windage knob? I cant find anything on google.
  10. Found this over on the hide: First pic I've seen of the new 1-8.5x
  11. I'm hoping more info on the 1-8.5x is coming soon. Sounds like a great optic.
  12. Thanks for the insight, Seth. I have a LaRue OBR, with a 20 MOA built in rail. I do have enough travel in the elevation turret to get to 1200 yards with the Nightforce. I was worried that at 10x, I would have trouble spotting misses and making corrections so I went ahead and ordered the Bushnell. I'm very impressed with the elite tactical 1-6.5x24 that I got last week. The glass is just as good, if not better that my NF. I've heard nothing but good things about the HDMR, and I really think the combination of higher magnification and the christmas tree reticle will prove to be better. I could hold wind and elevation with it, or dial and be able to spot misses and more accurately dial correction with that type of reticle.
  13. Ok, I'm going to shoot a 3gun/precision rifle match in a couple of weeks. It's carbine, pistol, and precision rifle with targets to 1000 yards. I've shot my setup (Larue OBR Heavy/NF 2.5-10x32) out to 500, but thats it. I know that I will most likely not place well in the match, because LR shooting is something that is pretty new to me. I'm doing it for the experience and exposure to LR shooting, and hope to learn a lot. I'm worried that my Nightforce may be inadequate for 700-1000 yards. Particularly, the NP-R2 reticle with 2MOA verticle hashes and 5 MOA horizontal hashes. It has the zero stop, so I shouldn't get lost when dialing. The turrets are 10MOA per turn, but it's gonna take 4 complete revolutions plus some to get to 1000k. I can use holdovers to 425 yards with my ammo, but thats it. Anything farther than that, and I will have to dial it out. The one thing that I know will happen with this match is multiple targets at varying range, and thats where I feel my equipment is going to limit my speed and efficiency. I've been looking really hard at the Bushnell HDMR with G2DMR because #1 I can actually afford one, and #2 it has a very useable reticle for holdovers. The 3-21 power is a big plus too. Just looking at the .5 mil hashes on the vertical stadia, holdovers would be possible with this scope to 900 or so. As long as the wind is not blowing more than 10 mph, I could use windage holds as well with this optic. It just seems that this type of reticle makes sense for competition and practical use. I've been thinking about replacing the NF anyway, but should I just shoot the match with what I've got or go for the HDMR? Thoughs, guidance, words of wisdom? Again, I'm new to precision rifle shooting, so my logic may be flawed!
  14. I'm all paid up, can't wait. Sounds like it will be a whole lot of fun and for a good cause. I'm a little worried as this will be the first time I have shot past 500 with my .308! Will those that have sent an email and paid through the site get some kind of confirmation? Also, directions or an address for the match location?
  15. This is my experience as well. On the highest setting, the reticle is a bit dim on a cloudless day, but you can still see the red. It doesnt bother me a bit because of how large and distinct the horseshoe and center dot is. Its still very fast transitioning target to target without the reticle lit. Overall, I'm very pleased with mine and don't regret the purchase at all.
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