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  1. dkamps

    Cleared Hot.

    Ah I just forgot about this thread for a while, my last match was Surefire in Oct 18. Surgery the beginning of Nov, physical therapy since, but I'm free of limitations now! Pretty stoked to be able to push myself again.. Been shooting and dry firing since the beginning of January. I'm excited for this upcoming season, first one without dealing with an injury.
  2. dkamps

    Cleared Hot.

    Need to get back on this.. goals have changed, much more specific now, dropping everything not related to multigun. 2018 accomplishments; 9th at Safariland Expedition Day Match - 2 Gun - got my UML Classification of Expert 1st at Safariland Expedition Night Match - 2 Gun 4th at UML 2 Gun National Championship 5th at Surefire Multigun World Championship - Limited - UML Classification of Semi-Pro 2019 Planned Matches and Goals; Talladega Noveske Series; Shoot the best I can and have fun, this is a new match and format for me. Safariland Expedition Day; Shooting 2 gun again since my shotgun will be having work done to it - Looking for a 90%+ and grab the last classification of Pro Safailand Expedition Night; Win again! Back to back years would be sweet. VIR Noveske Series; TBD Based on Talladega, mostly improve weak points I find and shoot a better match. After April is TBD based on my career and where I'll be living next 2019 Goals; Clean up my stage planning and execution Continue improving on all aspects of shooting, predominantly pistol and shotgun Increase my physical ability, agility, and stamina now that I am finally past the rigors of surgery recovery and don't have to compete injured. Set standards based on top 10% of shooters times, then work to meet an maintain those standards consistently in; gun transition speeds (2 sec), shotgun loading speeds (4 sec), fluidity of movement (TBD), shot entry and exit speed (TBD). Shoot at the best of my ability and see where I stack up in Tac-Ops, its a much bigger and better pool than limited or 2 gun. I will be coming up with a set of movement and agility drills I can track my progress on.
  3. I didn't shoot it last year, what was the farthest target on the coarse in Talladega. Poppers/Plateracks etc
  4. I've never heard of any custom builder/manufacturer that has a 100% perfect record. The difference between manufacturers is how quickly, effectively, and easily a problem is handled. I know my last Atlas gun was inspected, and test fired. Cant wait for my next one to be finished.
  5. A full two days of my favorite part of a bay stage? Couldn't agree more!
  6. Just wondering who is going? Ill be at both Talladega Feb 23-24 as well as VIR March 23-24. Looks like fun!
  7. You don't "NEED" one per say, you can use a headlamp and turn it on at the beginning per the rules. You will want one, as you will be starting out holstered if I remember correctly from last year. It is a reallllly fun match, one of my favorites, all that was missing was some music and it would have been a party.
  8. Noveske makes great barrels. I haven't used that specific one so I am not sure. The 11.5 and 14.5 triarc barrels I ran all fired a few FPS faster, and were ~ half moa shooters, with correct sized gas ports. I built one of the 12.5 middys for a friend and it was also a great shooter, runs nicely suppressed and unsupressed with no reported issues for about a year now. I really do love their barrels, top notch. Their proprietary rifling seems to not be snake oil, about 25fps faster out of my 11.5 than I had chrono'd before with 77gr IMI vs a ballistic advantage.
  9. Triarc Track 2.0 12.5in middy.. fantastic barrel.
  10. I've shot some compensators that I would say are nearly more effective than many brakes, namely the PA a/efab, and the KAC MAMS. While they might not reduce recoil as much as a 3 port brake.. they stabilize the dot and muzzle better than most. I am trying out some more muzzle devices this year, but a 16in intermediate with a PA afab is very, very stable, with little concussion... and GREAT for night stages, flash reduction works quite well. Trying out the um tac rage now, and MASP Industries competition brake here soon as well.
  11. I just finished building my next rifle with this barrel and a jp adjustable GB, ICRW g2 carrier, odin adjustable lightweight buffer and UMTAC rage... hows reliability been?
  12. dkamps


    My understanding is they are cutting back the number of guns they are offering, to produce a better product at a competitive price. Wasn't everyone complaining about their quality control etc not to long ago? These are the steps they are taking to fix it, and the new STI guns I have held recently are certainly better guns than that of 2 years ago. They got rid of the single stack, but added the staccato, which is a single stack grip on 2011 frame (and shoots great btw!). I believe the edge will still be available at 1999, its kind of their staple go to competition gun before the DVC line. I think what they are doing is smart, and good for the competition shooting community as well.
  13. P4xi Pros: weight, cost Cons: 4x Pst Gen II Pros: 6x Cons: weight, more expensive Equal or no perceptible difference: reticle, dot brightness, glass quality, construction Really depends if the extra 2x is worth the added weight and money. If it is, get the gen II, if not, get the p4xi I don't have experience with the Burris, so I wont add that into my comparison. I was really impressed with both optics for the price.
  14. dkamps


    details on rifle? intended use? Brand barrel Weight of current buffer standard carbine buffer spring Are you having malfunctions or just don't like the ejection pattern?
  15. Well, used both ways in a single stage last weekend... and it worked quite well. Didn't have to walk all weird to not break the 180. Felt much smoother movement wise, but ill have to dry fire scenarios at home because it felt choppy mentally.
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