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  1. I do not believe so. Especially with covid and everything. There is a Sons of Liberty Gunworks Carbine Series in TX however!
  2. Chrono + strelock and proper data input + confirming your dope. Looking into MPBR zero's, then learn your drops at distance. No two rifles are the same, different ammo, etc. It should be specific to you and your equipment. For example, I have a 150yard zero with the ammo that I am using, this at standard day atmospheric conditions give me the best numbers for my reticle, and I will adjust as needed for different Wx conditions. If I have to confirm or change this, or Wx conditions change this zero significantly (they can), I will make note of this in my strelok, and confirm.
  3. I would say its worth it. The RMR/SRO will be far more durable than anything else currently offered except maybe the new Ti holosun offerings. I took a while to make up my mind as well as I am just switching to open. I decided that spending a bit more now to not have a dot die on me when I need it, is well well worth it.
  4. Its pretty hard to beat the Hawkeye Ordinance atgeir for the price if you are looking for a great gun, but don't want to spend top tier prices Marginally more expensive than a standard M2, a bit more than a done up m3k or franchi and ready to go out of the box. I absolutely love my Roth XB3G Breda, and their service has really been amazing, and if you can spend that kind of money for a tacops gun, that's my highest recommendation. I have switched to open predominantly... so if you are looking for an open shotgun; DC Precision can make you a wicked box fed bl
  5. I generally don't like chest rigs, but have had to use them at times for high round count jungle runs. The Kings are amazing, but for the price, I would definitely be looking at the new Taccom system as well. I wouldn't go with anything else at this point. They are amazing systems that don't take up much lateral realestate, offer fantastic retention, and smooth draw. hayes has a great chest rig belt system I switched to open tho... so boxfedlife
  6. ball bridges yes, single leg, double leg, lots of bridges haha, as well as leg raises. I just hit 1 year post op, it could take up to a year and a half -2 years for full recovery, so I am still within the window... have not tried hip hikers, googled it. I’ll toss it in the routine.
  7. So I used to be in phenomenal shape (19min 5k, deadlift 3x body weight, 22-24pull ups, yay Marine Corps, etc) I tore off a bunch of important core muscles from my pelvis.. gained weight, and can’t work out like I used to... Does anyone have any low impact mobility exercises for hips, groin, leg extension they can send me? Physical therapy really let me down, and everything I seem to do just aggravates it. weird positions give me trouble, if I have a 3gun stage that require me to run bay to bay will put me in a limp. Put me in a reverse kneel rifle position and
  8. If you didn’t like the warcomp because it pushed your muzzle down; you will LOATHE the dragon. I took it off of my rifle in a week when I got one. Sounds like you don’t need to mount a can, I’d look into the Precision Armament AFAB or EFAB. It’s not nearly as concussive as a 2/3 port break, but very effective. I used an afab for a while in competition, very stable muzzle device.
  9. big fan of the Gallant 135gr 9mm bullets.
  10. I cannot speak highly enough of my Hyperion, and I've also let a good amount of high level shooters shoot it at this point who feel the same way. It is about as perfect as it gets for a 9 minor limited gun. The cycling rate, return to zero, size, weight, serrations, essentially everything lend it to being the best gun on the block for limited minor and 3 gun. I've put about 1500 rounds through it in the past two weeks, its been flawless. I cant wait to develop a load for it, shot some 147 minor hand loads through it, it felt like shooting my old Nemesis with minor 40 loads, and tha
  11. I like the balance and feel of the cole components stock... but ive had the buffer tube come loose (properly torqued), and unless I red Loctite the surface area of the clamp onto the buffer tube, it will slowly slide in throughout a match. I solved that with the Loctite, but that's not ideal. I ordered an XLR, it looks to solve both those issues for me, while maintaining a similar design and look... plus it just feels a little better.
  12. This is all an "It depends" or personal preference answer. For my limited set up (dot), I had a much higher riser than most, so a 50/200 was anything but. I still zero'd at 50, and just new my dopes out to 500 with whatever round I was using. For my tacops setup now, I zero it for 77gr at 200, because it makes sense for my BDC. I then confirm 55gr ammo off that zero so I know if it is hitting true to zero, but my BDC will then be different. Get a ballistic app, (I use strelok pro), figure out what FPS your ammo is running at (buy or borrow a chrono) that you
  13. dkamps

    Cleared Hot.

    Update; Starting tasks and trainers to help with mental management. Memory exercises etc. Talladega Noveske was my first real match this year... bombed one stage dropping me down to 34th. It was good to see what it was like, pretty excited for VIR this weekend. Shot 2-Gun at Safariland. Training has been paying off; last year I shot a 71%.. This year 89.6%... 0.4% away from a UML Pro qualification. I eneded up rushing some pistol killing time missing steel.. but my biggest hurdle was stage plan execution.. passing up and FTE'ing some steel. that one mis
  14. UTM and SIM rounds.. 3v3 or 5v5... now THAT would be a fun new sport, and it would still be just a game, albeit with the greatest level of tacticoolness. UTM rounds definitely make you NOT want to get hit lol.
  15. not offbase at all, I was thinking similar times; 1.5 draw and first shot +.25, 1.5 +.25, 1.5+.25 = 5.25 sec is what I would strive for at 7 yards and a duty gun with level 2 holster. add .1 for level 3 retention. This is a reasonable 1.5 draw to A zone shot, reasonable reload time for an open top mag pouch with transition included, and reasonable splits. Not saying this is where everyone should be, just what I personally would strive to do cold. Might go out and try this actually, not a bad drill at all. Add some movement and windows and it would be a
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