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  1. Those who have performed this mod please specify what tools, grit paper, polish, etc. you have used successfully. Thanks
  2. Looking for photos of loading port bevels and lifter extensions for the VM Competition Tactical. I would like to use C-Rums based on his price point but would like to see pics of how he opens it up. Thanks
  3. Mark,

    I thought I read a post in which you perform mods for the VersaMax Competition Tactical.  I've been shooting it stock and its time to "upgrade".  Thanks 



  4. I appreciate the replys, I'll buy a Nordic and keep the OEM as a spare.
  5. Is it adventagous to trim the OEM Versamax magazine spring when using the +2 to aid in loading? If so, what length and process do you recomend? Thanks
  6. Does anyone have an opinion on the glass quality of the Strike Eagle from Shot Show or elsewhere? It appears the question was posed on the actual site and answered by a Vortex rep who described the glass quality as that of the Diamondback line. I have never looked through a Diamondback series scope but considering it is close to Vortex's "lower end" I must say I was slightly disappointed although I'm sure it will remain competitively priced for a 1-6x....what say you?
  7. Very true. Great quote by Graham Smith as well.
  8. I've achieved some great milestones in my life and by some estimations "failed" many more. Now a few months from 40 years of age and the proud father of two hard chargers I enjoy passing along the wise words which have motivated me throughout the years. "I failed" is ten times more of a man than someone who says "What if", because "What if" has never entered the arena.
  9. Just ordered a CTR-02 with a JP/Syrac Gen2 so I can run suppressed for yotes when not 3gunning. Hopefully Syrac has the bugs worked out but if not at least I know JP will stand by "their" product.
  10. Thanks Kurt, I appreciate you checking. Looks like I should go light just to be safe.
  11. Yeah Kurt please let me know. Thanks for the reply Mick....so in your opinion you would go with the MB556K for double duty as a 3G rig and a suppressed SPR/DMR?
  12. Is anyone running a 18" JP light contour barrel with a Surefire MB556K muzzle break and suppressor? How is the muzzle control (non-suppressed) compared to the traditional JP muzzle break? Has anyone mounted a MB556K on a JP medium contour (.875) barrel and still been able to utilize the suppressor? I know it's a long shot but I thought I would ask, I haven't been able to reach anyone at JP. Thanks
  13. I have an older SLR DA7. No issues running cheap 55 and up to 77 SMK's. Great customer service as well.
  14. concentrate on your front sight every time you are ready to pull the trigger.
  15. Why do some club level matches have you document your division however when the scores come out everyone is lumped together....laziness? I am "new shooter" at this club and would like to address this issue in a tactful manner. Does anyone have a program that might make the scoring more feasible per division?
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