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  1. Apparently there's not enough GM level CO folks shooting classifiers to have HHF data unique to the division. When it was introduced with production plus whatever percentage there were even less. Like less than 10 GMs for a couple years.
  2. Clean shot, AA2, bullseye, titegroup, red dot, all good. I'd run 200, slightly cheaper, plenty soft, just as accurate.
  3. Who? Other than the folks that set it up, measures with a tape? You're not pacing off with that accuracy, any deviation in foot placement could equal or exceed that error, not sure many range finders are that on. I've seen many target stands allow that much fore an aft lean, "uh oh, wind blew he got a 8" advantage, toss the classifier" There are people that make it hard to enjoy this sport. Yes a line must be drawn somewhere, but less than 1% deviation is pretty dang good in an imperfect environment.
  4. Probably the best deal going if they ever come back in stock. SA Novak adj Put one on the 1911 I built, only complaint I have is I think I'd like a deeper notch. Can't really speak to durability yet, should be comparable to any other.
  5. Man I wish we had more Sunday matches. There's one within a couple hours every Saturday here. Two hours one way is a pretty hard limit for me Lvl 1, but I have closer options. I know people that travel further.
  6. I don't shoot a lot of majors, I have heard on several podcasts by those who do of taking several days to a week off practice or very easy before an important match to avoid injury to their hands. Many of those people speak of adjusting training intensity and frequency based on match schedule. I often hear speed and accuracy work determined by greatest perceived weakness, which tends to be how I determine what to focus on. Weather, illness, and lack of progress can all sap my enthusiasm for the next match.
  7. This. Though often I've already checked management page and noticed squadding was an option. Is it possible they're not getting the emails? Despite adding them to my contact list and repeatedly reporting "not junk" Outlook likes to junk file practiscore emails.
  8. I would just rely on the set screw. If I was really worried I'd make a shallow divot in the slide for it to dig into. You can tighten a dovetail fit of metal items by peening. In this case the mount, take a punch make a few divots in the bottom of the dovetail it will displace metal and snug it up. The angle of the punch has some bearing in how much metal is displaced.
  9. Very close. Used this. Have done two grips, probably enough grit to do dozens.
  10. I used the 60 grit off Amazon. Coarser would've been ok, would not go finer. Clean grip, sanding and cleaning again will help adhesion, mask borders, paint on glue, sprinkle on grit, pull masking, let set. I've used JB weld, was hard to get smooth, and some clear gorilla glue that was easy.
  11. Depends. Within a day's drive, can get the time off, doesn't interfere with other plans, sure. Airfare, multiple hotel days, more time off than I wanna spend, probably not. If I were in contention to win my division I'd likely raise the expense/inconvenience threshold some.
  12. This. My bottleneck ARs just sit these days.
  13. We had a new high roof carport installed for about a grand. I built a pretty large tin roof pole barn for half that, maybe less, with siding.
  14. If it is actually bump firing hold it tight against your shoulder and hold the pistol grip tight.
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