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  1. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=196128&hl=xtreme+trigger#entry2195906 Less curved so longer length of pull, no change in trigger pull weight etc, only ergonomic difference.
  2. Bad slide stop spring? I.e. Slide stop should only engage when pushed up by the follower but if the spring is worn it might bounce up.
  3. When i took my SIII apart i found out that a few coils at the end of the firing pin spring had broken. Maybe that could cause a jam like this?
  4. Hi dervin, Assuming you mean IPSC and not USPSA; The limited pro is on the IPSC production approved list, http://www.ipsc.org/rules/proddiv.php You probably could run it in standard too if you like as I assume it fits in the box. But you would be at a disadvantage. I have not looked at the lim pro at all but Im fairly new to Tanfoglio. Most production div tanfoglio shooters use stock II or stock III around here (Sweden). The other guys on this forum probably knows more about that model
  5. Yeah thats probably the easiest way
  6. Good point, I have those on my Glock and really like them. Didn't even cross my mind.. thanks.
  7. Well.. I measured it to .183 (4.65mm), so I think its .180 (will measure again). The specs said "Capsicum custom low profile rear sights" and does not mention the front sight so I hoped it was a Sig standard but according to what I found on google #6 is 5.88mm and #8 is 5.60mm. The rear sight extends behind the slide, not pretty but it increases the sight radius so I want to keep that for now. Im also a bit sceptical towards e.g. Hi-wiz front sight that is very long which reduces the sight radius. Dawson seems like the best choice. I will check with the company that I got the gun from, they should be back from Shot Show now.. http://www.sportec.se/Images/products/begp549003.jpg
  8. The TFO seems really nice... But as I only want to replace the front sight at this time I can't go with that as the TFO is far to high in relation to my current rear sight. Will probably go for Dawson. Thanks! /J
  9. Hi, I got my first Sig a little while ago, P226 slide. Now it has all-black sights and I need a fiber front sight. Current dimensions are: width .130, height .180. It will be used in IPSC production div and I want a slightly narrower sight, i.e. .100 Are the Sig Sauer fiber front any good or should I look elsewhere? Talked to one seller that only had Hi-viz and those would require modification to the slide so that was a no-go. BR /J
  10. My arm chair analysis (or rather warming up my desk chair on a grumpy monday morning before coffee): 'Titan' hammer has more weight compared to the 'xtreme delta' hammar, thus making it possible to have a lighter hammer spring -> improved DA pull. 'The new internal shape design permits you to improve the single action but also by repositionning hooks, and interruptor, the double action trigger pull weight has been dramatically reduced.' This is probably compared to the stock 'combat' hammer, does not look like there is any difference between the 'titan' and the 'delta'. (But of course pictures could be wrong (pre-fab) or differences too small to show.) Was there a noticeable difference in SA pull between the stock hammer and the 'old' xtreme delta hammer?
  11. Aah, I read that a bit fast, thanks, i changed the thread heading. Would be interesting with a review..
  12. Did you guys see this? http://www.ericgrauffelonlineshop.com/en/frame-parts/313-tanfoglio-xtreme-hammer-delta.html The new Tanfoglio Xtreme Titan Hammer has been designed in cooperation with Eric Grauffel to meet the requirement of shooters. The new weight distribution permits shooters to use factory ammunitions with light hammer springs, and therefor permits to reduce the trigger pullweight, especially for Production Division. The new internal shape design permits you to improve the single action, but also by repositionning hooks, and interruptor, the double action trigger pull weight has been dramatically reduced. No matter what division you shoot, this new hammer is made for your Tanfoglio pistol. We recommend you to install your new hammer with a new sear to avoid long time installation. IPSC production legal NB: Hammer package does not include interruptor, hammer strut and pins. Must be ordered separately
  13. I participated in a match this summer that was set up as a big X, targets in each end, start and all mags on a barrel in the middle, soft sand to run in. There were a few DQs for sweeping. For me IPSC is 100% sport but if we have the 'practical' part in mind I can't think of a practical scenario where you would run with the gun pointing backwards. That and the added risk, at least for less trained competitors, makes me think that stages where you run uprange more than short distance should be very rare. It doesn't need to be banned but it should be used with caution. I was also away for 15 years and one thing that virutally has disapered (atleast around here) is the start with the back towards the targets, security stated as the reason. I have a bigger problem with that as a perfectly executed 'el Presidente' should be the goal for every IPSC competitor.
  14. Thanks everyone, many good comments!
  15. Don't the stock hammer and one piece sear work together? I have some creep in my DA pull that I think is due to the two piece sear. (not 100% sure)
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