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  1. I took the last year or so off from 3 gun. Now that I am getting back into the game I see a lot of discussion on the latest and greatest 16 stretch barrel. Can someone give me some info on what it is, why everyone is using them, and who has the best/most cost effective versions? Thanks
  2. It looks great, but I am surprised that this was "cost effective". I use a Clic Gear 3.5 for golf, and I here in the states they are $200+. Doing the same thing with a used or even new stroller might have saved you some money. Before I built my stroller for 3 gun I often thought about doing exactly what you did. It is nice to see that is would have worked. Way to think outside the box!
  3. Here is my cart updated and finally done!
  4. LOVE IT!!! Thanks! I hope I don't get made fun of at the next match I show up at with all my zombieness
  5. I have only shot a few 3 Gun matches but after reading this thread I decided that it was time to go ahead a build my own. I started with a used in step jogging stroller for $20. Painted it matte black and added some ATV gun racks. It looked good but I felt something was missing...but what? I decided I would go ahead and give it a theme. With all the zombie crazed people out there I figure what is more zombie defense than a child's stroller holding semiautomatic weapons! I went and got some "zombie green" paint and let my artistic side take over. I might have to take my nephew trick or
  6. I just got mine back from having some nice new chrome applied.
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