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  1. For "tactical" type clothes they're hard to beat. Also support some USPSA matches. Discount codes around too.
  2. I believe it has something to do with the coating. I shoot .355 blues in several 9mms without leading or accuracy issues. 4 of 5 bores slug over .355. The other I haven't checked. I also have a Turkish 9mm that they lead up, there's tooling marks in the grooves though. I also cast and coat my own bullets with Hi Tek or PC. Have to size to .357 to prevent leading.
  3. Would expect to work fine as long as gun didn't need a long COL.
  4. Hopefully I never need it, but that seems pretty reasonable if I do. Thanks for updating.
  5. Have not had that happen, have had mine and a number of club timers out in the rain. Usual recommendation for other devices is somewhere between overnight and 24 hours in the rice.
  6. I would think agility drills would be the best option. I have no before and after drill times, I started weightlifting for reasons other than shooting. Strengthening the legs with deadlift and squat variations I believe has improved my sprint, definitely made staying low less fatiguing, and getting down for low ports and importantly up from them pretty effortless.
  7. Anyone seen any reverse temp sensitivity? Could be lot to lot differences, or Chrono acting up. Checked speed on some at about 98° and was down from 130-132 last fall to 124
  8. Gauge everything. I only reject the ones that leave any extractor groove up. My guns will chamber way worse. Eta: don't shoot open, didn't catch the forum.
  9. 3.4gr of Bullseye makes 131/2 from my G17.3s under a coated 133 at 1.14. My experience suggests 3.4 of TG would be nearly identical. I've shot it but never chrono'd this particular combination.
  10. 17.3 milled almost at the rear of the slide, 11lb recoil spring, Viper RDS which is on the small side. In the range of 7k rounds, brass hits me sometimes, pretty sure it has never hit the dot.
  11. I have this Mac, it is probably the most quality feeling handtool I have ever used. https://www.mactools.com/en-us/Torque-Wrenches/Torque-Screwdriver/1a8cda1f-dbeb-4bc3-9f32-a2fc009cc118/Torque-Screwdriver/TSM16-88/1-4-Hex-Torque-Screwdriver-16-88-In-Lbs-
  12. This sport has a lot of down right stupid goings on. If it is ever proven to have enough losers that planned and spent their money to throw the election of leadership I'm out. Perhaps instead of the date deadline for eligibility they could require the voter be classified, with at least one score in the last x years. Really require such persons to invest some time and planning getting their extra votes in. That'd also make sense vs citizenship, who cares where a person is from if they're actively shooting matches under the USPSA banner.
  13. I have the whole MBF set up on my LnL, it was a great addition. I went that route for coated bullets due to stories of busted collets. I get occasional bulges from crooked seating, they are very rare less than one percent of gauge failures. I have also read of people getting the MBF dropper to work with the Hornady collator which will save you some change and avoid loading bullet tubes.
  14. Stops, I just make sure they're out of sight along with anything real likely to tip off there being firearms inside. Overnight, they go in the hotel.
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