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  1. ..and I can report that my dealer in Sweden finally got a delivery of Stock III Xtreme, Gold Match Xtreme, Gold Custom Xtreme and Limited Custom HC Xtreme...
  2. Hi guys, Just wanted to thank everyone for making this a great forum. Got my Stock III a couple of weeks back and have spent some time getting to understand it (used a Glock until now). Could not help myself so I have had it picked to pieces a couple of times with the help of instructions and tips from here. Must say I really like it. Stock III, 'GK' finish, black/dark brown depending on light. (The finish does not seem to be as durable as my Glock, but I guess nothing is.. BR /J
  3. I ran into the same issue yesterday with 147gr Frontier FP plated restrike bullets. Approx the same COL. The rounds pass the case gauge test and they worked ok in my Glock 17 so my stock III has shorter chamber. My Ares 153gr FP works ok in the same COL but they are a bit slimmer in the front. I now use 3.5gr N330 and will try 3.3gr N320 and deeper seated bullets. These are light loads so I hope it will work out ok.
  4. Stole these from FB group Stock III. 28.71mm is then 2.871/2.54 inches. /J
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