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  1. Pretty sure the manufacturer is not a poster in this thread. If you go to Taylor Freelance's site you will see they do not offer the Goliath for Colt mags at this time. They do offer a +10 extension and the "Theodore" a 66rnd Colt style mag assembly.
  2. Beef15

    Maintenance schedule for a Glock

    Lightweight striker springs need changing often IME. No sure on aftermarket recoil springs, only about 7-8k on my 11lb. Rate worked fine in two 17s with stock striker spring FWIW, one still is stock. The rest of the stuff is approaching 20k and seems to be working fine. Just watch for abnormal wear, I had to fix some early on.
  3. Beef15

    QC on loaded ammo

    I gauge them. They get no more inspection than watching the press, looking over the pile and whenever else they are handled. Seems to be sufficient. 10s of thousands, no ammo related stoppages since the hundo got added to the process.
  4. Beef15

    Silicone carbide grip

    I used JB Weld and ran it all the way to the bottom of the grip. I has chipped off in a few places up to maybe 3/8" above the magwell. 4 months, thousands of reloads, pretty sure if I had taped a line along the edge it would still be "pretty", sanding the entire area to be coated would probably have done some good as well.
  5. Beef15

    A flagged Classifier

    No, not accepted, never got a reply of any sort. Climbed out of C anyway.
  6. Warrantied my Viper this past spring, about 3k rounds, the glass moved from adhesive failure and zero shifted several feet. Turn around was about a week. Just now planning to play in CO again, we'll see how long it lasts.
  7. Beef15

    PSA 1/2X36????

    Ballistic Advantage offers both. I think 1/2x36 is more common looking at the 9mm muzzle devices available. The only plus to 1/2x28 IMO is using pistol cans.
  8. Beef15

    PCC start position ?

    There was an email a few months ago that said while they're not competing against pistols, it is not okay to have them start different, except you know, safety. Here we are: multibrief
  9. You sure the clunk is from the factory crimp die (FCD)? I've never experienced that, do get a clunk from cases sticking on expanders sometimes. The FCD can/will swage cast/coated bullets, usually a non-issue with plated/jacketed. You can take a dowel or brass punch and knock the carbide sizing ring out the bottom of the FCD, it's just a light press fit in there.
  10. Beef15

    Ammo Containers for the Range

    MTM here. Opaque, I like the translucent lid ones, but learned they will break if dropped. Harbor freight sells small plastic ammo cans that'll fit in a pack, 9x6x4 or so, had coupon for $2.99, so have those for bulk ammo needs like practice. I think the reg price is $5ish
  11. Beef15

    Budget or Used USPSA rigs

    What's the budget? Uncle Mike's competition belt is decent and pretty cheap. Ghost pouches are easy on the wallet. I like the 360 for bullets out, but you can get the bullets forward only model for about $5 less per iirc. Find a holster with a Bladetech bolt pattern, and get a Boss or Springer hanger for it.
  12. Most everyone I know loads minor between 128-135 power factor, gives a little buffer for chrono and usually somewhere in there is a load they prefer for whatever reason real or imagined. The only way to know if your bullets will tumble and keyhole around 850fps is to shoot them at that speed, I doubt they will. They should still be reliable at knocking down properly set poppers, the only loads I have seen struggle with that are 115s scraping the PF floor or possibly sub minor. Poorly set poppers can challenge even major PF. FWIW I liked to run coated 147s around 900fps, gave good accuracy across a few brands and guns.
  13. Beef15

    No love for the S&W M&P in USPSA

    This. M&Ps are at least as common as XDMs and Walthers in Production here. .40 however is not. I occasionally shoot my M&P40 in Limited.
  14. Beef15

    Greetings from North Carolina

    Howdy from N of W-S. Don't know Larry, only been messing with USPSA for a couple years. Rowan Practical Shooters in Salisbury, CGGR in Asheboro, Strategic Match Design at VIR, Sir Walter Raleigh N of Durham, and Supergrand Champ in Sanford, Devil Dog over by Raliegh, and Range e11even in Chesterfield SC all host matches within a couple hours, you can literally shoot every Saturday if you want to and an occasional Sunday.
  15. Beef15

    Glock 34 and coated bullets and upgrades questions

    Other than Blues I think fit matters more than thickness. I get tolerable fouling at .356, and really none at .357 with Hi Tek. Lubed lead runs fine at .358. Larger diameter bullets will increase gauge or chambering failures, especially with import brass. I clean somewhere between 2k and 6k when the action pieces start getting so carboned I can't stand it.