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  1. this happened to me quite some times when i was newer to the sport. you just gotta walk it as many times as you can and planning your reloads helps too
  2. be careful with those barrels haha. stuff goes flying
  3. I live in California....fml
  4. Dry fire everyday for 15 minutes lol watching tv or Netflix or whatever
  5. I have an m&p9 and I'm looking for a magwell that works with taran basepads, any suggestions?
  6. First time I shot a match was very embarrassing haha. But I got better. Do it and learn
  7. My buddy makes lighter loads for me and I shoot flat as hell.
  8. Wouldn't it have been easier to buy the polymer tub mixer?
  9. Reload while moving. Get rid of excessive standing around
  10. Maybe one day these politicians will wake up and not be stupid. Then this can happen
  11. Well....I live in California...
  12. Well....if it's lightning, I would rather go home and shoot another time. Scores don't matter,they're merely numbers
  13. Airsofting is my hobby. More on the tactical side of things for me
  14. Make sure it's holstered for sure. Don't need a round going off on accident
  15. Safety is #1 in concern when shooting. I don't care who you are, if you sabatoge safety, you're going home
  16. This happened over the weekend. Bystanders called out a broken 180. Hell I caught it too but the RO didn't. For reasons of safety, the shooter was sent home even though the RO didn't call it.
  17. My experiences is that dq means no scoring
  18. There is no legal way to procure "normal" (full capacity) magazines in california unless you are LE.Looks like it's time for a trip out of state Lot of people do it, but it's not worth the felony for me. They have had stings in Nevada looking for "California plates" buying contraband material at gun shows and gun stores and nailing them hauling it back in.I never thought about that....oh well...can hope to have Leo friends who will block them legally
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