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  1. M&P 2.0 9C Size, capacity, feel, reliable, and accurate. AIWB. A class CO shoot a pair G17s - because I had them. Production sometimes with G17 or P120.
  2. If it's a regular split roll pin you can take a chisel or screwdriver and spread the pin some, should be able to make it very tight.
  3. The polymer frame walthers are pretty small. Not sure on the steel.
  4. Welcome, ammo is expensive, if you reload you can make believe it isn't.
  5. Drop them in the empty buffer tube, behind the spring and buffer.
  6. Headstamp doesn't matter much in .223, in some other calibers the volume may vary dramatically. Sort .223 only for utmost precision. Clean, lube, size, swage, trim, load. If loading 55gr. H335 is a great powder. Most accurate fmj load I ever shot was pushed by Benchmark. There are a Ton of suitable powders crack a manual, you'll be able to find something.
  7. You have a size, part number, or link where one can find these o-rings? I have close to 30k on my original spring without major issue, but I'd like to give this a try.
  8. SMD dropped out for reasons I don't know. Veteran's 3 Gun has stepped up, they are growing literally ground up. They held a classifier match last month to raise funds for props and whatnot. The first monthly USPSA match is set for April, I believe registration opens today. https://practiscore.com/veterans-3-gun-team-1500-uspsa-april-match/register No idea if they plan anything beyond USPSA at VIR. They post on NC section and Area 6 FB pages.
  9. I have that issue with my current Viper, the whole glass blooms red with multiple brighter blobs when facing the low sun, even to an extent dryfiring in my low ceilinged basement, building a ledge with black tape over the emitter helped but was dumb. Curiously my first Viper which I shot through winter at the same ranges never had the problem, was also much brighter turned all the way up.'Its a back-up gun now. Have been shooting with a Holosun 407c since Oct, haven't had an issue yet.
  10. I leave mine on. Battery maybe a couple times a year. Probably my lowest shooting related spending.
  11. Ghost pouches, Boss hanger, any holster with bladetek bolt pattern, and honestly the Uncle Mike's competition belt is super cheap, but pretty good.
  12. Don't have a gun? Don't have a competition gun? Almost any service/duty size handgun can be used competitively. Personally I started in Production, yeah you need a few more mag pouches, but box stock guns and factory ammo won't leave you thinking you need to upgrade right away. You can do basically the same in Carry Optics, but with a dot and more capacity. ETA: You could shoot the Shield, but it's a long way from ideal for any division.
  13. 3.4gr of Cleanshot under a 147gr rn blue @ 1.12 put me at 134pf from my G17. Cleanshot is virtually if not identical to AA#2. Titegroup or Bullseye at 3.2gr worked well also, slightly lower powerfactor. I've since gone to lighter bullets most of the time, cheaper, and seem more accurate with less development.
  14. I forgot ammo once. Loaded mags, put them in the bag, carried the bag to the door, let the ammo boxes neatly stacked. Not sure how I missed the lack of weight. Someone loaned me 100ish rounds of factory. Asked him what I owed when it was over and he wouldn't take more than $20.
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