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  1. Cant do kydex because the thumb rest is where the mount for the belt would be and would push the pistol more than the allowed 2 inches from the belt. Flashlights are not authorized and while it may not be an actual flashlight it would only cause problems at matches when people see it. I have been making changes and using my 3D printer with the current holster to ensure that the trigger area is covered. It is not perfect yet.
  2. Do you happen to own a P320? I am wondering if the P320 can fit in the ghost holster. Since it all comes down to trigger guard size, from the holsters I have been playing with, they are not hard to modify to accept different weapons for the most part. If not, we can talk off line to see if I can mail you one of my lowers and you let me know what you see as to fitting in the ghost holster.
  3. thanks for taking the time to respond. I am surprised that your glock will not fit with the DAA holster. When I was talking with DAA they said "Shane Coley is using our Alpha X holster in conjunction with the SJC frame weight, from the pictures I have seen it appears that he has made no modification to the holster. I have reached out to him via Facebook messenger but I am yet to hear back from him." I also sent him a message on FB, it shows he read it but never responded. Sadly Ghost does not make a holster for the P320 and I dont really have the funds to order one just to see if it could fit.
  4. Recently I received an SJC Frame weight with thumb rest for the P320. My goal is to post a full review here of this product showing any recoil reduction, pro's, con's etc. The aspect that I am working on now is a holster. Since I am using a thumb rest I have to go towards a race holster. As well the frame weight rests below the rail section so when looking into a race holster, I have to find one where it is possible to remove material below the trigger guard. Just so you get a visual of what I have to do, here is an example of a member where who modified a DAA Racer to fit the frame weight for his glock. I currently have a Guga Ribas holster that I have been modifying to work but there are a few other holsters out there that I am interested in trying. Sadly due to my location, I have no access to any of these holsters to see if they will work with the P320. I also do not have the funds to purchase these holsters just to see if they will work. I will gladly pay for shipping and a extra few bucks if someone is willing to send me out one of these holsters so I can test (without removing material of course) and I will send back! I know many P320 owners here also own other pistols they use for USPSA IDPA or 3-Gun so I would like to see if anyone has any of the following holsters that could provide some insight as to if the P320 could fit and other follow on questions I may have. I understand that these holsters do not offer specific versions for the P320 but that does not mean that they will not work. - Safariland 014 - DAA Race Master or Alpha-X (really looking into the insert for the P320 or P320X5 to see how much material can be removed from under the rail. They also have an insert for the P226X5 with XMount but I am not sure if the P320 would fit in a 226 insert) - Super Ghost Ultimate - Black Scorpion Master or Grand Master pro (these are hard to find info on. I have contacted the company and offered to send my grip to them, waiting to hear back) - CR Speed (these say universal for the WSM2 but still have you select a type of firearm. I have heard of people using shims to make it work. - DAA Racer (I would have purchased this already as the picture above and posts on this site show it works but they do not make one for the P320 specifically but maybe one they offer might fit.) If I missed any that you recommend I look into, please let me know and thank you in advance for the help.
  5. I would wait on the conversion kit. There is nothing wrong with shooting limited minor when getting into the sport. It will make you really focus on hitting Alphas as you loose more points than major PF once you hit outside the A zone. I ran limited minor for a long time before I moved to Major and don't regret it at all. With your set up you can run Limited, CO and I "think" production if you remove the magwell so shoot the living out of the Sig for a few seasons. Advice that I have received time and time again is to shoot your current set up until your skill level out preforms the capabilities of the weapon, then look at upgrading. Just like any other passion, sport hobby etc, money will not make you an expert, time and dedication. If you were handed Max's Open Division pistol, it would not win nationals for you. I have seen people with glocks and other more popular weapons out preform those with 2011's in limited division. Here are some other items you can consider investing in other than parts for your sig. I personally own all of these items I am recommending and stand behind them 100%. Dry Fire Target Kit: http://benstoegerproshop.com/scaled-dryfire-target-kit-including-uspsa-metric-targets-poppers-mini-poppers-and-dots/ Dry Fire Drills Book: (Ben Stoeger does offer a book and targets combo but I highly recommend this book for those new to the sport but both books are outstanding) http://forums.brianenos.com/store/product/7-refinement-and-repetition-dry-fire-drills-for-dramatic-improvement-by-steve-Anderson/ MantisX Training System: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GF81M5W/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Shot timer (this is way cheaper than the usual shot timer and I recommend this for individual use for training, leave the more costly timers for down the road): http://lasrapp.com/store/rangetech-shot-timer
  6. If you look at the top of the page of the link you will see it says "Sig Sauer LE/Military P320 Full-Size Caliber Exchange Kits". They do have non program discount items at the following link with a disclaimer of "We are SIG SUAERS largest LE/military distributor, but occasionally we make special buys through commercial channels of firearms we can sell to the general public. The weapons listed below are limited availability." http://www.quanticotactical.com//ASP/manuDetail.asp?CMNum=238 I only know this because I order most of my Sig stuff with them since I am military and the company is great to deal with. The are military and LEO dealers for other companies as well and offer a lot of commercial sale items but for Sig it is next to non sadly for commercial sales.
  7. Keep in mind that the items on Quantico Tactical are for those that qualify for the Military and LE program. The PELT2 will lower the trigger pull slightly but no where near as much as the Comp trigger kit that they sell. If you get lucky enough to order one before they sell out I highly recommend it. Also take note of your finger placement on the trigger as the higher you set your finger on the trigger the more weight it takes, I personally place my finger mid to low on the trigger. Factory ammo is always a trial and error until you find the what feels best for you. Before I started reloading I personally shot Blazer 124 and 147. After a while I ran 124 only as the 147 did not produce results above the 124 to justify the additional cost and where I am it was not as easy to come by. I recommend waiting on the APEX trigger bar until after you receive the GG comp trigger kit. I think you will find that the GG trigger kit will be everything you are looking for. If you search in this section there are some people who have installed the APEX trigger bar and there is mixed reviews. I "think" some had issues with it pushing the trigger forward more than they would like. I did not read into it to much since with the GG trigger I am beyond happy and have no need at this time to adjust any other aspect of the trigger. You both are on a great start and sharing information like this is what I love about this sport. Most shooters don't hide any special hidden secrets, we enjoy sharing and helping others grow. I remember my first match I attended I was talking to a fellow shooter who is a Grand Master. When sign up started he paid my entry fee and made sure we were on the same squad that day. He gave me pointers before each stage, watched me run the stage and gave feedback. It was something that really stuck with me and I do my best to "pay it forward" by helping out those I can with what information I have.
  8. No need to apologize, we have all be in your shoes at some point in the past and many here will gladly help just do some research before starting new threads with a simple one line question (this does not apply to this post). There is a lot of historical threads with invaluable information so take some time to browse the Sig threads. The SP and GG guide rods are going to be the same for the most part. GG does make a fat guide rod that prevents spring binding. I personally have used SP but I would have no issues with using either companies. Yes the guide rod is toolless. You remove your slide from the FCU and pull out the guide rod and spring, it is just like installing and removing your factory recoil spring. Search YouTube and you will see numerous videos on these.
  9. Guide rod and spring I would highly recommend. The tungsten guide rod will add 3.4oz and set you back about $100. The steel rod weighs 1.6oz and is about $20. The only other thing I would recommend is an extended mag release. There are many other parts you can get but focus on shooting and only look for parts when you identify a need for improvement with your weapon. I also shoot Limited with a P320 and will be more than happy to provide any input or advise, don't hesitate to shoot me a message. You can shoot your P320 in Limited Major without having to by another weapon. Purchase a caliber exchange kit in 40 s&w and your set. Granted it will not be the X5 slide but replace the sights with a set of Dawson comp front and rear and you are all set. I have a 9mm set up for 3 Gun and a 40s&w for USPSA.
  10. I agree completely. I have one and it was night and day after installing. I even polished all internals of my FCU and it did not make a "huge" difference because Bruce has put so much attention to detail in creating these kits.
  11. Sig0431

    320 Light Strikes

    personally I have never had that issuer in over 4 years of shooting with a P320. I have used factory ammo, my own reloaded ammo with Federal Match, CCI and Winchester primers. If you did have this issue I am willing to bet Sig would fix it at no cost but I have not seen it on mine or others.
  12. Best upgrade..... this Forum! Answers to all my questions, insights and reviews on all matter XL 650 related haha For me, aside from what has already been mentioned I would say the Primer Stop Switch.
  13. Only one way to find out! Let us know how it goes when you receive your kit and install it haha
  14. I talked to Sig when I was going to order a caliper exchange kit from a company online. Anything with a date of Nov 2018 and after has the upgrade completed. All companies who owned any Sig pistols, exchange kits etc were informed to send the items back to be replaced with upgraded inventory. When in doubt as look for the Nov 2018 date
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