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  1. Beef15

    Which Beavertail Grip Safety

    I have the first two. Shooting I notice little difference. If I sit and hold them and think too much about it I like the EB's feel slightly. Got the EGW for a frame with undersize tangs. I might be able to get some pics up tomorrow.
  2. Beef15

    Prescription for Carry Optics

    I'm near sighted a bit, still manage 20/20 on dumb wall charts for my med card. Distance script for CO, dot's very sharp that way, not so without, polarized doesn't matter. Some polarized lenses, have issues with some tablets when scoring.
  3. Beef15

    Shooting glasses lens color advantage?

    Burnt orangish/copper, browns, and red/pink seem to pretty dramatically increase my red/green contrast. Makes a green fiber "pop" don't notice any major differences with red sights optic or fiber, but it's been a long time since I looked at one with another tint. Never messed with a green lense that wasn't super dark, blue makes everything dull/flat for me.
  4. Beef15

    Classifier set up and throwing out

    I haven't seen one tossed. I have seen them fixed and reshot. I'm sure some have had errors that went unnoticed. The few have been caught have been pre match or by the first squad, MDs always jump right to straightening it out.
  5. Most are using Hitek. Blue doesn't and they work fine for me at a diameter that leads bad with any other coating. Profile and diameter may make a difference in performance in your gun, it may function better or be more accurate with a certain one. Buy the cheapest one that does what you want.
  6. Beef15


    One of mine will. One of mine won't reliably, but from reading this one is an anomaly, extended striker would surely fix it.
  7. Beef15

    I am diving into the PCC pool

    It's solid. Thousands of rounds of 5.56, 1500 rounds of 9mm, not a complaint one about my minimalist for range/game use. Bought it for the weight savings, kept it because it does the job.
  8. Three years in this game. Worst I've seen is bad 180s, scariest have been at the end of a course of fire, people falling out of bounds or whatever and seemingly forgetting they have a gun at all, waving it wildy and unnecessarily. Most DQ offenses don't cause me to think that guys out of control.
  9. Beef15

    Getting fit?

    For what you're concerned with dryfire 15-30 minutes a day. If you want to accelerate the process get some dumbbells, just a cheap adjustable set will do. Don't overload cause ego. Do a balanced upper body: arm, shoulder, chest, and back routine. You can do everything in one day or a body part or two a day, make a schedule, hit everything twice a week. Not super intense but you do want to feel some muscle fatigue and get the heart rate up. You can do bodyweight stuff, but I can't stay motivated for that alone. Cardio, is a good idea, proper eating can make amazing changes in areas you'd never believe.
  10. Yes upper holes. The instructions say upper holes for all but the shortest bullets as it let's the stack fall a little further and tap the bullet down more.
  11. Beef15

    1911 Maintenance for Dummies

    They really aren't. Buy a decent gun. Clean it sometimes, keep it lubed, change the springs on some sort of schedule, use good mags. The detail strip and reassembly is really not complicated, there are a bunch of videos if you get lost though. Learn to fit an extractor, it is a spring and a wear item, and probably the #1 cause of problems in a gun that was working right no one messed with, they give lots of problems if not tuned right or worn out/broken. They get a little to a lot complicated when you decide to start changing things beyond grips, sights, and springs.
  12. Beef15

    Spring rate for Glock 17

    I use an 11lb in my Production and CO G17s, works fine. 133pf, Production gun is for sure stock striker spring, CO might be a 4.5lb.
  13. Beef15

    New Carry Optics Rules

    Mine took 1 oz of #8, it started rattling after some live fire, NDZ grip plug keeps it in.
  14. Beef15

    New Carry Optics Rules

    I have shot in mine, thinking of switching to tungsten powder for the slight increase. Also maybe lay some tungsten putty in the dust cover/rail area, could hog it out some to get more. Weighted base pads/mags.
  15. Hornady (seems weak) case feeder, about 4 handfuls, which works out to between 2-300. MBF gets two handfuls of 133gr bullets. Like others said if it bogs excessively or malfunctions simply snatch some out. I spray my brass in coffee/protein containers and shake it around, works well enough, pop the lid load primer tubes and it's dry by the time I'm loading the hopper.