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  1. 60 seems pretty nice. Got off eBay or Amazon. Little goes a long way.
  2. Shooting? Physical demand? Both? I'd be game for any of the above as a barely A shooter. I'm under 40, in okay shape, and like pushing myself. I think there's a lot of shooters that would go for a "hard" match, but I don't know that there are enough that would take time and travel to fill such a match, especially before it earned a rep. 10yd runs and ports that require a mild squat bring groans if not complaints from a decent chunk of the people that fill matches.
  3. Shirts are ok if they're quality and low key enough I can wear them without drawing attention. The last Battle in the Bluegrass had fantastic shirts. Not upset if they don't have them. Prize table, plaques/trophies, cold water. Staff reset. The local section match has done it, doesn't add time, may even be quicker. Like half day format too.
  4. I usually grab mine, they end up in the bottom of the bag, or on some counter at the house frequently to wait months or years to get lost, shot, or discarded. Some days/stages it's the least of my concerns, some days my back and/or legs say not worth it. I'd say the majority of shooters at my locals pick theirs up if easily found.
  5. Leatherman MUT, dowel for squibs, small bottle of oil, usually some Glock springs, Dawson fiber, loc-tite, 2032s, band-aids, quikclot, sunscreen, timer and 9Vs, random optic wrenches, optic cleaning wipes.
  6. The normal Thunder that doesn't have the giant thick plastic quick release would probably be compliant, if return/exchange and non-QR are options. Spacers can usually be made. Screws can be bought.
  7. If they're gonna be on Sunday, afternoon is a must. And keep them short 4-5 enjoyable and challenging but quick resetting stages. People have family stuff, I used to shoot a 4 stage that capped at 60 and filled on Sunday. Discounts are nice and may help, but I think not eating the whole day is better. Of course if your range is two hours from anywhere you can't help that. Match info is spread mostly by word of mouth, usually that takes time.
  8. I either drop from my standalone powder measure and load on the single stage or use the one on my press depending on mood. With a little experience it's not hard to dial in a couple tenths different load. Weigh on a Redding balance/scale.
  9. It's pretty much if not exactly the same as AA2 if you see it on the burn charts. It is a tiny bit slower than Titegroup. It takes 0.1-2gr more to make the same velocity. No issues with Hi-Tek, Blue Bullets coating, or powder coat.
  10. Quite a bit. With 124fmjs, 135 and 147 coated. Takes me 0.2gr more than Titegroup or Bullseye to make PF. Clean enough, not snappy.
  11. For "tactical" type clothes they're hard to beat. Also support some USPSA matches. Discount codes around too.
  12. I believe it has something to do with the coating. I shoot .355 blues in several 9mms without leading or accuracy issues. 4 of 5 bores slug over .355. The other I haven't checked. I also have a Turkish 9mm that they lead up, there's tooling marks in the grooves though. I also cast and coat my own bullets with Hi Tek or PC. Have to size to .357 to prevent leading.
  13. Would expect to work fine as long as gun didn't need a long COL.
  14. Hopefully I never need it, but that seems pretty reasonable if I do. Thanks for updating.
  15. Have not had that happen, have had mine and a number of club timers out in the rain. Usual recommendation for other devices is somewhere between overnight and 24 hours in the rice.
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