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  1. ANyone got a coupon code for precision bullets??
  2. CZ75 compact--need the best trigger-lightest but still reliable-barrel bushing-SRS-short reach-- if I left anything out please fill me in. Im sure I forgot something. LOL
  3. What full size CZ guns are legl in SSP and what can you do to them and still be legal,Triggers.ect
  4. They are saying on the other forum late April. Also heard Cabelas was no longer listing them,hope its a internet rumor!!!!
  5. This was posted over on the other forum http://www.czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=85875.new;topicseen#new
  6. specs off guns america---weight 26ounces---barrel 4.02inches length 7.36 inches height 5.2inches width 1.25 inches
  7. CZP10C Anyone know if it will fit in CCP box?? Thanks Scotty
  8. scottinohio

    P10C arrival date

    called CZ this morning and asked when they will be here. I was told they are not in this country yet. THEY SHOULD BE HERE IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS. Im not holding my breath.
  9. Gringo,have you had a chance to compare the accuracy since putting in the bushing? Scotty
  10. scottinohio

    CZ 75 XCR

    Good looking gun!!!
  11. My condolences,I know it is tough,. Rest in peace Charlie. As soon as your able try to get a pup,it will help a lot.
  12. I wouldnt be able to tell the difference on either one. LOL
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