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  1. i was looking back into my stoeger today, thinking about getting a new/larger extension tube, and while looking through he MOA site saw that they now sell a heavy bolt system for the m300 that supposedly increases reliability with light loads. i have no experience with it or affiliation to the company just thought i would add other "possible" remedies!
  2. i ended up grabing a strike eagle for a great price so i will just shoot limited and have to spend more money on my pistol...oh shucks
  3. Factory = Limited Practical = Tactical optics
  4. Hi guys, i am looking at getting an optic for my AR for 3-gun, i will be shooting factory but cant decide between a red dot with a 2 moa circle and a red dot with a BDC. below are some of the optics i am looking at since i just sold my Vortex viper 1-4 pst (reason i sold the PST was because it was MOA, all my other scopes are Mil and it is easier to have all my scopes run the same system): Conventional red dot: Primary arms MD-ADS (http://www.primaryarms.com/primary-arms-advanced-micro-dot-with-push-buttons-and-up-to-50k-hour-battery-life-md-ads) Vortec Sparc AR (http://www.primaryarms.com/sparc-ar-red-dot-2-moa-bright-red-dot-spc-ar1) Trijicon MRO (http://www.primaryarms.com/trijicon-mro2-0-moa-adjustable-red-dot-with-lower-1-3-co-witness-mount-mro-c-2200006) BDC red dot: Holosun 503G w/ acss reticle (http://www.primaryarms.com/holosun-paralow-hs503g-red-dot-sight-acss-reticle-hs503g-acss) or should i just get another 1-x scope and shoot practical/tac ops. my reasoning for going to a red dot is because i dont run mag extensions on my AR or glock magazines so i will be at a little bit of a handy cap in tac ops. also i shoot my glock in uspsa so i would need to have a bunch of different sized magazines for each competition. let me know what you guys think!
  5. anyone have any issues getting their extractor pin out? im not sure it would be a good idea to add heat to the bolt head to try and remove it.
  6. just picked up a 1st gen M3K from cabelas here in denver for 499, took it out to Kiowa for some sporting clays and man was it a great investment! got a benelli extractor/spring, a hi-vis front sight and a cheek ezz in the mail. cant wait to start tickering! already trimmed the butt pad and it shoulders MUCH better, shot it better than my buddies benelli ethos, but that gun is on a totally different level.
  7. DHwreckage

    Sig P320

    Short answer, yes. SHOT is around the corner.... i cant wait, and thanks for the quick reply.
  8. DHwreckage

    Sig P320

    Does anyone know if they are going to be coming out with a competition version of the P320 in 2016, or what gray guns and sig is trying to develop? im thinking about switching platforms to the P320 (coming from glock) because of how module the grips are and how easy it would be to set up one gun for limited and production and carry. The grip also looks like if would fit in my hand much better. anyone have any insight
  9. when trying to better my glock 17 trigger i first got a glock "-" connector, lighter pull but really mushy break. to fix the mushy break people usually use a increased weight trigger return spring. i actually bought the TTI kit instead cause i wanted to lower the striker spring weight and safety plunger too. I wouldn't listen to all the people saying their trigger is 1911 like because you are NEVER going to get a glock trigger to feel the same way with all the internal safeties we have. i tried a $5,000 nighthawk and a built 2011 the other weekend and lets just say it ruined the upgraded trigger on my glock for me which is MUCH better than stock. DK has a really good following for his triggers along with vanek, but DK is always around on here so might want to give his a try but do NOT expect a 1911 trigger whatever you do. i regret going the long way with the connector then the tti kit (not that i dont like the TTI kit, it is WAY better than stock and only $44) because i will most likely end up with one of DKs kits since his has reduced pre-travel that is USPSA legal when i get a new 34 or 35. i guess i could just get a new trigger bar from him though......
  10. DHwreckage

    Glock 24 versus 35

    its comparable to the 17L (long slide 9mm)
  11. not during a match i was shooting fast drills at a club by me, thats why they were to slide lock.
  12. I just wanted to see if anyone is or was having issues with the slide not locking back on an empty magazine. i use a G17 right now for USPSA production and while doing some fast drills yesterday my slide would not lock back. i think the main issue is my high grip doesnt let the extended slide move, it doesnt happen 100% of the time and when i hold it low it locks back on empty. just wanted to get some peoples 2 cents on the subject. i have a stock G17 slide stop on the way to see if that helps.
  13. the lightened striker (with extended tip) allows you to reliably use reduced power striker springs. using reduced power striker springs is the most effective way to reduce trigger pull weight. but a reduced power striker spring with a stock striker 'can' cause light primer strikes. just some FYI a stock striker spring is 5.5lbs and it has been said you can use a 4.5-5.0lb spring without light strikes but each glock is different, i have been lucky with my 4.5lb spring but will be getting a jager or IDP lightened striker so i don't have to worry about light strikes!
  14. i believe he is using a heavier than stock return spring to reduce pull weight a tiny bit. but i think the main thing it does is make the 3.5lb connectors feel less mushy. I have the Taran Tactical kit and it was a million miles ahead of stock but that includes changing out the striker spring and safety plunger spring too. Comparing apples to oranges here with connectors but when i swapped my 'dot' for a 'minus' the trigger was super mushy and the trigger return spring cleaned that break up quite a bit.
  15. the only reason that i can see to get a drop in after market barrel is for shooting lead or if you like cool colors.; if you want better accuracy i think you are going to have to get a gunsmith fitted barrel.
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