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  1. Beef15

    9mm loads for Blue Bullets

    135s run well over 3.3gr of ClayDot, 3.5gr of CleanShot. I'd probably start at 3.4 with Titegroup, never tried it. 147s the ol' standby of 3.2gr Titegroup does pretty good.
  2. Beef15

    Cold Hands

    When I lived in AK and worked outside this is all that truly worked. Right on the verge of uncomfortably hot, drop layers before strenuous activity to limit sweating. Other things that helped a lot, well rested, hydrated, well fed, for each one absent the amount of time you can endure decreases substaintially.
  3. Beef15

    Closing the gap on A class

    Classifiers can be a mental obstacle, the just another stage advice doesn't work for me, confidence has helped. Practice gives that confidence, and is pretty much the only way to progress. Minor in limited makes very little sense to me if competition is the goal. POV video is of limited utility IMO. 2 minutes of match shooting turned into 6 by blending views is a quick way to lose my interest, betting I'm not alone, something to consider if.you want video review. Ask an M or GM if they'll watch your runs and critique live. I have a GM buddy I met through matches. Helps me analyze my stage plans and critiques runs if he's not busy. Minor tweeks to plans are ok to a point. A not completely optimized plan excecuted well will usually give better results than a perfect plan fumbled through cause the programming is incomplete. Avoid late changes, talk plans over with squadmates during walk throughs. Everyone could use more speed and starting sooner on movements, push in practice, not on gameday. I like squadding with Ms and GMs in open, seeing them shred is inspiring. Their stage plans are usually logical and efficient. I don't shoot open.
  4. Beef15

    New shooter

    Where are you at? Could be a forum member nearby willing to introduce you to the game they shoot and other shooters. Glocks are fine, Sig 320s are getting more popular, M&Ps are ok, all fairly affordable, the first two seem to hold value pretty well. 4" guns are good all around compromises if you're thinking HD/SD too and don't want to rush into a "collection", they're really not going to hold you back much in any sport especially starting out. If you really want to go all in on the games you have to pick a division and you'll probably want something with a metal frame.
  5. Beef15

    ETS 140mm Magazines

    I have like 3k between two ETS 140s. No mag induced malfunctions. I think I can cram 22, but not reloadable. Had a follower break, slide stop wouldn't have activated, not sure when it happened. Had warranty follower in 3 days, they included a spare. If you use dummy rounds in dryfire some will get vommited when they hit the floor.
  6. Beef15

    Cm 06-03 Can You Count?

    Shot this 5/12 Production C, knocking on B Fumbled both reloads bad, dropped one C still managed an A class run 12.12something HF. Flagged A, I could duplicate that run all day and probably better it the majority of the time, since the reloads were atrocious and the low 0.9s draws on the slow side for the distance. It's fun, but seems kinda dumb for a lowly C to be able to easily bat so far out of class.
  7. Beef15

    Possible lead poisoning

    I kinda doubt it was lead. I also have no other explanation. Tumbling inside a living area is a bad idea, the dust will travel. I've been shooting for over 30 years, lots of it cast, reloading for about 15, casting for 6. I melt down scrap lead, and cast bullets in a detached garage, tumble there too. I handle bare lead, range brass, tumbling media, and dry tumbled cases bare handed. Lead in its solid state does not absorb through skin, it enters through inhalation or ingestion. I tend not to care much about me, no respirator, not a whole lot of attention paid to washing my hands before grabbing a snack. Tests no, appreciable symptoms also no.
  8. Well, the beach itself ain't much to see, but a few miles anyway but North is some of the most wild and beautiful land this country has to offer. 27° is almost balmy, much warmer and the skeeters'll carry you away. 94° driving home from the match yesterday, high of 92° today, think I'll wait 'til noon and see if the range is vacant for some practice.
  9. Beef15

    ETG mags = no go

    No PCC, but my CO gun has worked pretty well with the 22rnd. More reliable than my Magpuls at locking the slide back on empty, and no rounds cocking and jamming them. Did have a follower break. 3 days for warranty replacement to arrive, I think that's pretty good service.
  10. Beef15

    Marking Rounds

    I mark the bases of mine. Set the hundo down so they pop up and quick swipe. Indicates passed gauge, color may indicate load. A CYA in case things spill or something.
  11. Beef15

    Bullets are keyholeing on target

    You might take one of those "long" rounds that won't plunk and color it completely with Sharpie, then repeat the plunk test, it should be very clear whether case or bullet is the issue by where the ink rubs off. Your COL is super short and is almost certainly swaging the base and bore riding area of your bullets. I see numerous accounts of people managing 1.12 from Berettas. Also Berettas are known for a huge groove diameter, often taking very large for caliber cast bullets to shoot well without leading. No need to obsess over crimp, does the case still look/feel flaired? Does the case mouth look buried in the bullet? If no it's fine. I load cast bullets sized .358, PC'd bullets @ .357, hi-tek @ .356 and Blues that measure .355 without touching my crimp die and no issues, it just doesn't matter, close is good enough.
  12. Beef15

    Shockbottle Hundo

    Great tool, seems pretty tight to me. Percent rejected increases pretty quick with bullet diameter.
  13. Pretty sure he mentioned it on a podcast in the past couple months. Think it's in "Practical Pistol". Know it's on page 45 of "Dryfire Reloaded".
  14. Beef15

    Bullets are keyholeing on target

    That's a coated bullet right? Like others said, probably too slow. 3.0-3.3 is a pretty standard range for Titegroup with that weight cast/coated bullet. I don't understand why but my Lyman book lists way lower, like stock sprung gun don't function low. Determine OAL by plunk test, 1.058 is very short. 0.376/0.377 "crimp" should be in the ballpark, maybe a touch tight but not enough to matter. Your magnum primer shouldn't hurt anything but is unnecessary. In light of the short OAL and magnum primer I'd probably bump to 3.0 chrono, work from there. Don't know how many you shot, but check the bore for leading or other heavy fouling.
  15. That's gold. I may have to scab something together. Ifine, the biggest thing about Texas stars is the intimidation, so don't stress and just shoot the stupid thing. I see them pretty regular, rarely does anyone get it going mach 2 and create a real disaster, often someone has never shot one before and convinces themselves they can't with predictable results.