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  1. Beef15

    Carry Optics G17 for my sons.

    If you want to buy a slide already milled, Brownells has a pretty good deal, but you'll be limited to RMR footprint, so Holosun 107 or Trijicon, not considered the best for matches. You could get a non optic ready one and send it off to be cut, adds some to the price. Lone Wolf will cut theirs for any optic but not much/any savings. Delta Point Pro still seems to be the leader in CO. I use a Viper on mine, and can't recommend it.
  2. Not a whole lot of help, don't have that handguard, if you have a soldering iron or wood burner you can apply heat directly to the screws with one of those, works pretty well.
  3. Beef15

    ASC colt style mags loose bullet?

    I don't recall if my ASCs rattle, but I have other double stacks that do for sure. I beat on the feedlips of my ASCs a little bit to make them seat easier and drop free empty, they were wide at the back, otherwise trouble free.
  4. 135gr Blue with 3.4 of TG made about 128 from my G17s. 1.13 oal.
  5. Beef15

    Squib slugging a barrel - pros and cons

    It works best. Pure does not have spring back. Alloys will measure slightly larger than actual. Not usually terribly important as long as it starts oversized. Hard alloy undersized will not obturate to the bore with no/little pressure behind it.
  6. Beef15

    2 stages in the same bay

    I've seen it at lvl 1s here. Usually classifier and some little thing with 8-12 shots and very little if any movement. Usually stay hot, some ROs don't run it that way. In this situation I like it. For something that needs a decent walk thru/plan it'd be less enjoyable, but same challenge for everyone it's ok.
  7. Beef15

    Inov-8 mudclaw sizing question

    Are those "standard fit" or "performance fit" the latter is narrow. Mine Talons are "standard fit", I weighed reviews, then bought the same size I wear in NB and Salomon (12), things are at least a quarter inch too long, probably closer to half. Typically my boot size is 11 and I suspect 11s would fit perfect but would probably order 11.5s if buying again, a little big being easier to deal with.
  8. Beef15

    Non-shipped, shipping notice!

    How bout SurePost? Ships same day, gets to the next town over in two days, you get super excited you'll have it by the weekend, then it sits in a USPS facility three days... I actually had one package get to my local PO and go back to the regional sort twice before my door. I used to be addicted to tracking, now it's mostly upsetting.
  9. Beef15

    A flagged Classifier

    I guess this latest petition worked. I'd already moved up so it didn't change my class, but it puts me a little closer to the next goal.
  10. Beef15

    Silicone Carbide grip tutorial

    Like said, easy to get little ridges and irregularities, not a huge deal. I may try a brush, thought it'd be too thick to spread that way so I used a piece of polystyrene. I intentionally didn't prep mine hoping it'd chip off if I hated it, it's flaked by the magwell, a border would've stopped that I think.
  11. Assume you saw the $70 off at benstoeger pro shop. Mine shipped super fast.
  12. Beef15

    Black friday components thread?

    Top left, in red in the picture. Starts the 23rd. Looks like 15% off cases
  13. Beef15

    Q about RedHillTactical Kydex holster for P320RX Full Size

    I make my own kydex gear. Remolding single layer kydex is often pretty doable with satisfactory/functional if possibly less attractive results. Dual layer is really one and done, you'll likely ruin the outside layer trying to get the inner warm enough to mold. Just making minor adjustments after the initial mold is almost a fool's errand. Popular gun, popular holster, sell it.
  14. Beef15

    A flagged Classifier

    Picked up another A flag as expected, this one in CO. Petitioned. They did let one through that was more than 20% over current, El Prez at 77% the same week they A flagged Front Sight at 80%, two very similar classifiers with very similar scores treated differently. But hey I'm the third highest rated C class CO shooter in the country this week The original production A flag is within 20% now, still in the most recent 8 and still flagged.
  15. Beef15

    Red dot (Viper) glare

    Indeed, I warranted the first one for another issue, painless as can be. Not sure the glare is a defect, guess I could reach out and see what they say. I'm going to have to put together a backup CO gun one of these days.