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  1. they cost but the Safariland ELS Works
  2. if you want light the Whiskey Arms BC wont be beat for the price. I have about 5K rounds on mine now and now issues I run a VooDoo bolt in it and I love the thing. if you want middle of the road weight the JP LMOS wont be beat.
  3. I have ordered factory direct twice and have had 3 of their barrels all have been great and the customer service has bee great as well. very respectable company and they contribute very heavily in 3 Gun. I recommend them.
  4. Hard to beat Black Hole they just shoot great at a great price. and are usually in stock I have had 3 off em and all shot great
  5. + 1 for the QLS plate for holsters mounting especially 3 gun that way you can remove the holster when you have to drive to the next stage etc. also check out the new GLS holster with thumb retention they are priced well and seem to work well
  6. The blue bullets work great used them for a couple years now. I run the new 135 grn. 9mm for 3 gun and the non grease ring 180 grn. for .40 in USPSA they load clean and shoot clean at the price of lead but without the smoke. www.thebluebullets.com use code Sanders at check out for 5% off an get the flat rate box for free shipping as well.
  7. try a Whiskey Arms Aluminum BC you wont get much lighter and they offer a few colors now as well run the bolt of your choice in the carrier www.whiskeyarms.com
  8. Yes you always play up just like golf or any other sport you play up when shooting with better shooters and it is the best way to learn
  9. Throated my 9mm +1 for Manson great people.
  10. Dang no I want a TiN pin What brand is recommended?
  11. I used Vltor upper with Black Hole SS barrel and it was a press on fit had to tap it on off while facing the upper.
  12. My 2 cents I been running Vodoo bolts and they clean super easy and have the good extractor rings in them for the money their bolts are GTG look at DSG arms for them sold with or without pins. always wanted to try a Ti firing pin do you all think their worth the price I had read that the tips are subject to break?
  13. Try a Surefire Pro Comp some time its a great brake pre drilled on the right and the top and for the money the thing is holding up great I also use a set of Accu Washers instead of crush washers they allow much better barrel alignment stay tight and allow perfect clocking by trying different sizes out of the set until it torques down perfect.
  14. I have learned about gas blocks here lately. Measure the distance off the barrel shoulder to center of gas hole should be .295 to the center of the hole and the hole size fit a 3/32 drill bit easy if its rifle length system some blocks need to be set away from the shoulder in order to measure up over the hole correctly this is done by adding a feeler gauge between the shoulder and the block when tightening. as for dimpling you will need to first find out if the block fits over the gas hole correctly before you dimple (I see I am late to the party here but its important) and then I recommended using a dimple Jig insuring it fits the same way your gas block measured to fit. (using a jig that is not the same size as the block just wont work) I got this information from Superlative Arms who is making an amazing new block that bleeds gas out the front of the gun allowing the action to run cooler and cleaner. I have it on a 18" Black Hole 5.56 and it works but I learned this the hard way and cost me 25 positions in a match recently but after correct installation its pretty sweet Remember when firing you want to see brass ejecting to 3-4 O'clock off the gun (brass landing at 1-2 O'clock is over gassed. set the rifle with the least power/pressure round you will shoot and make sure it locks back on an empty mag and check it off of fully loaded mags from the prone position to insure function is 100% hope this makes sense. Good Shooting
  15. I have had the 3Gun straight shoe Elftmann for over a year and after about 1k rounds I have turned it down a tick and it feels incredible. I love mine wouldn't change a thing
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