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  1. Beef15

    Marking your own brass

    I store my 223 in stripper clips, I run a perm marker down both sides, different colors represent different loads. You can lay ten or 12 in you hand and do the same, but you will probably mark your hand. Having a fat stripe across both sides of the case makes it super easy to identify on the ground if you only want to grab yours, and to sort pre-cleaning from all the unmarked if you're grabbing everything on the ground.
  2. Beef15

    Glock Holster Question

    The overwhelming majority of holsters retain the firearm by the trigger guard, the frame and therefore trigger guard on a 17 and 34 are identical. As HoMIE said, get the 34 model or a completely open muzzle one and you'll be fine.
  3. I never had great results with coated 147s, I've tried a few, from my G3 G17s, 5-6" groups at 25yds seem the norm. The 120-125gr and 135gr cast and/or coated have done better. Blue Bullets seem to work fine at .355, everything else does better at .357. Blazer brass gauges best with large for caliber projectiles, most if not all the imports are unacceptable with larger bullets.
  4. Beef15

    How many stages is your local?

    6-8, my favorite was only 4 on Sunday afternoons. I think it might be enjoyable if clubs with room kept the number of squads the same and ran a couple short/medium stages in bigger bay(s) occasionally.
  5. Central Carolina gun Club in Burlington NC or True North Firearms training center in Oxford NC might be options within an hour or so if you want to join somewhere.
  6. Beef15

    Hello from NC

    Welcome, lots of good info here. What gun you shooting? In what division?
  7. Beef15

    Unload Show Clear?

    Fix your ammo. If it is somehow not the ammo fix your gun. I have had a long round stick in the rifling and the RO asked after about 30 seconds of me beating on the gun if it'd shoot out, he gave me the ok to fire it into the berm.Then told me to fix my junk. If you wait for the ULSC I suggest you clear any shooting with the RO. Do not show up for a match with equipment you know doesn't work, it's rude at a minimum.
  8. Beef15

    Grip tape keeps coming off

    I've used Talons, and Ben Stoeger ProShops, clean with alcohol very well a couple times, let dry, apply grip tape I hear it with a hair dryer so it conforms well and really squeeze on it. It may still shift a little over time, but never really moves on me.
  9. Beef15

    124 vs 135 Acme Rn, help me choose

    I can feel a difference between 124 and 147, not so much between 135s and either. 155s are way different, but noticeably slow cycling. I shoot 135s of two very different profiles with several different powders because I have found the best accuracy from my Glocks with them with only enough load Dev with to assure minor. I'm lazy, they work, 124s got close with effort, 147s which I used to shoot never did so well.
  10. Saving money is saving money, if something costs less and does what I want I buy it. Shooter's World Cleanshot is pretty good in 9 minor very low SDs, meters well, decent case fill. Was turned onto it by local folks primarily using it in 40 Major, around 4.5gr under a coated 180.
  11. Beef15

    Which mags? (1911)

    47Ds have never locked the slide back on empty in my Springfield, rarely in my homebuilt, reliably in a couple Colts. Fine in all other ways. ETMs and CMC Powermags have been flawless in everything I've used them in.
  12. Beef15

    Stipple or Talon grips?

    I have one stippled gun, not fine, super grippy, has worn some with relatively low usage. Ran Talon grit grip tape on one for a year, held up well, lost some grip over time. DIY'd silicon carbide, we'll see how it wears, two or three months in it has as much traction as day one.
  13. Beef15

    Factory grips + silicon carbide= cheap perfection

    Nice. I did my G17 and have been planning to do my P120's panels almost ever since. Thanks for proving the concept.
  14. Beef15

    Clean or Dirty Glock

    Not uncommon at all in precision rifle shooting to see a modest improvement in accuracy after some number of fouling shots. Not sure most pistols and their shooters are accurate enough to discern a difference. Cleaning every 100 is IMO excessive, I clean my Glocks every couple thousand rounds or so without issue. I shoot cast and coated, if I change something I'm not sure about I will monitor for leading.
  15. Beef15

    Torque and carry optics

    I torque my #6 to 16in/lbs. And use blue loctite. Torque for repeatablility (dumb Viper battery) and because many tiny fasteners have died at my hands. So far hasn't come loose. Have a very nice Mac torque screwdriver.